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Bristol Motor Speedway, Bristol, Tenn.

"World's Fastest Half Mile," 0.533-mile concrete oval

Degree of banking in corners: 36 degrees

Degree of banking in straights: 16 degrees

Straightaways: 650 feet

Concrete racing surface is 40 feet wide

Seating capacity: 160,000


PO Box 3966 (37625)

151 Speedway Blvd. (37620)

Bristol, TN

SEATING 160,000

PLUS INFIELD ~ 100,000

250,000 + Per show

at a world class venue with facilities to handle an event of this size. Plenty of camping availible on site. and LOTS of corporate suites


Suites 101-135 - Elevator 5 (Elevator Tower)

Suites 136-155 - Elevator 4 (Gate 14)

Suites 156-165 - Elevator 3 (Gate 14)

Suites 166-175 - Elevator 2 (Gate 14)

Suites 176-186 - Elevator 1 (Gate 14)

Suites 254-262 - Elevator 3 (Gate 14)

Suites 263-270 - Elevator 2 (Gate 14)

Suites 401-404 - Elevator 6 (Gate 7)

Suites 405-421 - Elevator 7 (Gate 6)

Suites 422-441 - Elevator 8 (Gate 5)

Suites 501-504 - Elevator 6 (Gate 7)

Suites 505-532 - Elevator 7 (Gate 6

Suites 533-548 - Elevator 8 (Gate 5)

The Bristol Club (public suite) is located in suite 405-406. An additional public suite is located in suite 407.


LAT 36°30'57.67"N

LON 82°15'23.41"W


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They could use a typical "stadium" setup and put the band in either turn 1-2 or 3-4 maximizing the infield area.

They could also use a "in the round" setup so the "farthest from the stage" view is closer.

Either way I dont think selling out would be an issue....

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250k....jeez that would really suck...small is better 18000 O2 was big enough in my opinion

It would be great if Led Zep played small clubs and arenas in 2008 but given the possibility of only a few dates (if any) I think playing at the biggest best equipped places makes the most sense (and cents).

If and I will make that a BIG IF.... they decided to play 20 dates in 2008, playing at a O2 size place gets them a total of ~ 400 thousand. Playing 2 shows at a site like the BMS gets them 320 thousand IN THE GRANDSTANDS. By the time you setup the infield and luxury boxes you could be looking at the biggest 2 day event in the history of the USA.

If they were to play on consecutive weekends and you could be looking at close to 1 million fans!

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I really don't like big venues. I hope they stick to 20,000 and under.

I agree. I don't want to do Bonnaroo. I'd do MSG, Continental Airlines Arena or whatever they re-named it).

They can come to my house anytime. I make a really good cup of tea for after the show.

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I really don't like big venues. I hope they stick to 20,000 and under.

I agree. 250,000 people is just too much. Plus what if the weather turns bad and the show gets canceled? Then you have 250,000 very angry people who flew in from all over to see them at an outdoor show. How would you like to work security for that?

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Ever since Hearing about a possible tour. I cant think of a cool place to do a concert in chicago. The United Center (20,000) is most likey the place with at least two shows. but i wanna be outside. The ballparks had concerts before. The new soldier Feild will be excellet with at least 60,000. My favorit will be Grant Park. When they held the chicago bulls championship celebration, they got over 250,000 maybe close to 500,000. but i wouldnt want to be around 250,000 people. Thy got other outside venues around 20,000 and lower but the dates will pile up. I would think a led zeppelin concert in Chicago would be a high demand.

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When we saw the Page/Plant tour they sold out 2 shows at this venue


See the red dots where we sat just behind the mixing boards about 100ft from the stage. Only 2 seats in this row, it was like sitting in your living room watching a live show. Saw Zep in 77 and this show was just as kick ass :thumbsup:


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