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  1. At least I can console myself with the pictures of Brando.
  2. I just received my copy, and I have to say that while it's very well-produced (and there are lots of fabulous photographs in the issue), there isn't a single photo of Jimmy that I haven't seen many times before.
  3. To me the obvious omission from the Mothership CDs is IMTOD. I couldn't believe it when I first saw the tracklist.
  4. How long has the intermission been, usually? (Sorry if this has already been mentioned.)
  5. That was my first reaction. And--they've revamped the Roundhouse since then so that I gather it's hardly recognizable from the days when the fella in your sig pic played. (I didn't see him there, but saw a bunch of other people, and it used to be pleasantly grungy--but no more.)
  6. Well, now their (not her) site says "A New Site is Coming soon for Alison Krauss and Union Station Featuring Jerry Douglas". Make what you will of all this.
  7. I lived all of it, and I think Some Girls ia a classic, too. Certainly the best of the Wood era, IMO.
  8. Who knows, indeed. I don't think it would be the kind of interesting I'd be interested in , but it's interesting waiting to find out!
  9. Can't see that happening--they're two different kinds of projects, the Band of Joy isn't just Raising-Sand-Without-Alison. Alison and Union Station sharing a bill with BOJ is possible, I suppose . . .
  10. Great pics. The Roundhouse seems to have changed rather a lot since I was last there . . .
  11. I'm counting on it! But, of course, that then leaves the rest of 2011.
  12. Although their web site doesn't seem to have heard about it yet, the Plant/Krauss Facebook page is announcing "Something BIG is coming in 2011!!!"
  13. Mine arrived this morning yesterday and I've already read as much as I've had time for. I'm really impressed with the guy's honesty, as much as anything else.
  14. Why didn't he want the credit back then, too?
  15. The Sniderman identity has been known for a long time, but fascinating to find out what happened to him. Wish my book would hurry up and arrive!
  16. Whereas nobody in the audience would look a day older, of course.
  17. Perfect! As much of the book as I need for a fraction of the price!
  18. Here you go, Hang-Man: Tattoo thread
  19. Actually I didn't know video of this had surfaced, great to see!
  20. I think tickets cost pounds 15, but I'd have to check.
  21. Here's where tastes differ, I guess, as I hated it!
  22. Can I just add yet again that Live Aid was primarily a fund raiser for African relief efforts, and Phil Collins appearing at both events was to get as much publicity for the event, and thus raise as much money, as possible. Zeppelin's appearance was part of this fund-raising effort, not the other way around (and certainly not the sole focus of it), and nobody forced them to let Collins play with them.
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