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Knebworth 1990, Such A Great Festival.


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I've been fortunate to pretty much see all the bands I ever wanted to over the last 35 years, but when I look back, the Knebworth 1990 festival, it was such a special day.

With perhaps just one or two exceptions, who were still fun to see, it was an almost perfect line up for me.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Status Quo

Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler

Tears for Fears*

Elton John*

Eric Clapton*

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page*

Phil Collins


Paul McCartney*

Pink Floyd*

*These were just awesome in my view.

I know they were all Silver Clef award winners, but can you imagine a line up like that these days?

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To be honest MM I can't recall much of the bill. Chas & Dave woke me up with "Rabbit", after a few pipes and things it all went into a haze. Todd was great as I was really into Utopia at the time. Remember it being a beautiful day, Zepp were just brilliant. Slept on the motorway as we'd missed out coaches home. But didn't give a shit

One question MM. This has always niggled me and it's an open question to all who were at the first show. During Kashmir I am sure that there were exposions of flash pots ( I think that's what there called) about a couple of mins in. I had a audience recording of the show and you could hear cheers from the crowd as they went off. Now on the official DVD the explosions appear at the beginning of Achilles Last Stand. Clever editing or my mistake?

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Yes that is correct, just after " all will be revealed" I thought I was right. Thanks man. It's niggled me for years. And there were loads of people sleeping out on the motorway.Thankfully I took my Afghan!!

Our coaches were booked to take us back at 12. But there was no way we were missing any of it. I never slept - just too fried after the day. We trained it home on the sunday. The staying power of youth

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The weather was very changeable that day, sunny for half an hour then torrential showers. Pink Floyd's circular screen, which spent all day leading up to their set face down to the stage, filled up with rainwater bulging the screen alarmingly. They had to cut the screen off and release the water, meaning Floyd had to perform with the circular ring behind them, unable to show their films due to the lack of screen, and it was absolutely pissing down by then. Great day though, some very memorable performances.

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As an aside, I believe Knebworth 1990 was the only time Clare Torry sang 'Great Gig in the Sky' live with Pink Floyd.

I was in the crowd, but I doubt if I realized she was one of their singers.

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Commander Cody (who?)

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen are probably best known for their cover of "Hot Rod Lincoln" but they have a string of other hits such as "Lost In the Ozone" and "Down To Seeds & Stems (Again)". His guitarist, Bill Kirchen went on to play with Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and others and is an in demand session musician. I'll always favor the Commander's version of "Hot Rod Lincoln" but Bill takes it to new heights where he quotes everyone from the Clash to Hendrix. It's always a show stopper at his concerts.

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As an aside, I believe Knebworth 1990 was the only time Clare Torry sang 'Great Gig in the Sky' live with Pink Floyd.

I was in the crowd, but I doubt if I realized she was one of their singers.

She sang it in Wembley arena at Roger Waters' KAOS show in 1987 and also appeared on Waters' "When the Wind Blows" soundtrack album (1986) and Radio KAOS album (1987)

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Live at Knebworth’ Brings Historic 1990 Concert to Blu-ray

by Jeff Giles January 20, 2015


On June 30, 1990, an amazing assortment of British rock legends shared the Knebworth stage, including Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Elton John, Phil Collins, Genesis and Dire Straits — and on March 17, the show that’s been called “the best British concert of all time” will make its belated Blu-ray debut.

Among the show’s many highlights was a heavily rumored appearance by Jimmy Page during Plant’s set, which Plant later joked was a sort of make-up effort for the widely panned Led Zeppelin reunion set at Live Aid five years earlier. “At Live Aid, Zeppelin sounded like a set of rabbit’s bones rattling,” Plant said after their performance. “But working with Pagey in my band today was great. No top of the bill, just a lot of heart.”

The show has long been available on CD and DVD, but the new version promises “the best possible quality” by offering upscaled standard-def footage with uncompressed stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio. The set won’t be available for pre-order until February, but Eagle Rock Entertainment is advertising a list price of $17.98 for the disc. Check out some footage from Knebworth ’90 above and the track listing below.

‘Live at Knebworth’ Track Listing
Tears For Fears:
‘Badman’s Song’
‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

Cliff Richard & The Shadows:
‘On the Beach’
‘Good Golly Miss Molly’
‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

Phil Collins:
‘In the Air Tonight’

Paul McCartney:
‘Coming Up’
‘Hey Jude’
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’

Status Quo:
‘Whatever You Want’
‘Rockin’ All Over the World’
‘Dirty Water’
‘In the Army Now’

Eric Clapton:
‘Before You Accuse Me’
‘Tearin’ Us Apart’

Dire Straits:
‘Solid Rock’
‘Think I Love You Too Much’
‘Money for Nothing’

Elton John:
‘Sad Songs (Say So Much)’

Robert Plant:
‘Hurting Kind’
‘Tall Cool One’
‘Wearing and Tearing’ (with Jimmy Page)
‘Rock and Roll’ (with Jimmy Page)

‘Throwing It All Away’
‘Turn It On Again’ Medley: ‘Turn It On Again’ / ‘Somebody to Love’ / ‘Reach Out, I’ll Be There’ / ‘Pinball Wizard’ / ‘In the Midnight Hour’ / ‘Turn It On Again’ (reprise)

Pink Floyd:
‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’
‘Run Like Hell’


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It's only a small portion of Robert's set, IpMan. He did MMH with Jimmy too. Plus a number of solo/Zep songs with his own band including Tie Dye On The Highway, Immigrant Song, Manic Nirvana, Going To California. I have it on audio tape and listen to it in the summer months, while in the pool. It has such a warm feeling to it. Good set and a great day! Can't believe they put 4 Status Quo songs on the DVD!?!

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^ Hey there Sam...Didn't Robert also perform Liar's Dance as well? I remember him doing this song and a damn fine job at that. Was it simply not included in the DVD?

Yeah, it's still an incomplete official release.

Found a few of my photos from a disposable camera:




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Man, Sam, you had a great vantage point to take such good pictures with a disposable camera!

Thanks for sharing those! :)

We were there the night before they opened the gates and managed to get pretty close. It was quite a scene!


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1990 is when they should have done the Zep reunion imo.

Hell yeah, that was Roberts most "rocking" year as a solo artist. Manic Nirvana was his hardest hitting album, Jimmy was going to join David Coverdale in a few months and we know what that brought. Just imagine a Zep reunion in 1990 where everyone is on the same page. Unlike the O2 I guarantee they would have played Achilles!

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Hey sam webmaster dude.

How's it goin? Thanks for your post. blu ray would be great. It's ashame they didn't include the whole show. Plant's Immigrant Song, Liar Dance. And I know Floyd did a lot more. You'd think with blu ray they'd had more room to maneuver. Ya know?

I still have the VHS. And I've got Floyd doing Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here, and Sorrow, Money and Great Gig In The Sky.

Great pics, by the way.

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Appart from Rob Lowe's Phil Collins introduction I have the complete show on 8 CD's.  The setlists were as follows

KNEBWORTH '90 - 30 JUNE 1990

Disc 1 (55.49)
Tears For Fears 
1. Dave Dee Introduction                 0.31
2. Head Over Heels                     4.51
3. Change                         5.39
4. Pale Shelter                         6.35
5. Sowing The Seeds Of Love                 6.02
6. All You Need Is Love                     3.02
7. Advice For The Young At Heart             5.10
8. I've Got To Sing My Song                 5.05
9. Badman's Song                    12.40
10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World             4.24
11. Marsha Richards Interview With Curt Smith         1.38

Disc 2 (73.19)
Status Quo
1. Mark Goodyear Introduction                 2.04
2. Caroline                         4.57
3. Mystery Song                         2.18
4. Railroad                         1.40
5. Most Of THe Time                     1.06
6. Wild Side Of Life                     1.57
7. Rollin' Home                         1.01
8. Again And Again                     0.57
9. Slow Train                         1.06
10. Hold You Back                     5.10
11. Dirty Water                         3.54
12. Whatever You Want                     4.50
13. In The Army Now                     4.13
14. Rockin' All Over The World                 3.59
15. Don't Waste My Time                     3.57
16. Roadhouse Blues                     6.37
17. The Wanderer                         1.40
18. Marguerita Time                     1.56
19. Living On An Island                     1.23
20. Break The Rules                     1.27
21. Something 'Bout You Baby I Like             1.22
22. Price Of Love                     0.50
23. Roadhouse Blues (reprise)                 3.17
24. Bob Harris Interview With Lol Creme & Kevin Godley     2.40
25. Bob Harris Interview With Cliff Richard         8.38

Disc 3 (59.26)
Cliff Richard & The Shadows
1. Mike Read Introduction                 1.23
2. Move It                         4.04
3. Summer Holiday                     2.03
4. The Young Ones                     3.16
5. On The Beach                         3.02
6. Living Doll                         2.36
7. Good Golly Miss Molly                 3.13
8. Bachelor Boy                         2.59
9. I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)         3.05    
10. Do You Wanna Dance                     3.08
11. In The Country                     3.10
12. It'll Be Me                         4.02
13. Shake, Rattle And Roll                 3.19
14. We Don't Talk Anymore                 4.47
15. Simon Bates Interview With Bruce Welch         1.50
16. Simon Bates Interview With Cliff Richard         7.24
17. Westwood One Radio Interview With Curt Smith,
     Charlie Jones & Phil Johnstone             4.42
18. Gary Davies Interview With Robert Plant         1.09

Disc 4 (56.19)
Robert Plant
1. Gary Davies Introduction                 0.56
2. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)         4.34
3. Immigrant Song                     3.42
4. Tie Dye On The Highway                 6.36
5. Liar's Dance                         3.49
6. Going To California                     4.40
7. Nirvana                         5.09
8. Tall Cool One                     6.13
9. Misty Mountain Hop                     4.17
10. Wearing And Tearing                     6.14
11. Rock And Roll                     4.19
12. Dave Dee Stage Announcement                 0.25
13. Curt Smith Interview With Robert Plant         0.28
14. Bob Harris Interview With Hamish Stuart         3.34
15. Bob Harris Interview With Elton John         1.10

Disc 5
Phil Collins (67.04)
1. Rob Lowe Introduction                 0.12
2. In The Air Tonight                     6.39
3. Colours / Drum Duet                     8.57
4. Another Day In Paradise                 5.49
5. Sussudio                         7.28

6. Mama                             7.36
7. That's All                         4.46
8. Throwing It All Away                     6.31
9. Turn It On Again (Medley)                12.15
    a. Turn It On Again
    b. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
    c. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
    d. Twist And Shout
    e. Reach Out, I'll Be There
    f. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
    g. Pinball Wizard
    h. In The Midnight Hour
    i. Turn It On Again (reprise)
10. Simon Bates Interview With Eric Clapton         2.24
11. Simon Bates Interview With Jed,    
     The Helicopter Organiser             2.37
12. Bob Harris Interview With Sam Brown             1.37

Disc 6 (78.18)
Eric Clapton
1. Dave Dee Introduction                 0.58
2. Pretending                         5.53
3. Before You Accuse Me                     5.36
4. Old Love                        10.38
5. Tearing Us Apart                     7.40

Dire Straits
6. Solid Rock                         5.20
7. I Think I Love You Too Much                 5.56
8. Money For Nothing                     7.19

Elton John
9. Sacrifice                         4.57
10. Sad Songs (Say So Much)                 5.25
11. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)          5.07

Eric Clapton, Dire Straits & Elton John
12. Sunshine Of Your Love                11.31
13. Bob Harris Interview With Cathy McGowan
     & Timothy Dalton                 1.45 

Disc 7 (71.36)
Paul McCartney
1. Cathy McGowan & Timothy Dalton Introduction         1.22
2. Coming Up                         4.59
3. Back In The USSR                     3.09
4. I Saw Her Standing There                 3.48
5. We Got Married                     6.41
6. Birthday                         3.30
7. Let It Be                         4.11
8. Live And Let Die                     3.39
9. If I Were Upon The Stage                 0.28
10. Hey Jude                         7.51
11. Strawberry Fields Forever                 2.03
12. Help                         0.47
13. Give Peace A Chance                     2.31
14. Yesterday                         2.44
15. Can't Buy Me Love                     3.09
16. Bob Harris Interview With Paul McCartney         3.39
17. Simon Bates Interview With Lord Cobbold         2.34
18. Bob Harris Interview With Jim Capaldi         2.34
19. Simon Bates Interview With Sgt Timble         1.26
20. Simon Bates Interview With George Martin         1.57
21. Richard Skinner Interview With Tommy Vance         2.13
22. Bob Harris Interview With Dave Gilmour         4.41
23. Simon Bates Interview With Dave Dee             1.25

Disc 8 (61.17)
Pink Floyd
1. Tommy Vance introduction                 0.32
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond                11.03
3. The Great Gig In The Sky                 5.59
4. Wish You Were Here                     4.50
5. Sorrow                         9.42
6. Money                        12.19
7. Comfortably Numb                     9.02
8. Run Like Hell                     7.44

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