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  2. Hell yes! because of this forum I’ve discovered the total different approach that Led Zeppelin did to certain numbers like “1971 celebration day” compared to the 1973 NYC song remains the same. I was absolutely floored by the sheer magnitude of the rhythm section between Bonzo and Jones holy molly! If they would release this I would be happy.
  3. I'm actually in agreement with you. In this case, they should have let her work stand on its own merits and release it on another label without any involvement from him. Instead, she's well on her way to being pigeonholed as "Page's chick", just as Yoko was summarily dismissed as a serious artist in her own right because of her association with Lennon. I'm speaking strictly from a business standpoint. Personally, they're a lovely couple, just as John & Yoko were and sometimes I'm just playing to the crowd when I suggest it's a bunch of rubbish. I'll probably purchased the signed edition myself.
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  5. "What Is and What Should Never Be." - Led Zeppelin
  6. (Oh No, What Shall We Do?) Daddy Lost His Head In A Coup - Martin Gordon
  7. Thanks. Ill Edit. If it does not work Ill take Baltimore
  8. On Showtime "The Affair" is a very good series. At least until Ruth Wilson left. It really sucks that she left. Now only a couple more episodes. i am hoping Joanie takes care of that bastard Cruz
  9. Rick, you missed picking the Baltimore @ Seattle game.
  10. 🧹🧹 I think the Nats are going to the Series
  11. Art is art is art. Imagine in 69' if Eddie Kramer equated Zep I with Sgt. Pepper or even Robert Johnson's recordings. People would have said the same thing. It took several years for most to appreciate the impact of Zep I. Only the passage of time will determine if Scarlett's album is a masterpiece or not. To make such a determination right out of the gate makes you just as guilty as the critics who lambasted Zeppelin's albums. Even Yoko Ono has her fans, I may not like Yoko's music but who cares what I like. To each their own.
  12. No one ever dropped one of those in my sack back in the day. If they did, I would still be trick o' treating 🙂
  13. Its because Jann Wiener has the final say on who is inducted. If he don't like you, no soup for you!
  14. Last round, Philadelphia - 2/8/75 was eliminated. Round 2. If you'd like to read all about it, here is the post with all the important info and here is the post for this round. The round posts include a detailed tracker of which show goes out when and the remaining shows. If none of that interests you and you'd like to go straight to voting, this is a direct link to the poll.
  15. Wow you really went out on a limb didn't you Jabe? Picking the Bills at last? Ill get this over with KC (likely can win even if Mahones does not play and there is a very good chance he won't play, so beware, that is why the low line) Los Angeles Rams (the missed FG is now a big deal) Buffalo (our schedule is pretty damn good the next 5 weeks) Jacksonville Minnesota (tough call, but the Lions really should have won last night. Vikes are far better than GB IMO) Oakland Houston NY Giants San Francisco LA Chargers New Orleans Baltimore Philly NE (gift schedule ends in two weeks)
  16. The Eagles went into Green Bay and buried them. Green Bay is soooo over rated. Last night saved by horrible officiating. Yes I am a big fan of Wentworth Miller too. But anyway, if you watched the end of last nights fiasco, the ESPN crew after the game admitted as much, the refs gave this game to GB. Twice Flowers is blown for hands to the face when the replay shows his innocence. Of course he was irate. Who wouldn't be. They said another call to the league office and another apology will not change the standings. The Lions had this game won. GB was stopped, it was 4th down. And this bad call gave them a free TD. Its bullshit. Neither of them are my favorite or most hated team. So in fact I can be viewed as impartial. I actually won my parlay so you cant point a finger at me there either. I had the Lions +4 and the game under 50 PS, THE BILLS WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS FELLA
  17. "Baby Come on Home" - Led Zeppelin
  18. jabe

    LZF 2019 NFL Pool

    Kansas City L.A. Rams Buffalo Jacksonville Detroit Green Bay Houston N.Y. Giants San Francisco Tennessee New Orleans Seattle Dallas New England
  19. Kate Bush in her prime ...
  20. He has led (that is no pun) a very interesting life and his orbit has included most of the people one considers important in late 20th century culture. The shame is, he is guarded on almost every subject, as if the air of mystery that was purposely set up around Zeppelin at their height is still relevant today. Ref the poetry quite interesting but would we even be discussing it if not for the JP connection? Secondly, how much better would it have been with some drone ,feedback/electronics by JP behind it. No problem selling it then.
  21. Based on...? Bullshit hype from the coach? Both these teams are on the downswing and desperate to turn it around. Anybody's game. But definitely include this in a parlay and complain when you lose. I didn't predict it, but i didn't rule out the possibility. Too many variables... injuries, weather, penalties, missed kicks, bad snaps, turnovers, bad calls, holdouts, political grandstanding, bounty scandals, deflated footballs,.. Any Given Sunday Except for Tom Brady's Patriots. They're 6-0 and money in the bank.
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