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the Sopranos


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I realize that the Sopranos on HBO has been off the air for a couple of years now, but that does not mean that the show itself and the "controversy" the ending it brough is dead. I happen to love this show. I know that there are others out there that must feel the same. If you happen to be one oF them, I would like to read your own personal thoughts about anything related to this "groundbreaking" show. Anything. The Show itself, the Cast, the Plots, the Suspense, anything.

If anyone is not that familiar with this Series, I strongly suggest that you take the Time to try and get into it. The SOPRANOS is one of the GREATEST SHOWS OF ALL-TIME.

I hope some of you feel the same way.

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My husband and I started watching during the 2nd season and we loved it. We scheduled Sunday nights around it even. The casting was perfect; I can't imagine anyone else playing those roles. I couldn't remotely relate to any of it, but yet I was completely hooked on and fascinated by that show.

There were so many nuances about that show that made it absolutely brilliant and believable. Foremost for me was probably the psychology of it; the violence interspersed with the mundane family and every day life issues and the emotional issues each of the characters suffered from. And it could still make the viewer (even this Obama voting soccer mom) feel something for the characters even while being completely repulsed by their actions.

I should add that my Dad HATED the show and how it represented Italian Americans (he is half Italian; NOT Sicilian). He wouldn't even discuss it.

And Gandolfini was BRILLIANT in that role; absolutely fantastic.

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I loved it from Day 1. I remember watching the first episode and getting hooked after recently having a falling out with my other Sunday night show, The X-Files (which had jumped the shark by 1999).

The show hit its peak in season 4, especially with the climatic dual between Ralphie and Tony.

The last two seasons were very hit and miss. The entire Vito storyline ate up too much of the show and the finale was the equivalent to the Seinfeld finale.

The Pine Barrens episode became stuff of legend. B)

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I just got the box set 2 months ago, every episode, it's fantastic. Obviously I'm a big fan of the show.

I completely relate to it. I grew up in Staten Island New York & the North Shore of SI was a mix of different people & cultures where a good portion of the people could really trace their roots back on the Island & the South Shore were mainly from parts of Brooklyn & Howard Beach in Queens. I grew up on the dividing line of both but mainly stuck to the North Shore. On the South Shore half the population would brag that they were in the mob, the other half actually were & weren't stupid enough to talk about it. As a bartender & waiter for over 10 years on SI I became even more acquainted with would be & actual mobsters. The portrayals on the Sopranos was pretty spot on.

The show was just brilliant. Excellent writing, fantastic actors, the scenery on the location shots, the soundtrack, just everything about the show. The "Pine Barrows" episode is such a classic in itself.

My 2 personal favorite moments on the show involve Paulie

1) Paulie is in a Starbucks & gets offended that a non-Italian business is making money on what he percieves is part of his culture. He stares & fumes at a bag of coffee beans & finally pockets it so his sense of justice/karma is dished out

2) While in Italy on "Family business", the Soprano crew has a sit down dinner with an Italian mob family. Paulie, not understanding why they're not eating "Italian food" & not realizing he was actually served Italian food, demands "noodles & gravy" & is happy when he finally gets his "noodles & gravy, real Italian food". One of the Italian mobsters notices this & speaks his native tongue to one of his family members and says "And you thought the Germans were classless pieces of shit". Lol :D , absolutely perfect.

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One of the best shows ever. The malapropisms alone were pure genius. One of the highlights of my NYC life is when they filmed a scene on my block.

David Chase has a new movie about a group of rockers from NJ in the 60s, "Not Fade Away." It premiered last week at the NY Film Festival. He was very particular about the music used in The Sopranos and what a difference it made! (Remember the scene in the last season where Tony is hiding in that safe house. He wakes up holding a shot gun and the radio is playing Vanilla Fudge's version of "You Keep Me Hanging On" which makes sense since they were managed by the mob!)

Here's a review. http://www.thewrap.com/movies/column-post/not-fade-away-trailer-wear-tie-dinner-james-gandolfini-59636

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