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  1. He looks too feminine to have a dick but totally looks like a backstabbing douche. I'm willing to bet it has something to do with Scarlet Page as well. She took a ton of photo shoots of Robbie. Something went down. He was making sexual advances or tried to touch her..etc
  2. Seems a little weird and odd. Food does look healthy and good though. They should probably sell Carouselambra Salad w/ Kashmir dressing Wanton Soup w/ 4 Breadsticks special.
  3. The original title was not Four Sticks and originally was conception between Page & Plant on their travel to India in search of ethnic musical influence beyond blues. There are several versions of this song according to Chris Welch's book.
  4. I dunno.. kinda lame They are selling shirts with Led Zeppelin's logo
  5. There is a good chance he might be at the actual show. If time travel is possible, I'd go to ever darn show ever done before doing anything else
  6. Interesting story, thanks. Recently was just reading about the motorcycle accident. Bonzo was always portrayed as a monster, so it really seemed believable story Jason was trying to reach that level at all cost.
  7. Didn't Jason break his wrist on multiple occasions ? I thought it was a few times but one was during a tour with Foreigner ? This was long before the internet, and not sure if it was something I read in magazine or just word of mouth Gossip that Jason was trying to be like his dad and broke it playing too hard. So long ago, maybe even Jason was on Mtv and said he broke it trying to be like his dad ?
  8. Yea that's the picture I saw. Did a search after watching the film and came across that. They look like they are having a total blast. Of all the times they went to Los Angeles, I think there is a great chance they definitely stopped by the Playboy Mansion.
  9. Any photos of Zeppelin at any of the Playboy clubs ? NYC or London ? Amazon just released a cool documentary series on the history of Playboy and I came across 1 photo in '73 in NYC but it's really blurry. Any stories about them visiting the club too or if it was closed private party or celebs ? A while ago there was some auction on Bonhams that had bunch of nudies and sex acts going on at a strip club. Think they were getting awards too during the same night at the club.
  10. That's pretty neat. I'm sure it should be available for streaming soon. There a few pay service sites for TV Streaming to Roku and other devices. FilmStruck and Turner Classic Movies that has a huge Criterion catalog section as part of the monthy or yearly subscription.
  11. I dunno how they can keep Truckin' after all these years. I'll have to admit, was checking some Youtube clips and dig some of the newer stuff the put out. It's got a real nice classic blues sound to it
  12. There used to be a video game called Deux Ex. Definition of Deus Ex Machina means : a god introduced into a play to resolve the entanglements of the plot. Quite interesting though with all the weird stuff going on in Antarctica and rumors of the Arch of Gabriel being brought there.
  13. I thought Florida was canceled due to some type of political pressure or possible fear of issues like the Boston chaos cancellations. According to Wiki, this is the reason > A concert at 8 March at the West Palm Beach Speedway in Florida was also canceled following the promoters' failure to make property improvements at the venue.
  14. It would be better if Jimmy did it for Charity or something and donate the money. Just yesterday I was listening on the radio being talked about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Pretty amazing work they are doing and story behind it. The guy who founded it used to be in Green Peace but left. Unlike Green Peace that uses up 70% of it's funds for advertisement..etc they actually do much greater work.