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Better Guitar: Outrider vs Coverdale Page

Charles J. White


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  1. 1. Which Jimmy Page album has better guitar:

    • Outrider
    • Coverdale Page

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I enjoy both albums but voted for C/P which IMO feels much more like a cohesive work over all than Outrider. Yes, Outrider has its charms (It does have a sorta of Proto-Zeppelin quality about it), but in agreement with Jimmy Page himself it can sound like a glorified demo at times. On the other hand C/P is one of the best post Zeppelin efforts put out by any of the guys IMO.

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The great agony of my life is the fact that I have been touting Coverdale/Page as one of the most underrated and least known of Jimmy's masterpieces and there was never a full tour behind it or a sequel. I have long since begged Jimmy and DC to at least do a small U.S. tour so I could be at every show and finally mark it off my bucket list. I have turned no less than 50+ people on to it and they have been forever grateful. I will go to my grave fervently campaigning for track 11 "Whisper A Prayer For The Dying" to be rightfully acknowledged as one of the most perfect constructed pieces of musical mastery ever created. It is as complete of an example of how to build a complete and all encompassing journey through musical satisfaction as Kasmier, Stairway or in the evening...WITHOUT A DOUBT!

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