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  1. A minute seems like a lifetime, baby when I feel this way Sittin', lookin' at the clock, time moves so slow I've been watchin' for the hands to move Until I just can't look no more....
  2. Is anyone here familiar with how long the shipping from Japan to the USA takes ? It seems like I've been waiting for this show to drop for eons already, and now the last & longest wait of all, for it to magically appear in the post all the way from Japan. I'm seriously taking a vacation to Japan when the LTTE tape drops so I can be in line when the bootleg shops open in the morning.
  3. Have you guys seen the poster over at the hotel, er...maybe it was here....claiming to have heard multi-tracks from Seattle 1973 ? That show is one of the best from the US tour (IMO) and the D&C especially is just terrific. So, is there any evidence to support the claims being made, or is this more internet fluffery, Ala, Dallas Knebs and his Houston & Zurich video hoaxes ? If it is true, those tapes just shot up my list of Led Zeppelin live desires.
  4. Gregorian calendar - June 24th, 2017 is our new "official" release date.
  5. I bought an Eelgrass bootleg of the 03/14/75 San Diego show years back. Not sure how long it was after the EV version had shown up, I hadn't heard the SBD at all before buying the EG version. Great sound, underwhelming performance unfortunately. We know that the Seattle 03/21/75 board tape won't be underwhelming !!
  6. They aren't internet rumors. I paid on May 15th and in the emails we sent back and forth he said he expected to ship mid June. He probably did expect EV to release it then and it's been delayed by them for whatever reason. I also expect it to ship this time given he set an actual date.
  7. "Ship as advertised" ? Not a chance, it was supposed to ship the middle of June, now it's the end of July, that's 6 weeks difference. I'm also sure it will ship, but quite a bit later than we were originally told it would.
  8. As long as the set actually ships !! If that's what it takes to get more soundboards revolutionized then so be it. I guess.... Paying two and a half months before shipping is stretching it a little bit though, I never remember it taking so long for Eric to ship product before. I do trust him to ship eventually based on our previous transactions. I'm not sure whether he is EV or a part of EV or just a fellow who buys bootlegs himself and then ships them to customers overseas while making some $$ in the process. I certainly don't begrudge Eric making some cash for his services, he does provides a relatively unique service to us all. It's just this time is TAKING SOOOOO LOOOONG !!!! I can't wait to blast the 03/21/75 board at full volume !! I'm really hoping this is a great sounding '75 board and not kinda flat, the mp3 sample was pretty nice sounding. Please don't brickwall it EV !!
  9. I'm sooo glad that I paid for mine in full on May 15th.... Oh well, I guess Eric gad a nice vacation with our monies. You're Welcome Eric !!!
  10. We can still hold out hope for a Pontiac '77 video which was a better performance than that lame Houston show anyway. Truth be told that upcoming 03-21-75 sbd is going to give much more pleasure than a video of Houston 1977 would. How about the Cap Center shows ? That last one is pretty good....any chance there is video of that one ? Does anyone remember seeing screens at the show or in any photos from the 3 nights ? We need a video documenting the 1977 tour that is better than the lackluster Seattle show we've had for ages. Please God !! How about Zurich 1980, any photos with video cameras or screens ? There is the short audience shot video, I'll need to watch it again for any evidence of video recording going on.
  11. Yeah, he sure is. What's lame is I had actual hopes from the pics he posted of the betamax Houston tape and the Zurich tape. Dallas Knebs peddles snake oil !!
  12. Dammit, Dallas is Yankin' chains. I did a quick search of "Seattle 77 Led Zeppelin" the pic he posted is obviously cropped from the one that came up in my search. For shame !!
  13. I'm studying this cameras evident with my vision. Kinda bummin' me out.
  14. Too bad the Houston show isn't on par with the Fort Worth show from the following night. The Ft Worth No quarter kicks ass, while Houston No Quarter is a big disappointment to me. It should have been soooo much better.
  15. I'm betting the Houston 1977 tape does exist, so many of the shows from that venue in the same time frame are circulating already - that show would be the most valuable to a collector so it's not being made public yet makes some sense. If persons were taping those other shows using the in-house CCTV system, then they sure as hell would tape Led f-ing Zeppelin, right ? They were the biggest band of that time....