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What are you sad about that Led Zeppelin didn't do ?

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The three things that make me the saddest Led Zeppelin didn't do:

1) That a re-invigorated Led Zeppelin didn't have the opportunity to continue making music and touring during the 80's and beyond.

2) That Led Zeppelin didn't have the opportunity to continue touring throughout the rest of '75. Their plans included tours through North America, Scandinavia, and (probably) South America. During their South American tour, they most likely would have played (at least) one gig in a gigantic soccer stadium, probably in front of 100,000--180,000 people.

3) That Led Zeppelin didn't have the opportunity to complete the '77 North American tour. Around 250,000 tickets had already been sold to just three of the cancelled gigs.

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That Jimmy did not fullfill his promisses after 77:

No Performance " best of ever ".apart of the DVD

No epic guitar army.


There is also some Video material but Jimmy don´t want to release it now.

I wonder why his producings were so half hearted and the extasy was gone.

I wished he woulkd have explained more about myths and Zep energy but he said

that everybody should find his own way to Magic once.

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There are a few things they didn't do that I wish they had:

Played Four Sticks live more than once.

Played In The Light and Houses of the Holy live

Toured places like South America, Malaysia,Spain,Egypt and other "exotic" locales from which to draw inspiration.

Released the two extra tracks ( "St Tristan's Sword" and "Lost in Space") from the fourth album.

Released any multi track recordings from the Japan 71 tour.

Released the jam session recorded around the time they were recording Physical Graffiti.

Continued and released the 1970 documentary....

OMG ! someone tell me about these 2 tracks !!! PLEASE = "St Tristan's Sword" and "Lost in Space")

what do we know ?

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Those are rumored unreleased songs recorded for Led Zeppelin IV.

so its just a rumor? would be a GREAT question to pop up in an interview, then we would at liest know!

You would think they woulda showed up on CODA

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I would have loved for them to reprise the Bron Yr Aur sessions, and follow ITTOD with another acoustic departure. Perhaps not to the extent of LZ III, but it had been several years since acoustic instruments had appeared on an album, other than for color, and a refocusing on these roots would have been incredible.

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Recorded filmed interviews with Jimmy during the band's heyday (where he hasn't got a beard). (I know, there's always one who has to trivialize, but that's how I feel. I wish there were a few of those on YouTube).

Otherwise...stayed off the hard stuff and stayed on top form for just a bit longer, I guess.

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