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I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies


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Great poster. I was thinking about the Getaway while at the dump on Tuesday and watching a truck dump all the crap out. Was waiting to see if Steve and Ali would fall out. 😄

Forgot what a great western this was. 


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4 hours ago, BobDobbs said:

I loved growing up watching the Stooges. Them and the Dead End Kids.

Me too. I still watch them all. 😊

The kids were in this. Great movie and Bogart gets filled with lead at the end. 😄



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After being closed since March 2020, I returned to the New Beverly Cinema tonight for the first time since it reopened last month. Good to see old familiar faces at this Monte Hellman/Warren Oates double-feature.


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Noir is back on the big screen in Hollywood. Tonight's double-feature with Film Noir Foundation hosts/authors Eddie Muller and Alan Rode introducing the films.

Tyrone Power gives one of his best performances as a carny con man in "Nightmare Alley". Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray, and Helen Walker are the trio of women complicating his life. The unique Mike Mazurki also makes this worth wartching. I hear Guillermo Del Toro is remaking this. One can only hope it doesn't suck.


Then, Charles Laughton chews up the screen in "The Big Clock". A plethora of other recognizable names (Milland, O'Sullivan, Macready, Lanchester) fill out the cast. Watch for a silently menacing Henry Morgan in a supporting role far from his Colonel Potter guise.



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