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Favorite Jimmy Page guitar moment(s)


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Other than every song he ever played on, what are some specific moments in Zeppelin songs that just make you sit back in awe or make you glad to be alive and a Zeppelin fan? I have so many so here goes.......

Mine are:

The depressed (starting up) whammy bar in "In The Evening" around 3:42 of the song

The final 8 seconds of "When The Levee Breaks" :whistling:

The "Heartbreaker" main riff

The little riff that leads into the chorus lyrics to "Hey Hey What Can I Do"

The final 40 seconds of "The Rain Song" :rolleyes:

The melodic feel of "Bron-Yr-Aur"

The wha-wha on "Dazed and Confused"

The first 5 seconds of "Black Dog" (the guitar warm up or whatever it is).....FANTASTIC!!!

The part in "Carouselambra" around 5:30 where he lets the note hang and then pulls it back suddenly. (just a little one that gets me every time)

The guitar from 1:02-1:30 in "No Quarter" :D

I am sure I probably have more, but for now those are the main ones in my brain.

Please tell me some that you have....because I know we all do.


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GAH! How did you do that so quickly? I'm still cross-referencing my database...

I think I need some limitations. Just studio tracks? Just LZ? :unsure:

You wouldn't want to limit yourself to just studio cuts. Some of Jimmy's best work was in a live setting. :)

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SIBLY - Seattle '75

Whole Lotta Love - All I know is it's in Berlin. Not sure of the year. :unsure:

The thing that is holding me up is picking my fave versions of Rain Song and Dazed & Confused. I GIVE UP!!!

This is my fave version of Stairway.

And I also adore this.

* This list is subject to change and additions for eternity.


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That would be mine too, as well as the opening riff to "The Ocean". It just has such a fun loving positive feel to it.

Too many to choose from, especially live.. I'd have to say that I always liked when he played Chopin's Prelude in Em with the Telecaster B bender

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When the levee breaks, four sticks, out on the tiles, no body's fault, and no quarter stick out the most for me. The guitar work is awesome. But as everyone else has mentioned anytime Jimmy picks up a guitar no matter what condition he was in. Impressive.

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