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  1. I was about to post the same thing.
  2. It's a let down to people that discovered it years later, and it wasn't a quality performance by any means, but at the time it was Led Zeppelin getting back together one more time. It blew a lot of fans away.
  3. I think we would all love to see Zeppelin play again like they did in 07 and it would be great to see them do a series of gigs covering more of their music. Play songs they didn't even play 30 years ago. But it's not likely to happen again.
  4. The Beatles set the standard for image in that time period more than anyone else. You didn't really see an entire movement based on Michael Jackson's image.
  5. No one said the US is perfect but that doesn't mean you can say the US sucks like he does.
  6. I think a lot of people were becaues of his hype. Obama really put out a voice for change. He was talking about all these things he was going to do. Get rid of dept, cut taxes for the middle class, his message was all about hope and it was really a positive message. But since he's become president he's been pretty much the opposite. Watch any speech he gives to the overseas crowd and you see him basically rip America every chance he gets. How can the leader of a nation hate his own nation so much?
  7. The concert had the longest version of Stairway, and a long jam version of Trampled Underfoot, and the longest White Summer/Black Mountain Side, and a unique version of Whole Lotta Love.
  8. Obama candidate=Anti Bush Obama President=Bush on steroids.
  9. I'm pretty sure Zeppelin was in New York by the day after he died. They played 2 shows on the 18th or 19th.
  10. The Beatles basically created album oriented music. Sgt. Peppers and Abbey Road basically laid down the foundation for Dark Side of the Moon. And Zeppelin was completely album oriented, they got those ideas from what the Beatles were doing. Before the Beatles you really can't name a lot of great albums.
  11. Hendrix covered sunshine of your love live so he definitely appreciated Cream. Zeppelin was just starting in 69 and 70, maybe III had just been released when he died, but Led Zeppelin was still pretty young. And with how busy Hendrix was it's hard to say if he really had time to listen a ton of other peoples music.
  12. I think I read in an interview in the 70s where the 2 were at some party in the late 60s but they only saw each other or something like that. I'll try and find that interview.
  13. The hint is in the title because the misty mountains are completely Tolkein related.
  14. Retelling of the Hobbit in the form of a kid doing marijuana for the first time.
  15. Maybe in music at the time but not in pop culture at the time. Zeppelin's problem was that they had too focused a fan base. 90% of their fan base was teenage boys.
  16. If it's offered it'll take about 2 seconds for the band to refuse.
  17. The longest live version known is about 15 minutes on the last show with John Bonham.
  18. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25718071-2,00.html vids here scroll down.
  19. He was on the Colbert report the other day making fun of it.
  20. You have to remember just how big Jackson was in the 80s and early 90s. He was probably the most famous man on the planet. As someone that grew up in that period. Jackson was absolutely a mega star. Just like Beatles, Elvis, and Sinatra were. I do agree that there are others that are more talented musically than Jackson, most of those on that list are up there, but just another sample of Jackson's popularity. The O2 shows he was doing were originally only 10 shows, and they sold out almost instantly. This is almost 15 years after his last real major hit. There was a time in the 80s and 90s whe
  21. Jackson was a bigger superstar than any of those. The Beatles, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra are the only 3 I would put above Michael as far as influence. And then there's a few others that I might put in there with him also. But he's right up there. I don't think of him as far as his color because last I looked at him for the last 15-20 years he was whiter than me.
  22. I doubt it'll ever happen because the government couldn't regulate it. Same reason they don't like online poker. It doesn't matter to me though because I don't smoke anything anyway.
  23. It's more speculation on when it'll be released. But it'll eventually be released on their own time. It could be later this year, next year or a decade from now.
  24. This has to be my favorite cover of a MJ song. Chris Cornell doing Billie Jean, David Cook did a version of this song on American Idol.
  25. What the republicans were doing before was just as bad just not at this scale. They were wasting a ton of our tax dollars also and that's why people went democrat. They thought democrats would not waste near as much money because they were basically telling people they wouldn't. What do they do? They are doing the same thing the republicans are doing at a much, much, much larger scale. It's stupidity. I'm all for going to alternative fuel sources that will eventually need to be done anyway. But spending billions of dollars on it when we aren't going to be able to switch to it for decades is
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