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Why did Linda Blair show up at MSG 1977


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Was she magically drawn there by the music or was there another dark spiritual reason? All I know is the band was on fire that night.

...I posted this article in this forum some time ago...but here is another copy...

Rock '77 Magazine, Cover in the official timeline...

"Several celebrities were in attendance in New York's Madison Square Garden--where they played for more than a week--the most noticeable of which was Ms. Linda Blair, star of The Exorcist and Exorcist II: The Heretic. Linda who it seems has a real fancy for rock stars(her current boyfriend is an up-and-coming musician, and she has been seen in the company of Jim Dandy and others), was dressed to kill. She could be seen behind the backstage barrier, walking back and forth, always with a big smile across her lovely face, wearing what one reporter described as "ass-hugging" blue slacks, a light blue see-through blouse "that showed off a lot of cleavage," and five inch black stiletto heels."


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....." we have been together since December"....

Linda Blair most likely in company of Teddy Hartlett, aspiring rock musician, at MSG LZ'77 Concert...

June 23, 1977 ...


...and collection of companions of Linda Blair...

People July 19, 1977


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