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I always liked this one:


Kicks serious ass. Especially Psy Power, Levitation & Shot Down In The Night.

Yeah, me too. You can hear more of that gig on the 3-disc edition of 'Levitation'.

Atomhenge bonus CD2

  • "Technicians of Spaceship Earth"
    "Levitation" (Brock) – 7:28
  • "Motorway City" (Brock) – 7:36
  • "Death Trap" (Robert Calvert, Brock) – 4:44
  • "Angels of Death" (Brock) – 6:06
  • "Psychosis" [unlisted] (Bainbridge) – 1:17
    "The 5th Second of Forever" (Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 4:13
    "Dust of Time" (Bainbridge, Brock, Lloyd-Langton) – 6:32

Atomhenge bonus CD3

  • "Running Through the Back Brain (Messages)" (Michael Moorcock, Hawkwind) – 6:23
  • "Dangerous Vision" (Keith Hale) – 5:06
  • "Who’s Gonna Win the War?" (Brock) – 7:26
  • "PSI Power" (Calvert, Brock) – 4:50
  • "Shot Down in the Night" (Swindells) – 7:15
  • "World of Tiers" (Bainbridge, Lloyd-Langton) – 5:18
  • "Space Chase" (Lloyd-Langton) – 4:11

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I preferre live albums.

i disagree with some in here for example

genesis live is much better than seconds out.

here is my vote:


hendrix- band of gypsies

slade-alive (get down and get with !!!)

shakti -live

elp-pictures at an exhibition

genesis -live

leo kottke-best of

Hermann GGG-live at the UPH (bootleg)

ted nugent - gonzo

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Johnny Winter And-Live

Fillmore East-Allman Brothers

Rockin' the Fillmore-Humble Pie

Live at Leeds-The Who

Absolutely Live-The Doors

Get Yer Ya Yas out-Rolling Stones

Rory Gallagher-Live

Irish Tour-Rory Gallagher

Stage Struck-Rory Gallagher

Captured Live-Johnny Winter

Foghat Live II

Train to Nowhere-Savoy Brown

Live at the Fillmore East-Ten Years After

Past Lives-Black Sabbath

Made In Japan-Deep Purple

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Some more great live albums....

An excellent list, zepscoda! Every one of those choices gets a regular play on my stereo.

Surprised nobody has mentioned another perennial on the list of greatest live albums: Otis Redding "Live at the Whisky a Go Go".

I know Major Major had his detractors but he's right about Judas Priest's "Unleashed in the East"...it's a fucking beast of a live album.

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How about Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening?

Another one I played the dickens out of in the 70s. Which brings up an interesting point...Blue Oyster Cult had several good live albums, each representing a particular period of their career:

"On Your Feet or On Your Knees" - early Richard Meltzer influenced years.

"Some Enchanted Evening" - classic "Don't Fear the Reaper" - "Godzilla" middle period.

"Extraterrestrial Live" - "Burnin' for You" later years.

Which one do you prefer?

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