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  1. Heck yea, I'll chip in 5K to that
  2. They are just playing Feed The Cat Game and being disingenuous. I went 20 years without listening to any new release. I can go another 20 years and will just go back and see what has come out... no big deal to me
  3. I'd pick something from the Spring 1971 U.K. / Ireland shows. Any of them
  4. HA~! Page did this countless times and used foreign sound not associated with a particular show and mixed it in
  5. What's wrong with a moment of pain for a lifetime of pleasure We are used to suffering and will continue that way
  6. Audio and Video of Iceland 1970 will be out soon.... but not yet. Your going to have to wait and suffer like the rest of us
  7. Robert could have still played arenas, the problem is the Industry turned their back. No proper promotion, all the rock magazines changed format, radio stations changed format. 1 or 2 classic rock but they would not play any modern Plant music
  8. I think there was a secret meeting that forced Page and Plant to play or they would not be doing any arena shows. 3 years and all of a sudden Plant was doing much smaller venues
  9. I don't remember her at all or on the radio. Definitely no Melissa Etheridge or Sheryl Crow. Black Velvet song sounds vaguely familiar but nothing to sneeze about. Looks like she was on Atlantic label and they tried to prop her music on a pedestal, but Atlanta lost a ton of money. None of her music past 1989 hit any U.S charts to even this day
  10. 1990 Robert Plant was playing Arenas. Alannah Myles opened up and never heard of her and pretty sure 99.9% of the people who attended cared less about her music. 1993 Robert was playing large Theaters, not sure who Robert was playing with. The industry completely turned it's back on several lots of rock bands. Right before 1993 Alice In Chains was opening for bands like Pantera and Slayer and then the house of cards flipped and AIC was the new Arena champs while the previous headliners got downgraded to smaller clubs and large theaters. Kinda funny how the house of cards have now flipped on Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin in very recent time.
  11. Ooh Yeaaa
  12. I'm not going to defend Billy over his personality or mental attitude. In all respect, Robert can be a bit of a snob or ass, but that should not take away his talent status. Everyone has flaws. Supposedly as the story goes there is only 1 perfect person who walked the face of this earth.
  13. The whole P Diddy thing is EVERYTHING that represents and symbolizes Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin has always been about improvising and finding ways to make the song continue on. I don't really care for Grunge and only reason I kinda got into it is because Mtv and the Radio during that era played the garbage several times each hour every day. Smashing Pumpkins had more talent than Soundgarden.
  14. Nothing is ever free in life. Just hand the car keys over to Google and let them continue to break pass the Trillion dollar mark as a powerful corporation ? What kind of car do you drive ? I hope you know all these so called phree hosting sites the people who run those sites are all driving BMW's. And they also plant spyware and virus on your computer to track you and sell your info to 3rd party companies.
  15. Wow, Robert still has not updated his website. Kinda silly leaving the whole site shut down and not providing the html.2 entrance to access the site.