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Any recommended shows from 69-72?


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hey guys, can anyone recommend me some good shows from 69-72 that are good sound quality and you can hear the drums and guitar well? I have some but the quality is crap and you cant comprehend the drums and what bonzo is doing, which sucks, im particularily looking for shows with good bonzo/page interaction but thats usually all of them in the early days:D

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Ah yes, 1969-1972 is my favorite Zeppelin period as well.

The sort of question you ask though, is something that is dependant more on your own personal taste than anything else. There are plenty of shows I could reccommend above those that I have listed below in terms of overall performance, but I have limited the list below to the ones that immediately come to mind as owning exceptional sound quality for 1969 standards.

1969: 01-11, 04-24, 04-27, 08-31, 10-10

If those don't quite do it for you, perhaps you should seek the officially released material like the 1969 BBC Sessions or the 1969 Danish T.V. Sessions.

I could list those for other years as well, but for my own personal interest in finishing studying for my final exams, I will limit my reccommendations to 1969 only. Perhaps later in the week I will offer my reccommendations for the remaining years.

Good luck in your discoveries of early live Zeppelin!

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yeah... there are a million...

just a few examples...

4/24/69 Fillmore west

4/27/69 fillmore west

10/10/69 paris

8/31/69 texas pop festival

1/9/70 royal albert hall (near studeo quality)

9/4/70 LA forum (blueberry hill)

9/19/70 madison square garden

4/1/71 (bbc sessions, near studio quality)

9/29/71 osaka, japan

6/9/72 charlotte, n.c. (i was at that one ;) ) great recording too.

6/25/72 LA forum (burn like a candle)

there are plenty more, but that's just off the top of my head. i don't usually think much about sound quality when i listen to boots.

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Nice quality 69?




Nice quality 70?



Nice quality 71?





Nice Quality 72?




Those are all excellent performances in excellent quality, I advise you to look for the best versions available of each night, and grow some "bootleg ears".

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ALL, that's right, all of them! You think I'm being facetious but I swear the band was so on during this period that I think you couldn't go wrong with any show, no matter what the sound quality.

I'd rather listen to a poor-to-average quality boot from 1968-1972 than the soundboards from the 1977 Largo, MD shows. "Bringing Down the House"? More like putting them to sleep.

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