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Brussels,Belgium- Vorst Nationaal January 12,1975


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This is the second warm up show that Led Zeppelin played for their upcoming US 1975 tour. The band would be playing for the second time Sick Again, In My Time of Dying, Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir and The Wanton Song (which wouldn't last too far into the US '75 tour.) They also for the first time played When the Levee Breaks and since Jimmy had injured his finger on a train while rehearsing for these shows he had to drop the more demanding Dazed and Confused and instead for the time being play How many More Times which hadn't been played in awhile.

But since no audio has surafced for the first show I can't say for certain that they did everything they did at the Brussels show.


Rock and Roll

Sick Again

Over the Hills and Far Away

When the Levee Breaks

The Song Remains the Same

Rain Song


The Wanton Song

No Quarter

Trampled Underfoot

In My Time of Dying

Stairway to Heaven


Whole Lotta Love

Black Dog

Communication Breakdown

Rock and Roll or Sick Again





When the Levee Breaks


In My Time of Dying or When the Levee Breaks


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same or Stairway to Heaven


The Rain Song








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Nice pants Jimmy. :D

Yeah he wore those same plaid pants at some early shows in 1970 and pulled them out one more time. haha

IN fact here is a pic from their concert in Montreux-at the Montreux Casino March 7, 1970


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I have the boot for this show; there are two of them and I have the better sounding one. I must say, this set is one of my favorites of the '75 tour. It would have been awesome if they also played Moby Dick and How Many More Times or Dazed and Confused but Jimmy injured his finger. I'm sure they also would have played Since I've Been Loving You as well but it had to be cut.

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If I wanted those, I would of said so..... :wtf:

Well, you asked "do you have a colour shot of him with the pants with the colored squares?", the photo that I gave you is a colour shot of him with pants with the colored squares!

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