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Jimmy opened Rebuilt Harrow Harbour 1979


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I remember touring Scotland (Birding)in the early 2000s & we stopped off at a small run down quayside in Caithness (North as you can go in Mainland Scotland) called Harrow Harbour. Much to my unbridled joy there was a tiny plaque saying “Opened by Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page 30th April 1979”.

Sadly the pic I took got lost together with the ancient Mobile I had at the time. 
Just amazed me he would have a plaque in such an obscure place. There is some info on the attached link, but I’d be interested on any other Pics/memories people may have. 

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11 hours ago, chillumpuffer said:

Jesus wept. Couldn't the Scots spell Zeppelin correctly?

Never mind that, didn't they know the difference between past and present tenses?  (At least they got everything right in the [presumably] more recent pic posted by Steve.)

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Page, such a complex character. By 78’ or 79’, a totally dissolute junkie, yet at the same time rounded up the Scottish laddies in the

vicinity of Phillip’s Harbour to keep the area “historic” and preserved. Also to play cricket can be strenuous, which Page loved. Jimmy actually was quite instrumental in that Harbour project, I don’t think anybody would listen to him if he was mumbling and in

need of support to speak from the podium. This thread is about the project, obviously, but also to some extent shows Jimmy could

be far more together than you would imagine.




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