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  1. I dunno how they can keep Truckin' after all these years. I'll have to admit, was checking some Youtube clips and dig some of the newer stuff the put out. It's got a real nice classic blues sound to it
  2. There used to be a video game called Deux Ex. Definition of Deus Ex Machina means : a god introduced into a play to resolve the entanglements of the plot. Quite interesting though with all the weird stuff going on in Antarctica and rumors of the Arch of Gabriel being brought there.
  3. I thought Florida was canceled due to some type of political pressure or possible fear of issues like the Boston chaos cancellations. According to Wiki, this is the reason > A concert at 8 March at the West Palm Beach Speedway in Florida was also canceled following the promoters' failure to make property improvements at the venue.
  4. It would be better if Jimmy did it for Charity or something and donate the money. Just yesterday I was listening on the radio being talked about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Pretty amazing work they are doing and story behind it. The guy who founded it used to be in Green Peace but left. Unlike Green Peace that uses up 70% of it's funds for advertisement..etc they actually do much greater work.
  5. I think it's Robert that has been holding back, he's really weird. One moment he says he does not feel like being a Jukebox doing old songs but majority of his solo career he covered Zeppelin songs live. There are a ton of people that would be honored to work with Jimmy but wish Jimmy had more enthusiasm. Lot of times you can kinda see that spark of energy and happiness in his eyes that he want to but something holding him back.
  6. Some parts of the show sound fast but would not say unlistenable. This program will do the trick What program did you use to do splicing you posted in other thread ?
  7. Since Fake News is such a hot topic now a days I think it's appropriate and candidly speaking everything in this thread is fake news?
  8. I like how this thread shifts from Not a new Source to no Soundboard source to a golden final tall tale of Soundboard with the same cuts this recording always had. This is probably the most disputed recording I've ever seen for the longest time.
  9. Which version has different times ?
  10. I'm confused what the both of you mean. The jet is correct. Someone just posted a Eddie Kramer video in another thread and it talks about the story behind it. Black Country Woman there is a Jet passing by and Robert is outside and said that quote, meaning to leave the Jet noise in the recording.
  11. I never knew she wrote any books and was took under the wing of Neil Preston or someone doing photography. What a Coinkidink that under Scarlet's portfolio she has a bunch of Robbie Williams photos during different sessions. I'd figure Robbie would play nice neighbor with Jimmy being there some relation with Scarlet, but guess not
  12. I know it's a bit of a hard pill to swallow and being let down but it's not like everything in life we are told is always the truth. The world is full of dis-information with pieces of the puzzle scattered all over the place. Jimmy never came out personally and announced he was playing. Even though it's odd he never personally cleared things up Paul McCartney is still playing the guitar and seems to be having a jolly good ole' time. Heck maybe if we are all good enough in the world we may just see Paul and Jimmy play together ?
  13. The Vaults are empty. John Kerry is actually on a special trip to Antarctica and the remaining tapes are being loaded onto a UFO and being transported to the Andromeda Galaxy. The world is going to burn and be destroyed soon and we'll never get a chance to see hear any of it.