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  1. And on the reverse side of the negativity dump, hey - professionally recorded, multi tracked Live Led Zeppelin is finally making it's way to us after almost 50 years in the can. I don't understand all this stupid negativity. EV is releasing these tapes, be glad. You certainly don't have to buy them, they will be available for download soon enough, much sooner than 4+ decades they have sat. If you do want to buy them then cheaper options will emerge for you so just can all the jackmonkey complaining and celebrate what we are getting you snivelling bat farts. This is the greatest Led Zeppelin release in well over a decade and you just gripe and complain how its not just as you want it to be. Boohoo. You all sound like a bunch of ninnies. Now I remember why i hadn't been bothered to post at this site in so long. Also, if EV does not make money on these releases they will not continue. That is the most important point. Let them make their money, they are holding the most precious commodity available to us and if they cant make profit there is no incentive to release the tapes to a bunch of people who have constantly slagged them all over the internet. Thank you EV, my wallet is open - keep the tapes coming please.
  2. I ordered my copy of this first installment of the 09/29/1971 show. Hopefully when the next part drops it will complete the show. (I'll be buying that one too, of course) Here is to the joy of unheard, pro-recorded, Led Zeppelin tapes from their defining era finally coming to the unwashed masses.
  3. Yeah, it's pretty good. I ripped and the copy I bought off Ebay from Japan, made the video, posted it on youtube, then shared the link. 😉
  4. For those that have not heard the full soundboard version yet... Finally it's available - Stairway To Heaven Osaka, Japan 09-29-1971 ENJOY !! https://youtu.be/Hzpq-LNVU44
  5. Cletis, that's an......amazing first post. Welcome to the forum !!
  6. I started a separate thread since this one is for Immigrant Song. For those that have not heard the full soundboard version yet... Finally it's available - Stairway To Heaven Osaka, Japan 09-29-1971 ENJOY !! https://youtu.be/Hzpq-LNVU44
  7. Killer 1958 Les Paul solos from Mark, the last one is blistering.
  8. I don't watch TV thank you, go back to your studies of "white privilege" and SJW tactics. You low IQ types need something to do.
  9. Can we just stop with the SJW threads ? This is sickening. Elvis is The King. No bullshit from wanna be SJW idiots lying about the past and trying to change it to fit their idiotic agenda is ever gonna change that.
  10. The June 19th 1977 show in San Diego was also strangely disappointing, come to think of it so is the March 10th, 1975 San Diego show. All of the SD shows were right around the time of other epic performances. Hmmmm.... maybe the local San Diego drug dealer had bad stuff.
  11. Holy sh!T bro, what is the tracklist ?
  12. You NOW say that Elvis "owed no one anything regarding civil rights" but earlier you said: "Yes, he sang a very moving song but he never risked a damn thing, nothing yet he of all people had the power, the real power to make a difference. This is a very puzzling question indeed. Elvis hung out at the juke joints before he was famous and frequently and freely mingled in the black community. I would never call Elvis a racist, quite the opposite yet he never lent his voice to the civil right's movement. Very strange indeed." You should actually go back and read your own posts, you contradict yourself. But people grasping for straws in a losing battle will lie or say anything to attempt saving face. Not very strange indeed, just sad really.
  13. Bwahaha you are so full of it !! You were just pointing out Elvis didn't do civil rights stuff enough for you (insinuating what in the process?) I was pointing out Chuck Berry didn't do enough decent human being stuff for a lot of people - hence he will never be The King - which is exactly what this thread was about. Elvis is The King because of the person he was, not his race. Chuck Berry was in prison multiple times for the person he was. It's really a comparison Chuck cannot win, and the whole idiotic idea of taking Elvis' title and giving it to Chuck simply because of race is ACTUAL racism, but you are blind.
  14. What the F are you blathering on about ? Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough ? How does your opinion of Elvis' opinion about civil rights affect whether he is the King ? Oh, never mind it doesn't. just "progressive virtue signalling" which we have all seen enough of thank you. Just so you know, Elvis Presley was a real kind man who cared about others, and regardless of race helped countless people have better lives while Chuck Berry was a proven dirtbag 100x's over. Elvis also had a much better stage presence, chuck couldn't hold a candle to that. Who is a white male Christian that "went into beserker attack mode" ? lol that's rich !! the topic was why Chuck is not the King, I spelled it out clearly why he does not deserve the honor. that was the topic not your "Elvis didn't do anything for blacks" tripe you spewed like a cow.
  15. Nobody, and I mean Nobody, has to defend Elvis, he IS the King of Rock and Roll. Chuck Berry however.... If you read the biography on Chuck Berry’s official website, you will find no mention of the word prison. This bit of revisionist history glosses over the fact that the rock pioneer has been incarcerated three different times. From 1947-1950, he served two and a half years for armed robbery. It was an interstate spree, with the 19-year-old Berry hijacking a car at gunpoint, then sticking up a gas station and a convenience store. In 1979, he did three months for tax evasion. But Berry’s most notorious stint was from February 1962-October 1963, for violation of the Mann Act (“transporting an underage female across state lines for immoral purposes”). For years, Berry would deny the whole incident. In a 1972 interview he said, “That’s the misconceptions that people have, that Chuck Berry went to jail. They’re just totally wrong. It might have said something in the large papers in the bigger city headlines and things. But, you take a look at any of the local papers and you will see that I was acquitted. I never went to jail.” Fifteen years later, in his autobiography, Berry finally admitted to doing time, but recast the sentence as a period of self-improvement. “I spent all of my off-duty time studying business management, business law, accounting [perhaps this led him to those cash-up front performances], typing, world history . . . ” Berry had another brush with the law in 1989, when he was caught secretly videotaping women in the bathroom of his restaurant, The Southern Air. A former employee took him to court with a suit that alleged that the tapes “were created for the improper purpose of the gratification” of Berry’s “sexual fetishes.” Several women followed with similar class-action suits. Chuck denied it all. Shortly after The Southern Air was closed, the Feds raided his estate. Along with firearms and marijuana, a cache of videotapes was found, showing underage females in sexual poses. This kept Berry in court for over a year. Charges were finally dropped when the prosecuting attorney became embroiled in his own financial scandal. Some people might say after reading this that Chuck was a low life pedophile, a creepy & disgusting bathroom stalker, and a prolific liar. Yuck !! I'm sure that Chuck being in prison made some impact on his professional music career back in the 1950's and 60's, possibly more than his race. Funny how the thread jumped right to racism without ever looking at other equally or more important factors. Of course then "progressives" couldn't say that racist white people are the only reason Elvis is the King which is the entirety of OP's post in a nutshell. Yep, the truth doesn't fit the "progressive" narrative of blaming everything on white people, especially males or Christians so make something up and let's change history for racism !! The sad thing is today that Chuck's 3 felonies and prison terms would be street cred for those same low IQ types. I for one am glad Chuck is not considered the King of Rock and Roll, not because of his race, but because of his character. Elvis was a giving and kind man who many times helped the less fortunate, there are many documented stories of Elvis' going out of his way and donating his money or personal items just to benefit others. Look, this is how somebody deserving of being called The King should act: To Elvis, Every Day was Christmas By Zena Sultana Elvis had a gift for giving. His generosity was legendary. For those who grew up in Memphis when Elvis was alive, Elvis is remembered not only for his incomparable music but for the many stories about how kind and giving he was. To him, every day was Christmas! A reporter in Memphis, Mitch McCracken of the Elvis Presley Examiner, wrote a story about Elvis’ legendary generosity that his mother told him when she was still working as a registered nurse at the Baptist Memorial Hospital. This hospital is where Elvis had gone on many occasions, the last one in August 17, 1977. Here’s that story: An elderly woman worked in the housekeeping department at the hospital. She rode the bus back and forth to work. One day as she was walking past a car dealership down Union Ave from the hospital she saw a stretch limousine parked almost right on the sidewalk. All eight doors were opened and she stuck her head in to see what the inside of a limo looked like. She saw the bar and the interior of the limo and was duly impressed. She exclaimed, “Oh my God, what a beautiful car!” The dark-haired man in the driver seat turned around and said, “Oh you think so?” It was Elvis. He then looked at the man in the front passenger seat and said, “Order her one just like this.” There were also other stories about Elvis giving generously to all kinds of people, like personally delivering a brand-new wheelchair to a crippled lady. Stories like these were typically Elvis! Lamar Fike, one of Elvis’ friends and member of the famed Elvis Mafia, said: “Elvis never forgot where he came from and what it was like to be poor. He was always looking in the newspapers, wherever he was, and when he would see there was someone in trouble with no way out he would send them something to help out. He was just like that. It was his upbringing.” While growing up Elvis had first-hand experience of what it was like being poor. He did not have enough money to make ends meet, and Christmases when he was a young boy was not what most of us had in our lives. But early on, his Mom Gladys had instilled in him the gift of giving. Blessed with a lot of talent, his talent brought him success! Once Elvis had become a big draw, he played a number of charity concerts for free. He was getting well-recognized by 1956 and he gave to a huge number of charities. On Christmas of 1956, Elvis made a donation of toys to underprivileged children in a charity drive organized by the U.S. Marines. Elvis provided the initial funding for a Youth Center in his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi, by performing free at the Fairgrounds in 1957. According to newspaper reports, Elvis turned down his $10,000 fee. When it came to children, Elvis wanted every day to be Christmas for them! Elvis continued to donate money and his time. Even when he was in the military service he donated blood to the German Red Cross. In 1964, Elvis donated a yacht worth $55,000, the “Potomac” which had formerly belonged to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to St. Jude’s Hospital, a children’s research clinic in Memphis. In 1965, he donated $50,000 to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and in 1966 he donated his Dodge motor home to TEACH, a children’s charity. That Christmas, he also wrote checks for over a million dollars to local Memphis charities. In 1967, Christmas came early for the Memphis Jewish Community Center Building Fund when Elvis pledged $10,500. This continued year after year, making Christmas so very special for so many people. In the early 1970’s, Elvis sent Buford Pusser, a crime-fighting police officer, a large anonymous donation after the cop’s house burned down mysteriously. Elvis attended Buford’s funeral when the cop died in 1974. Elvis helped many people with medical needs. He helped producer Felton Jarvis pay for a kidney transplant. Adam Victor, who published a book called Elvis Encyclopedia, wrote: “If you were Elvis’ friend, it went without question he would help medically. Many car dealers would tell you that Elvis would walk in and say, ‘It’s Christmas” and buy cars for his friends and family, and even strangers. I feel that since Elvis did not have the Christmases growing up as a lot of us had, he made sure that Christmas was every day.” The majority of the donations Elvis made were strictly on the condition of NO publicity, so not a lot of people were aware of his generosity. Some of Elvis gifts to charities would become public knowledge, but the rest of his donations were only known to a handful of people who were directly involved in his life. Among his well-known charitable contributions were the following: $65,000 towards the building of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor from a benefit concert Elvis performed in Hawaii; $75,000 for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii from sales of audience tickets for rehearsals for the “Aloha from Hawaii” TV special; and the $2-million donated every year to organized charities, both local and national. Elvis Presley was known as a generous man, using his fame and wealth for the good of others. But, that part of his nature was well expressed long before he became a star. His family was far from wealthy, so all the little extras in life such as toys for young Elvis, were not so easy for his parents Vernon and Gladys Presley to come by. There were times when one of those toys would come up missing. His parents would ask Elvis about it, finding that he had given it to some other kid in the neighborhood whom he noticed had nothing to play with. His later fame and wealth did not create his material and spiritual generosity. It simply fueled what was there inside him all along. Elvis’ legacy of giving was continued after his death by the Elvis Presley Estate, and later on, by the Elvis Presley Enterprises. EPE had set up foundations to carry on Elvis’ tradition of giving. And after Elvis death, Elvis Fan Clubs around the world followed their hero’s lead and raised large sums of money – all in Elvis’ name. Two of these fan clubs are the “All Shook Up Elvis Fan club” in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the “Jailhouse Rockers of California.” So, even all these years after Elvis' death, his influence still brings out the good in people while Chuck Berry has served time in prison during the 1950's, 60's, 70's. Chuck only got away with not serving in the 80's & 90's by the prosecutor having his own problems. Chuck Berry got extremely lucky to have not served time in prison during 5 different decades, he is also considered by many who knew him to be the biggest asshole they ever met and unprofessional in his performance (look it up, lots of documentation) and does he not deserve to be called King whatsoever. P.S. While researching Chuck's various criminal activities I did come across a few references to videos and pictures of Mr. Berry engaging in his predilection for coprophagia, not the most "Kingly" behavior - in my opinion. Also, most of "his" songs were largely co-writes where Chuck didn't give credit to others (it's documented). In all honesty, you really couldn't have picked a worse scumbag to try and dethrone Elvis. Total "Progressive" virtue signalling fail once again.
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