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Del Zeppnile

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A good Hindu will practice all yogas to some degree; jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga.

However, stressing certain yogas over others, in practice, will be more practical for the attainment of Moksha for some individuals, based on their samskaras.

I do not know what path you follow (are you Hindu?), but you seem to focus on the jnana form of yoga. From that perspective, yes, all humans are of the same essential divine substance. Indeed, we are all the incarnation of God.

Jnana yoga is the practice of purifying the intellect, Karma yoga purifies one's actions; and Raja yoga purifies the body and mind. Of course, this is only a generalization, because the results between them certainly overlap and merge.

Now, Bhakti yoga purifies one's soul; as it shifts one's focus immediately from the Ego-identified Self to Self-in-Reality ... which is God.

As an adherent of the Bhakti path I can only address your last question by stating that I am a Shakta ... not a Gopi. :lol:

Does that make sense?

I have always thought it a curious thing that a Shakta directly worships the delusive power of the cosmos (Mahamaya) in order to transcend Her very delusive nature.

Perhaps that will be food for your contemplations.

Namastesthu Mahamaye, shreepeete surapujite

shanka chakra gadha haste

Mahalakshmi namosthute



Yoga chicks can be pretty hot sometimes I must admit.

They make be feel transcended.




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Hahahaha Del your a man's man. You do know they were put there to feed babies?

Oh and yeah so men would have something to look at while talking :lol:

There you go, if that doesn't keep her busy knock her up again. If the dont help move to Mass and have fun.


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