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35 Years Gone

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Hi all this is my first post in the forum......

35 years since Physical Graffiti was released....I can't stop playing it. Absolutely awesome work!

Me neither! Its just brilliant! And oh my god! 35 years??! Wow! I think you will agree with me when I say that "this masterpiece has truly stood the test of time!". :wub:

A very warm welcome to the most interesting forum on the net! B)

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Definitely their best album work as far as I'm concerned. Such great songs and a plethora music genres on this album. They were influenced by so many forms of music and it shows probably more on PG than any of their other albums.

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My favorite led zep album, and my favorite album of all time by anyone. Interesting to see the tracklist if they just released the "new" songs, meaning the songs they recorded in '74

Custard Pie

In My Time Of Dying

Trampled Underfoot


In The Light

Ten Years Gone

The Wanton Song

Sick Again

Still a monster album, but the older stuff really puts it over the top for me.

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