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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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New Orleans, Louisianna - May 14, 1973 - soundboard

The musicianship Led Zeppelin displayed on this European tour of 1973 was breathtaking! Dazed & Confused and Whole Lotta Love were outstanding throughout the tour. It's too bad Led Zeppelin didn't perform these two songs with the same intensity on the upcoming US tour as they did here!

Southampton, England - January 22, 1973 - soundboard

Vienna, Austria - March 16, 1973 - soundboard

Hamburg, Germany - March 21, 1973 - soundboard

Essen, Germany - March 22, 1973 - soundboard

Vancouver, BC - March 21, 1970 - soundboard - Heartbreaker & Thank You are excellent!

Dallas, Texas - August 31, 1969 - The whole show is great, especially How Many More Times!

All these soundboard shows from 1975 are very good!

New York, NY - February 12, 1975

Hempstead, NY - February 14, 1975

St. Louis, MO. - February 16, 1975

Baton Rouge, LA. - February 28, 1975

Dallas, Tx. - March 4, 1975

Dallas, Tx. - March 5, 1975

Long Beach, CA. - March 11, 1975

Long Beach, CA. - March 12, 1975

Seattle, WA. - March 17, 1975

Vancouver, Canada - March 19, 1975

Vancouver, Canada - March 20, 1975

Seattle, WA. - March 21, 1975

And all the Los Angeles shows from the 24, 25 & 27 of March 1975

Yes, I've been listening to all of these!

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I’m still listening to the MSG evening show of the 19th of September 1970. I’m thinking this is the greatest show ever played at the garden. This crowed just heard That’s the Way, Bron-Y-Aur (not Bron-Y-Aur Stomp), then Since I’ve Been Loving You……….all this prior to the release of Zeppelin III on October 5th.

I once new a dude back in NY, he was as big a Tull fan as we are Zep fans, so we would trade boots, anyway, in the 70’s he worked security for the Garden, and he made sure he worked all the zeppelin shows. He told me his 2 favorite moments was Jimmy’s bow solo during a August 73 show, and bright white lights during Achilles Last Stand during the 6 nights in ’77….but I have got to think, in my humble option, this show on the 19th of September, 1970 has got to be the best I have ever heard from the Garden.

I think the entire band had the death of Hendrix on their minds during this show….it’s as if every note is approached in a manner of brilliance.

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