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  1. Wrong verdict thanks to the judge who should be brought up on charges of judicial misconduct. Anyway, Zimmerman is a piece of garbage who just cannot control himself. Unless this waste of air goes for serious counseling he will either be dead or in jail within the year, of course I may be wrong however reviewing his past history in conjunction with present activity does not bode well for scumbag, er I mean Zimmerman.
  2. Lucky for him his hero was not Ginger Baker.
  3. ^ I fucking hate ties, the biggest fashion faux pas in history, well, next to the leisure suit. Anyway, if King Henry VIII were around I would kick that fat bastard in his dick for inventing the tie...and for what? So the fat jackass would not have to wear a bib when he ate. That's right, ties were originally a fashionable bib you wore all the time because when you are Henry VIII and you are not loping off the head of a wife, a catholic, protestant, or anyone in particular that pissed him off that day he was gorging himself. Fat bastard, I hope there is a special lower ring in hell for him
  4. Too bad for poor little Ginger, that is just how it goes sometimes. As you mentioned the great John McLaughlin you don't see him old and bitter because he was not playing stadiums, he was and is above that and lived for the music. Never cared if he played for 20 or 200,000 he was happy in the fact that he could create beauty and share it with the world. If some "got it" yet the majority did not it never fazed him one bit because that was not important, the beauty and creation was. That is the difference to me, McLaughlin and those like him (Plant is a good example) are true musicians, creating
  5. I think Robert needs to go back to sporting the Van Dyke like he did in 1970. That old Robert can rock a Van Dyke!
  6. ^ That dud is letting it all hang out! Regarding the long hair, it all depends on the person. Just like Vin Diesel would look like a fool with ANY hair, same with Bruce Willis, both have rocked the bald thing and they look great. Me on the other hand, I was shaved bald once, July 7th 1986 when I arrived at the MCRD in San Diego and I looked like a bloody fetus! I am the last guy who should shave the head, and should I go bald I would look like shit, not a good head shape at all. Thank god I still have my hair. Though if I did go bald I think I would rock the bald on top, long pony tail dow
  7. Jones is notorious for his dry sense of humor and razor sharp wit. Believe me, if Stewart Copeland and Jonsey got into a verbal, Copeland would be his bitch!
  8. The last decent album the Stones did was Tattoo You in 81', after that it all sucks and sucked bad IMO. They are nothing but an overblown Vegas lounge act now, and a bad one at that. Zeppelin will never reform because Robert has integrity and knows Zeppelin was the four, not the three. Plus, I think Robert and Jimmy are way too different as people. Even if Bonham would have lived and both he and Page had sobered up and the band returned to form I think Robert would have called it quits by 82' or 83' at the latest. He wanted to do his own thing and he no longer needed Jimmy. I think in Robe
  9. ^ So true about Ms. Malkin, whenever she opens he mouth her nose grows about four inches. What a piece of trash.
  10. They will never bring back the draft excepting an invasion from space, but then we would lose anyway so who cares. The reason why they will never bring back the draft is Vietnam...protesting and mass civil disobedience. You think the demonstrations were big in 68', shit, these days with Twitter and Facebook we would not have to levitate the pentagon, the 50 million plus would simply trample it underfoot! They like it the way it is, out of sight, out of mind. The American people don't give two shits how many of our youth die as long as they don't have to see it on the evening news while eat
  11. Love the Spinners, and Gloria Estefan has always been a guilty pleasure. Man did I have it bad for her back in the 80's!
  12. Interesting about Pink Floyd, for years I thought that was a reference to a whales penis. Tracii Guns must be a real asshole to either have to leave or be fired from two of his own groups. It would be akin to Jeff Beck getting fired or leaving the Jeff Beck Group.
  13. I agree about Hot Dog, why so many hate the song is beyond me. That opening riff is simply brilliant and pure rockabilly. It took me a good week to get that damn riff down correctly to sound right. It sounds deceptively simple but its not, the combination of the pull-offs & hammer-on's timed perfectly is quite hard and if one note is slightly off time the whole falls apart and it sounds like a fucking nursery rhyme. Anyway, I wish they would have played this, it's a quick song and for those who don't know Zeppelin it would be very surprising. Personally I think as a closing number (fi
  14. Yes Wes, those are all great bands. Now Strider, what's with the hate on Chicago? Sure, they turned into a shite band but the 1967 - 1977 stuff with guitarist / singer / writer Terry Gath was pretty good. I considered them a jazzier, less Mowtown inspired Blood, Sweat & Tears, another band I really like. Kansas is also a fantastic band and Steve Morse is one of the most underrated and best guitarist of all time. Saw Morse in 85' opening for Rush and he played part of the bow snippet from D&C simply by using volume swells.
  15. I believe Whoopie has a valid point, sure the word anger is in the title but that being said we did stray from the main point of the topic pretty far...sorry about that Whoopie. Steve, you know I have a certain amount of respect for you however what I don't understand is your whole "talk to the hand" (permanent ignore) you pull on some people. Sure, some people who have been abusive deserve it, but Whoopie? Either way that is your choice, but I just don't understand how you can be so articulate one moment and then so closed off and inflexible the next. Anyway, you are a good chap Steve
  16. ^ Yep, sure is, not sure what I was thinking maybe some cross-psycho pollination from the Montrose tune we do afterward. Next gig I will try and have the singer's wife video some so I can upload. Maybe I will wear a bucket and mask so I can stay incognito!!!
  17. I know what you are saying that is why I know it would never work. Anyone with that kind of control will most likely take it to the next level, that is Eugenics which is what the above case law was somewhat inferring. Eugenics was all the craze from the 1900's - 1940's until a certain someone actually put it into wide spread practice which completely killed the movement. I like to believe if I were dictator I would be a benevolent dictator like the great Cincinnatus and become a philosopher-king who would always do the right thing. Unfortunately Cincinnatus was one in a billion and even I
  18. Good grief indeed, it's rather difficult to keep track to all the various "bias" in this discussion. Though the fact still remains, what exactly was the President to say in this circumstance? Is he bound to respond to every situation which results in murder by one against another? You do realize one of these gangstas was white don't you? Further Steve, I actually don't believe in the hate crime statute on principal. How can killing another not be a hate crime? Singling out a murder simply because a white guy killed a black guy is silly to me. I don't really care why some guy kills another
  19. Oh, NOW Travon was "shouldering a door," wonder when that happened except in your mind as that was never reported ANYWHERE! Should the President have commented on this? Hell no! It was not his call to do so yet he did and for that we can agree, just like Nixon should have never commented on the Manson Trial in 1970. Further, if the local authorities had arrested George Zimmerman at the scene and charged him we would not be discussing this right now. The locals completely screwed this case up yet the Fed did not get involved outside of the Presidents comments. Do I feel Obama did this for a
  20. Just started playing this song at our most recent gig in San DIego and the crowd really loved it. This has got to be one of the greatest chord progressions in history yet very underrated. The progression itself is very simple and is repeated throughout the song with accenting noted over the chord. The solo is very jazzy which I like and though not difficult to play it is very difficult to pull off correctly with the combination of slides, pull-off's, and muted notes all in the same measure. One can pull off a close semblance which no one will really notice but the pride one takes in really doi
  21. Let's stick to the subject at had shall we. Please explain your rebuttal in detail, do you not think this is a simple criminal matter? Why not? What differentiates this crime from other crimes of violence? Do you believe the two blacks and one white scumbags targeted a white Aussie on purpose, if so what is your evidence to support such a claim?
  22. What exactly would you like him to say? This guy was not targeted because he was a white Aussie, he was targeted because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This shit happens every day unfortunately and these three will spend their whole lives in jail as a result. So please, tell me exactly what the president should say. Should he comment on every crime? Only crime which involve minorities & whites?
  23. You are right, it was a hate crime...they hated being bored so they killed the first person who happened across their path. These three deserve life!!!
  24. ^ I saw Rush there in 85' for Power Windows and the place was nuts! There was some 6' tall blonde, very well endowed woman in a gold lame' dress being escorted around the Coliseum before showtime. Every 10 min or so her and her "escort" would pop up in random locations. After about 40 min of this some guy dives straight for the goods and gets tossed by the escort off the second tier down to the floor seats. All hell breaks loose and security grabs the escort and beats the shit out of him. The girl was dragged out by her hair. The poor bastard who's impulses got the better of him was carted awa
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