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Jay Leno disses Plant, says he looks like The Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz


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Jay Leno is a cool guy.

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — Demand was so high in suburban Detroit for free tickets to see Jay Leno — in his "Comedy Stimulus Program" appearance, which he was offering at no charge to anyone out of a job — that a second show was added. Leno will appear at the Palace of Auburn Hills, home court for the Detroit Pistons, on April 7 and 8.


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Do you think Robert was joking about the way he talked about JPJ in the No Quarter interview?

More than likely and wasn't made to be taken seriously. But JPJ didn't think too much of it as he wasn't asked to be a part of the P/P project.

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Jay Leno during the monologue beginning his Tonight Show (on Monday, Feb. 9th) evidently caught the Grammys and asked the audience (paraphrasing), "When did Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin turn into the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz?"

They then showed on the screen a side by side comparion of the two (Percy and Cowardly Lion).

I took a couple of tries myself at their comparison:



Robert again was confronted with the inevitable question Sunday in the post-Grammy interview tent about his future involvement in any Zeppelin tour.

"How old are you, man?" Plant responded. "Because you look older than me. You try to do 'Communication Breakdown' in these pants."


How's it going "dpat?" I was at the local bar tonight watching Jay Leno whose guest was Miley Cyrus. While Cyrus was showing Jay one of her dance moves, she commented that Jay looked like the TIN MAN since he was so stiff while dancing. And just think, he called Robert Plant the COWARDLY LION! ROCK ON!

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