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  1. Yet another reason it's great to see you back, Henrik!
  2. Know why that's a really good painting? Well, among other reasons. Because it's not just a copy of a photograph, but actually shows creativity and expressiveness. Nice work!
  3. Again, I'd prefer that they just play the music--putting their own spin on it when the spirit moves them--rather than try to copy the originals, which just throws into relief the fact that they AREN'T the originals. But, again, that's just my personal take on it.
  4. I know everybody will feel differently about these things, but I did disagree on a couple of things in that I thought the guitarist was the weakest link (pretty good, but so obviously no Page), while the singer had a fabulous voice that was perfect for the songs, but which he didn't IMO use to slavishly copy Plant. In fact, one of the things I liked most about the whole band was that they weren't trying to replicate Zep, prancing around in dragon suits and such. So for me it was a plus that the singer didn't look like Plant--why pretend to be someone you're not? The drummer did look a bit
  5. Same here. Then today I got the presale code for the Atlanta show earlier by Googling it. ( And then didn't think much of the offerings, anyway.)
  6. I agree with the Rover that the Dallas show was very well-performed (excellent singer, especially) but could have been louder--I was right at the front, and by rights I should still be deaf! The highlight for me was Moby Dick, and Thank You with the accompanying film clips was wonderful. It's interesting how it's when playing his dad's music that Jason seems to be coming into his own as a drummer. Apologies if I've repeated what others have said earlier--I deliberately didn't read this thread before going to the show.
  7. That's what I mean, though--it doesn't say in that article that he's going to tour in 2011. A quantum leap has been made somewhere!
  8. You don't recognize our friend from her picture? I think we're about to wind down that road again . . . Nobody mention Stairway!
  9. Where's the bit that says "Jimmy to tour in 2011"?
  10. Oh-oh. Seriously, it's about time--all the best to them.
  11. Well, it contradicts most of what you said earlier, but it is certainly a thoughtful and measured post.
  12. My guess is that he toured the south first to break in the tour in what are mostly secondary markets.
  13. Either none of them was new, or I was just hallucinating that I'd seen them before!
  14. You're bashing him in this very post, all while saying that's not what you're doing! I repeat, if you want to crticize someone, go ahead and do it, but don't pretend that's not what you're doing.
  15. How about you accept the fact that you have no more idea than the rest of us what went down between them, and either stop drawing conclusions, ot have the courtesy to admit it when you're bashing one of them (given that your statement can't be read as anything else)? At least be upfront about it, rather than playing innocent. It's fine to have an opinion, as long as you cop to it.
  16. Roxie posted this link in the Plant 2010 tour thread.
  17. This doesn't have to spiral off into conspiracy-theory-land. It's not necessarily a lie--he could quite simply have misremembered, no matter how convinced he may have been that the show happened. Kind of like I "remembered" for years that Zeppelin did STH at Bath 1970, when obviously they couldn't possibly have done. But I still "remember" it that way!
  18. And change "their" to "there" in your questions.
  19. How could he have hung around the New York office during the off-hours and then popped out to hear them when they went on-stage in Dallas?
  20. This thread has reached the usual point where some of the posters are the same people under different names . . .
  21. Well, without pursuing further the should he/shouldn't he question, on which of course evrybody's entitled to their own view, I'll just say that he has in fact given enormous sums of money to charity, and that's just the money we know about--he's said to have contributed generously behind the scenes to many causes, too. So I don't think that particular issue is a valid one to hold against him here.
  22. OK, then it was indeed a misunderstanding. I thought you were saying "art for art's sake indeed!" dismissively. With regard to your second paragraph, though--no comment.
  23. So they should have been in it for the money?
  24. Thank you for the information, LS. I'm thinking about you and your family at this sad time, and hoping you're taking comfort in how much Charles was loved by many people who never even met him.
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