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Edit: I found a site, Swan Song, with more details. It depicts either Icarus or Apollo. Or it could be Lucifer (bringer of light).

The picture itself comes from a painting, by William Rimmer, called Evening (The Fall of Day), 1869-70.

If it is Icarus, I think it plays with the notion the members always joked with that Led Zeppelin was destined to become too big and eventually crash down to earth, like a lead zeppelin. The company names 'Swan Song' and 'Superhype' also play with that.

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The painting is entitled

Evening:Fall of Day.

Since Apollo is the sun god, I'd say it's a good bet that this is Apollo.

I seem to recall Plant stating this as well.

If it was Icarus, the feathers would be flying off, no?

Some people say it's Lucifer, as in 'the bringer of light'.

But then it would be called 'Fall From Grace', no?

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