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  1. On the subject of Jason Bonham. I know things like addiction whether cigs, alcohol or drugs can be genetic or influenced by who you surround yourself with, so I'm not surprised Jason in his youth was this loud mouth drunk, but in some of these interviews it sounds like he was told that imitating 'road' John was what he was supposed to do and not because he himself was an actual bar stool throwing drunk. John while touring with Zep had that reputation - off the road not so much. Jason was what.. 15 when his father died. He should know there was more than just THAT side. It's as if he picked up a Richard Cole type book on Led Zeppelin tales and started acting out the John Bonham bits - TV tossing and all. I dunno maybe I'm not making sense. Let's blame it on this fish bowl sized glass of Cabernet I'm drinking. Ha! As far as Jason's talent as a drummer. One thing we know for sure is John Bonham was a big lovin' family guy. After the Oakland incident involving Peter Grant's son, I think at one point in John Bonham's life he would have no issues introducing his fist to somebody's face if they said something insulting about his sons skills as a drummer Yikes! To the original poster. I probably gave my answer already, but if not. Yes I believe they made the best choice to end when John died.
  2. Oh I would love to see those. I'm guessing that there would either be a lot of nonsense on them. i.e. garbled sound and the camera pointed at random crap like Bindon's elbow or like you said a "treasure trove" of really cool stuff and candid moments. If there is anything good, hopefully the band and Peter's son would be up to sharing.
  3. Stairway To Heaven legal shit again? I saw this movie in June of 2016. I liked the ending, however I don't want to see the sequel. Skidmore, the two sisters and Francis...Siiiighhh. Judge Klausner gave them their shot. A very generous one allowing it to actually get its day in court too. They had opportunity to gather evidence and present it. What more should the jury take into consideration? Get another Spirit fan to testify they saw what they believed was a raccoon pawing and eating Randy's garbage only to realize 50 years later it was actually Jimmy looking for music compositions to steal. Or maybe Skidmore swears up and down he saw an evergreen bush beside an outdoor toilet at a Spirit gig and he believes it was in the shape of Robert Plant. That would tell the jury Plant was listening to their set-list and getting musical ideas to lift and take back to camp Zep. Guilty right!?!? Oh and Randy's sisters. I'm sure they are Skidmore's biggest cheerleaders. I need to take a moment and vent about those two. Those women are wolves in sheep's clothing. No disrespect aimed at Randy for losing his life to save is son; that's both tragic and very heroic, but in a music copyright case it has no spot in the trial. There is no reason for the jury to know that, other than to try and garner sympathy votes. Last June both sister's stood outside the court house speaking to the media while holding up a gigantic picture of Randy with their mother. It was quite obvious what they were hoping to achieve. They wanted to vilify Led Zeppelin as these wealthy stealing musicians and small little folk like Randy California deserved some of that money all because his life ended tragically in the 90s and a 'charity' is in his name. They wanted people to draw some sort of connecting line between the two. Sorry there isn't a line between Stairway writing credits, the type of son or father Randy California was, or how he passed away. Like I said above a very heroic act regarding his son, but quite skeevy to use it as a way to get a pay-day. I am glad Judge Klausner made sure that had no impact on the jury's decision. The decision was based on musical notes on a paper. If someone is deserving by all means give them their reward, but we don't have that here do we. This case just rubs you the wrong way, especially when you read Francis and is merry band are STILL at it after the jury ruled in Zep's favor. Here's hoping this is one very last desperate attempt from that side that will go unanswered.
  4. I thought so too before I started reading things over the years. I never thought Jones and Plant had an overly close relationship outside of the studio though. Page and Plant that's a different story. But it didn't matter who hung out with who since they all came together on the stage and that's where it counted most. As far as them working closely for I T T O D. I wanna say the drug circle of hell that Page and Bonham were trapped inside of, probably helped push Robert and Jones together. You never hear either say anything fondly about working together at that time. Depending on the interview whenever Jones speaks about I T T O D he never praises it. He doesn't bash it to death either, but several times you can tell by some of his words it doesn't come across like it was a high point in his Zep timeline. It's hard to tell if he means the album itself, the fact Page and Bonham were in bad shape or all above. Maybe that's when he came to realize he and Robert clashed too much. Not as noticeable when all 4 were working regularly together. I wish I could remember where I saw it. An interview where he takes his words back a couple of times and made it sound like the album would have turned out differently if circumstances had been different. I think he could tell the interviewer was about to take his initial words and ask "Was I T T O D a disappointment for you or the band? Because he very quickly added in the record happened the way it did because of his new toy and both Robert and he had already had several tracks laid out. Then usual babble we get with how I T T O D came to be.
  5. Zino I'll wager that is a list of names found on another site written by somebody else and unrelated to the subject "Guitar Players better than Jimmy Page" That list is not something you personally came up with yourself. It's something you're using as a prop to help with this fun game you're playing on the Led Zeppelin site As for you ranking all those people above Jimmy. Oh my I feel faint...I need to lie down. You don't have to rank him number 1 or even top 5 (Craaazzzyyy ) but damn to rank him so low makes everybody in the room want to walk away from you at the party and leave you standing all by your lonesome. Apologies to you Zino if you love comic sans and went out of your way to manually type all of those names with such a nice font. It's a fave of mine too. Brings back memories of being a young girl on MSN messenger and chatting about boys.
  6. Knock knock knock hello? Anybody.. I was half kidding when I brought it up, but nah now I want to know. Any story behind the naked plastic doll thing pinned to Jimmy's lapel in the above image. I don't care make one up if you have to. HA!
  7. ^^^^ Haha oh I don't mind at all. I'm guilty of doing that quite a bit on here. And how would things have worked out if Keith Moon had a Jason Bonham as his son. I think The Who would have gladly utilized that situation to continue on. I know when Moon died it was '78 so they probably would have needed to wait on that though.. Anybody know if Bonzo had a studio in his home? I know the others do, but I have never read anything about John Bonham working at home - other than seeing him with a drum kit. My reason for asking is because if he did would he have have had recorded something that could be used towards something Zep related years later? I'm going to guess no since Jason would have already brought it to the other 3's attention. Err did I just answer my own question???
  8. That in my mind very much continues today - even though the whole Page /Plant work relationship was over years ago. James Patrick puts all of his eggs into the Zeppelin basket and that puts the end to any activity with other musical artists - especially Robert. On No Quarter if Jones had been involved, I don't think Jimmy would have cared if people mistakenly identified or attached Zep's name to it either. (I know it wasn't) That would have only been corrected for Plant. There would have been so many rules though, or Plant would have put the end to it. Speaking of Jonesy being upset still. In the interview that was linked on here a short bit ago he was saying how happy he was to be working with Jimmy again. This was after London O2 of course. That made me sigh ************************************************************************ Reading through some old threads on here I noticed our opinions can and do change. The Jones No Quarter thing has some who were understanding of why Plant did what he did, turn around later and see it as something rather off-putting. Perhaps views may have changed after Plant said he wouldn't be a part of whatever Jimmy, Jones and Jason had cooking. This was a golden opportunity and AGAIN Plant played the roll of giant party pooper. I'll shut up because as much I see those who nit pick on the lack of Jimmy output these days, the other side (like me ) are guilty of pointing the finger at Plant for something. Original poster! Well done! The board often becomes a snooze atmosphere and sometimes a topic like this can spark a lively opinionated conversation!
  9. I think these questions get brought up by those who maybe like the idea of hearing thoughts from other Zeppelin fans on the actual Zeppelin board rather than Google random sites. Sometimes asking on here is so much better since a lot of you guys can provide fantastic info. I don't overly believe somebody is asking in hopes of getting people riled up. I don't think there was ever a "Jones and Plant" thing even with the making of In Through The Out Door. That was smoke and mirrors. They were working more closely in the studio opposed to Page and Plant because Jimmy was in bed with smack. Bonham too was in bad shape As to why Jones was not included? It was never meant to be a reunion and having Jones there would have made it that way. I think it hit a sour notes because they worked on Zeppelin songs.... songs that Jones had a hand in writing. I do believe Page would have been fine with Jones being a part of the No Quarter project, but at that time he probably didn't want to rock the boat with Plant. I read an interview AFTER the O2 from Jones. Like Strider says, it took time and Jones wasn't happy, but he said he has moved on and it's now water under the bridge.
  10. Oh yeah that's right The Chase. I forgot about The Beatles doing that song. Even if there are [which nobody knows for sure] some leftover goodies courtesy of John Bonham; Nothing will/would ever come of it. Jimmy doesn't play guitar any longer and even if he did, Plant would be deader than dead against it. Now Jones is the easy going middle man. I could see him being curious and interested about the idea if he was approached, but he would know well enough not to get that keen on it because somebody would stomp on that idea fast.
  11. Thanks Triplet Sixteenth I'm kind of stuck. Hmm okay I do see pictures of Bonzo wearing shades too, but yeah I can't tell if they are those ones either. Something about these glasses makes me think Jackie O or, Elton John-esque and not Bonzo - which means the image is doctored. I could be wrong though. Nobody here seems to know. C'mon people this is the simple stuff! I love most group photos of the guys through-out their 12 years, but I have to say the PEOPLE cover that made the magazine is one of my least favorite photos of the band. Plant is wearing a sweater Grandma made, Jimmy reminds me of this evil villian lady who played on a The Young And The Restless ( an American Soap Opera) and Jones has this lame dweeb look to him. In the actual photo that made the cover John Bonham looks good though. There are just so many other images of those guys in that same year that are very cool. Sorry to take the thread off topic. Back to "Hard To Find Photos!"
  12. Yup! Many times! I just meant that songs like Dazed and Confused or, The Rain Song didn't need those 'fantasy' scenes to sell them to the listener. I can listen to those songs without needing to see Robert on a horse, or Jimmy all hermity hermit on the mountain top. The 80s I think would have had Zeppelin doing that kind of nonsense plus worse. Page would have been climbing that hill top in his Knebworth tan pants and blue button down.
  13. Haha omg love this! Yeah that's where I was at in regards to who would replace who. I think if it had been Robert, Jimmy or Jonesy it be more like The Beatles. Never again and no reunions. I know it's apples to oranges but I use The Beatles as my example, because Lennon died and they never tried to find a replacement for him in order to do a reunion show. There was never a Beatle reformation with Paul, George, Ringo and let's say Julian. ********************************************************************************* Haha I have to laugh at the replies LMAO! I don't think people understood my question. I was basically asking If any other member had died in Led Zeppelin would they have done the reunion shows? My answer is no. I guess some of you believe otherwise.
  14. How would those few Led Zeppelin reunions turn out if another member had been the one to pass away? They are all in a class by themselves when you're talking value in regards to their roles in Led Zeppelin. Nobody means more than the other. After John Bonham passed away the band parted ways and only reunited a handful of times. If that had been another member, would they have done any of those reunion shows? I know they would have broken up no matter who, but let's say Jimmy Page was gone in 1980. Would there be another guitarist playing his role at Live Aid, Atlantic 40th or the O2? I can not for the life of me insert any musician into his role. Who could be the singer, the bassist/keyboardist or the guitarist in that situation. *crickets chirping* I got nothing people. Jason sat in for John, but that's an extreme rare blessing. He is not just a drummer who was a fan of John, influenced as a musician and studied John Bonham's style. Yes he did and is that, but there's that little thing called father/son that no other drummer has on their side. The Jason/John thing is diffrent ball of wax compared to who plays who at a reunion with the other 3.
  15. If Bonzo had made it through that September night I would have wanted a long break from Led Zeppelin. I think the '80s would have possibly lessened the incredible influence and legacy the band gifted us with. Those 12 years mean so much more for my listening pleasure than having something watered down because it continued on and on and on for over 50 years. *cough* Stones *cough* I see Stones fans on the board hurling shit at me at as they read that. Sorry no hard feelings. I do like their music as well, but I like Zep's music so much more. There are musicians both older and younger than Zeppelin who were around in the '80s and survived the MTV music video era, but remember this was a time when it wasn't enough to simply take footage of a performer playing live, dress the the sound up all nice and classify it an official MTV video. Nope, they would want Zep or a bunch of actors acting out some mini story for the duration of a song. Something completely tacky and cornball cheesy. Think of '80s Robert in Sea Of Love. So ridiculously foolish. I can't forget about the dress either. If Europe '80 tour was a sign of the times...oh boy. Nothing fashionably iconic. That's not Led Zeppelin's dress, but in the '80s it definitely would have been. Now before anybody flings farty rotten eggs or tomatoes at me... I don't have a problem with jeans and a t-shirt. I like those . I'm looking at it from past images of Led Zeppelin in the late '60 '70s and all the crazy amazing stage clothes they wore. Comparing that with the '80s conservative neutral stuff just does not jump out at me. Lastly the '80s in music does not represent the greatest music to me either. There was such a large focus on music videos that you could take low quality shit, dress it up with a cool music video and "sell" it as good stuff to the listener. The teenage demographic of the '80s were ruled by MTV back then. The 5 minute video was selling the music back then. Today MTV music videos have died off. People today would rather take the song and link it up with some iconic images of the musicians, put the lyrics up, or simply put the musicians logo or album cover in a still shot. The Led Zeppelin channel with the remastered albums on YouTube show LZ album covers, actual footage or still photos of the band. They don't have the 4 of them acting out some silly story. From '68 - '80 Zeppelin didn't need to do that to sell their music. The '80s decade and what came to be acceptable in the music industry would have risked that that I think. ......blah blah blah