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  1. Back to the original topic at hand....this is the question I've always had as well if the first rehearsal was recorded. I personally have a hard time believing it wasn't recorded. I would think Jimmy would've wanted to hear what this group of guys sounded like. No way of knowing really but my hunch would be yes it's on the shelf or a box somewhere.
  2. Pages technique as years rolled on became increasingly less "sustainable". Wow I hope that makes sense. His sustain on the 80s tour is about as bad as it gets. Some of that may just be due to his tone then which was horrible. Compared to the O2 tone which was incredible however due to his technique he just makes it sound choppy with his tendency to choke his notes. Granted I'm not in position to offer advice to Page! But compared to his contemporaries like Clapton whose technique may not be what it once was but the tone and style has not lost a bit. So I get the point of the thread and agree. He became increasingly choppy as years went on.
  3. Thanks Steve. Did a quick search and it looks like we did discuss it a bit a good while back.
  4. Ok this isn't '75 but a "lost show" nonetheless. Ask here or is there another thread? Don't want the Forum police to bust me.
  5. My personal opinion is the ITTOD era for just pure mature tone. And I know I'm in the minority. Cannot stand to listen to those early shrieking monkey days. Like nails on a chalk board in the early early days.
  6. whatever. He played the blue strat on someone to love which the poster above referenced even if they had the wrong tune and I did as well to which you replied "no he didn't". So yes he did. On someone to love.
  7. He played the blue strat on Someone To Love.
  8. So much for this idea.
  9. O-H.......I-O beat that team up north.........again.
  10. Oh I see.....not so obvious before he edited his post.
  11. So one poster lists Jimmy along with Jeff but the other poster doesn't even list Jimmy. Hmmm that may have been a clue there was some doubt as to his performing or not. Wouldn't you think? With all of your contacts Steve didn't anyone give you a heads up he wasn't performing? The rehearsal and sound check pics didn't show him holding guitar so that should've been a big clue also.
  12. Back to Live Aid watched it again for the first time in years and it was exactly as I remembered. It was what it was, an emotional performance and a thrill for us fans to see them together for the first time since Bonzo died. They enjoyed it as well. Just watch Roberts expression at the end when the crowd sings the last line to Stairway. You can tell he dug it. No it wasn't perfect but who cares. Have you listened to most of 77 and 80 lately?
  13. Pretty obvious that you "really don't know much about" SRV because there is no one in the history of blues guitar who had Stevie's tone nor anyone ever will. Sorry off topic....
  14. I recall seeing a few post performance clips but not the entire interview. Interesting to hear Roberts willingness at the end about yes, he would want to perform again with them. Thanks for posting. Sidenote, I recall being in high school and the biggest Zephead in the world at the time and could not wait to see them on stage. Its easy to look back now with a critical eye, but for those of us who watched it let's be honest and admit that it was totally awesome at the time. Flanger and all.