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The Simpson Thread


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Oh man, so many funny lines and plots. Here are some of my favourites:

My absolute all time funny one liner. Homer meets up with what he believes is his real father, and mistakenly believes Grandpa Simpson adopted him. This supposedly real father is an English aristocrat and Homer spends the week with him. He comes home and Marge says, "Homer, did you meet your real father, what was he like?"

And Homer goes, "Oh Marge, he's English, and he's got everything, a country house, a yacht and he speaks like this":

*simulating upper class English accent*"

"Homer, please do that in the loo". Ha ha ha ha. I have never laughed so hard in my life at a one liner.

Other great one liners. Homer is in despair with his family when he realises what a bunch of slobs and no hopers they are. He laments, "Oh Marge, I sometimes feel we're the worst family in town", and Marge replies, "Well, maybe we should move to a bigger town".

One of my favourite episodes was the spoof of James Bond, with "Scorpio".

Another great one liner. The episode where Smithers went on holidays, and Homer did his job. At the end, Homer and Smithers are fighting, and then Smithers wraps the phone cord around Homer's neck, slams the phone repeatedly into his head, and says, "Here's the phone, it's for you".

So many good one liners.

I also love the one when Bart is complaining of not having any socks to wear, as Marge is hospitalised, and laments that he has to wear Lisa's socks. The scene skips to Bart wearing also Lisa's skirt, and Homer says, "So what's up with the skirt?" and Bart says, "Well, I had to coordinate my outfit". Ha ha ha.

Or what about the episode where Homer and Lisa try out some new age alternative medicine stuff, and they both go into the sensory deprivation tank? Oh, what a crack up! Homer's tank gets reposessed and falls off the back of a truck, tumbling downhill, and he says in the tank as he's clunking about, "sensory deprivation tank kicks ass".

Stop me now someone. I could just go on and on and on.........................

Or the episode where Homer can't afford to pay for an operation for Santa's Little Helper, and tries to console Bart with "doggie Heaven". And Bart says that if there's a doggie Heaven, there must be a doggie Hell. He asks what dogs go to doggie Hell?

And Homer says, "Ummm.....Hitler's dog".

Someone please stop me.

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