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Another European performance. Sigh.

This is great that he's out there performing but it's a little exasperating to this fan that all of these experimental electronic concerts have only been scheduled for Europe.

PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE U.S. JOHN PAUL JONES!!! At the very least, bring it to Los Angeles, New York, Boston.

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We have to get a petition, or something, and let JPJ know how sorely he is missed in the U.S. I saw him

3 times from ? 1999 to 2003, and each show was a revelation, showing how enormous his role in Zep

truly was , and what a wide ranging and creative musician he remains. In fact, Jones would be great to

get Page back in, and have them doing something new, instead of the classic rock cliches Page would

easily fall prey to.

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Another European performance. Sigh.

This is great that he's out there performing but it's a little exasperating to this fan that all of these experimental electronic concerts have only been scheduled for Europe.

PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE U.S. JOHN PAUL JONES!!! At the very least, bring it to Los Angeles, New York, Boston.

...and Dallas and Houston, Texas.

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My 14 year old son is enamored with Jones. I had no idea how much he brought to Zeppelin until my son started playing all these isolated bass lines. Wow! I may try to bring him to this but how to get tickets? I've done the overseas ticket hunting thing before.

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John Paul Jones: the most discreet of hard rock gods

Interview The founder and bassist of Led Zeppelin has always toyed with the daring. Proof tonight in Geneva, where he triple branch mandolin Electronic Attendance.

[Google Translator from French]

40 years ago, the lobby would have spilled boiling groupies, fans alert, turbulent musicians, managers and dealers also suspicious. Crossing a hotel with John Paul Jones, in 2015, became less folk. Led Zeppelin bassist has long fallen back to earth, whom the fury of the "biggest hard rock band in the world" had already burnt less than his co-religionists.

At 69, "discreet" treats more than ever its nature virtuoso artist, versatile and curious, plugging tonight his sleeve to triple mandolin on Acousmonium Electronic Presences festival in Geneva. The city, from the 8th floor of the hotel, lies at his feet. "Montreux is located over there, it is just? I remember our concert with Led Zeppelin (note: 1971). Claude Nobs had hosted us. He asked us if we were hungry. It was expected sandwiches but it started in the kitchen and we had to order him to drop his pots, otherwise he would have cooked all night. "

How many hours have you spent in hotels? It is not calculated. But it is not like before. I remember one day called down: "Forgive me, I know that we are in Germany, but can you tell me what city?"

With what group?

I do not remember! (Laughter.)

Contemplating your career as a musician, it seems that you have spent your life on the road.

I was born there, somehow. My parents were in variety shows, they had mounted a cabaret number, and I turned with them from the age of 2 years. I travel less than before, though. Although ... I was still in Norway there is a week, with half of REM for a musical stay with a mutual friend.

Between your solo projects and your multiple collaborations, it seems that you will easily agree to lend your talents.

My only ambition, young, was not having a traditional job but to play music all day. Being paid and even well paid for it, it was unexpected. I now have the privilege to choose. I'm interested in any interesting or fun project - the two often go together. This may be folk like electro, light or ambitious stuff, it does not matter. Recently, in a festival, I had a play solo, with a computer and a bass. The day before the concert, someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Hi, we are called Supersilent and we go after you. Would you like to join? "I asked what kind of music they play. "We never talk about it!" I immediately said yes.

In this half century, Led Zeppelin it was an adventure among others?

It was the one with the most success in any case. It allowed me to then do whatever I wanted. (He thinks ...) It was a sacred adventure. We made beautiful things, I am really proud. This was not just another job, we worked like crazy. And playing with John Bonham (note: the drummer, who died in 1980) ... It's simple, we were the best rhythm section in the world. We listened to a max of Motown, Stax, we were crazy to James Brown. Already, when I played as a studio musician in London, everyone wanted the Motown groove. However, older musicians that I did not know listen to the bass - and lines of Motown are complicated. As soon as someone wanted groove, he was told to go see Jonesy. I do not stop work.

Music can it still surprise you?

Of course. I remember those concerts Rokia Traoré, as part of Africa Express festival. The last night in Galicia, all the musicians lived in the same hotel. We went from room to room and we met people from Algeria, Mali, Senegal. The next day, everyone has said goodbye and I found myself in a totally empty hotel alone with Eliades Ochoa, the Buena Vista Social Club. Him with his guitar, me with my mandolin. We played in the desert lobby of Cuban folksongs. My God, it was one of the best times of my life!

It was worth a Los Angeles Stadium filled with Led Zeppelin?

It was worth all, easy. And our only public, it was my wife! (Laughter.)

You have always refused the label rock star, while having played in the group that pushed this term to his hedonistic climax ...

At the heart of success, I managed to keep up my privacy. I changed regularly look to be less easily recognized. I left wandering the streets alone. It was easy in any case possible, to keep feet on the ground despite all the successes and excesses. Above all, I already had a wonderful family, an anchor. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with my wife, Maureen.

You knew him a public "young" playing with Them Crooked Vultures. How different in 1975?

The speed information. My wife knew ten minutes after the concert shirt which I wore on stage. It's pretty unsettling when we had tours of the 70s, where anything that you did not come back to England, apart from the major scandals.

Would you like to be a musician 20 years today?

No. Too hard, too much competition. Well I say that but there were also thousands of groups in 1968. The strength of Led Zeppelin was that each member was the best. This perhaps explains why I have not played in many bands then. It made me selective.

Geneva Bâtiment des Forces Motrices Tonight (19 h 30) Loc .: www.starticket.ch, Sounds, Disc-à-Brac www.presenceselectroniques.ch

One more for the road

Your last vacation?

"A real vacation? I do not know anymore. (It seeks.) Excuse me. There is an eternity, I do not remember. "

Your last fear?

"Recently in Amsterdam, I almost got run over by a bike out of my cab. I thought it would be a pretty no death for a rock musician. "

The last time you thought of Led Zeppelin? "We work on reissues, so I think quite often. Not every day, but often. "

And it's nice?

"Playing with them was great. The rest is a job. "

Your last song before dying?

"My God! Anything good, seriously. Come on, an African thing. To die on a good pace. "

(24 hours) http://www.24heures.ch/culture/musique/john-paul-jones-discret-dieux-hard-rock/story/14185052


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I liked the soundscape in the sound check and hopefully more music sees the light. Guess you just have to imagine what it was like in its absence. For instance, these remind me of something out of a very early sci-fi film such as Metropolis. Maybe the music controls or affects the lights in an interactive way, a way of using technology to manipulate the space and experience for both performer and audience... Seems like a show meant to be seen and see, interesting...




See the rest of the photos from the PEG Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153341641708727.1073741832.139015823726&type=3


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