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Jimmy's Hair

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This thread was suggested by another member in either the Hot Jimmy Pics or Jimmy's Pants thread. I came across the first photo and it seemed like a good place to start.

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Ladies, some more pictures ... love this one



A cuppa tea anyone?? :lol:

I'd better going to sleep now, it's almost one in the morning!!!

:wub: :wub: So handsome

Jimmy's long beautiful hair


And beard, I know there are some people here who don't like his beard but I do




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To be honest the only look that I really don't like about Jimmy is with the beard.. still jimmy,but not yummy.. :thumbdown: but i guess this a personal opinon...

Evolution of an hairstyle

teeny Jimmy :D:lol: look at his hair...


looking like the high school mate you 've always fancied. OMG those long locks,


A ROCK STAR is born


Wild thing!


Still rocking millions of fans...


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