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The Manic Street Preachers thread


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I really shouldn't be the one making this thread, because I don't know much about them, but I didn't see anyone else making a move.

I've been listening to The Holy Bible non-stop this whole week. I just decided to delete it off my iPod and re-rip it at a higher bit rate, just for kicks. So many good songs.

When I join a band we'll definitely be covering She Is Suffering. Soooo gooooooood. B)

So: You. You out there reading this post. Talk about the Manics now.

'give them the respect they deserve!

give them the respect they deserve!'

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:thumbsup: Many thanks to Knebby and Chicken, one of my new favorite bands :wave:

I need to get their newest album but I have This is My Truth Tell me Yours (my favorite), Everything Must Go, Generation Terrorists and Gold Against the Soul. Anxiously awaiting a tour stateside :D

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I love the Manics, Send Away the Tigers (their latest album) is a great return to form for them, such a good album B):D.

When I first heard all the press say it's their best since Everything Must Go I was a little bit dubious. It just sounded like a soundbyte.

I've really liked the albums since EMG too, but it seems the press are always trying to put them down. Sure, they're not as good as their earlier stuff but they're still great albums and there is some wonderful stuff on 'em.

Anyway...Send Away The Tigers actually is as good as everyone said it was. So good job fellas. B)

Manic Street Preachers are proably like, my second favourite band of all time. I first got into them about ten years ago and I've finally seen them live...now twice, within the space of a year. Which was ace, obviously. :D

The Holy Bible is my favourite album by them.

I love them.

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Send Away The Tigers is still currently battling it out with TSRTS on my CD player, after all these months.

It's a great, great album & is simply the best Manics album for literally years.

The Holy Bible (bleak though it is) also has a big place in my affections, even though I would admit to slightly preferring the U.S mix (I know, my bad) which came on the bonus disc of the remaster.

Oh, and JDB loves Zeppelin. Need I say more! B)

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I'm thinking I wanna get a Manics tattoo.

If Led Zeppelin get to be adorned in symbolic form on my body, then so should Manics!

I'm thinking like, some lyrics in the Manics font, vertically down between my shoulder blades, with Richey's rose in miniature at the bottom of it.

I've known since I got my first tattoo that I want another, I just didn't know what...and this just came to me lastnight and it's the first thing I've come up with which is just like..."YES!"

I just need to think of what lyrics I could use. It'd have to be something that applies to me as well, y'know?




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