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  1. New Plant interview

    He gives props to frontmen in general and uses Mick Jagger as the example. It's not a bad interview, but I thought Denton didn't even get warmed up. He should have dedicated that whole show to Plant.
  2. Marijuana legalization

    ^exactly. One could easily say - SAME AS ALCOHOL. Don't drive drunk, don't be a nuisance in a public place drunk and act like a complete tool. Same with Pot. The fact alcohol is legal and (especially here in Oz) is ridiculously embedded in our culture (ALL major sports run non stop ads for bevvy's and sponsorship is off the hook) and alcohol abuse is by far the most destructive of all legal/illegal drugs and pot with known medicinal qualities (specifics need more research, but there is strong anecdotal evidence and more scientific research that there are at least some benefits in certain cases) is illegal. It is the worst hypocritical shit. So drink or smoke responsibly (or meditate, or whatever you do to relax that does not need to concern others), and have a great time one and all. PS. interesting about the test that actually determines if currently affected or a session from the recent past. I wonder what Australian authorities tests are?
  3. If you do EC, I have a suggestion.... As an exercise, listen with no video, write the review, then take a break, and listen and watch again with the footage (where the show has good footage). I'm always interested in how there is a difference with audio vs audio+video. I am not sure why, but it seems (to me) one vs the other can result in very different experiences. I'd be interested to know if that in any way translates into what you are doing (probably not so much on the technical level you are providing, but who knows! Worth doing I think). Cheers!
  4. What Made You Happy today?

    Got to Caravan park at 6am to upgrade reserved spots to (hopefully) better ones - ended up getting 3 next to each other that are the BEST non-waterfront in the park. 10m from the sand. River views, NW facing, and they're HUGE. Next Easter's camping is going to ROCK!!!!! Kayaks and bikes will be loaded up this time around.
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    Good post Mr Jones.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    Wow, I did not know that. I still don't second guess Truman and Co. because I was not there at that time. I can see why there was initially a "no! - you surrender means you SURRENDER". And I understand the change of heart. He just wiped out hundreds of thousands of civilians, probably seemed a little bit less important to get the Emperor then. I cannot begin to imagine the job Truman had at that time. Imagine getting up to go to work, and THAT was what you were dealing with. jeeeeeeeeeeeez.......
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Truman made probably the single most difficult decision any President EVER has had to make. He was told the cost to the US of the war continuing against an enemy that had sworn to bitterly fight to the last. The cost in the lives of US Servicemen which is his first responsibility to consider. Drop the bombs, the war concludes much quicker but at a horrible humanitarian cost. Don't drop it, war goes on maybe a year or more, unknown horrors and possibly unforeseen developments arise and fuck everything up. He, like now, like always, had a system of advisers and processes that ensured this decision was taken seriously with the best advice and intelligence that the US system of Government has to offer. Not perfect, but this is one of the better resilient democracies we have for the separation of powers and need to agree with many people the course of action when that course is so serious. Not one idiot making decisions, a cabinet, advisors, joint chiefs, intelligence, all at the table all trying to figure out what's best. Not all democrats think one thing so all Republicans automagically oppose it. Exactly what you need when it's the most serious of all decisions. Government working the way it was designed. I won't second guess him. He did what he thought was BEST. People who think different need to be careful to explain why and respect that at the end of the day, HE was the man in the hot seat, not them. HE did not have hindsight. He bore that personal responsibility. History has HIS name next to that decision. As for Assad, in a way, big deal he used chemical weapons to kill 1000 or so people - in the context of - he has killed how many hundred thousand with non-chemical ordinance? so we are talking 0.1% dies from chemical weapons, but the 99.9% he smashes with artillery, bombs, missiles, tanks etc. is fine???? Why is that? And if ANY use of chemical weapons is "crossing the line", when can I expect the Saud's and Israel to be struck? White phosphor HAS been used in combat and there WERE civilian casualties in Yemen and the Palestinian territories. So I look forward to those tomahawks. Oh that's right, we side with the Saudsi's for their oil. They treat women no different to cattle or property, they throw gays off roofs, but hey, a better friend in the ME you won't find, oh, except for Israel of course. Its also a bit strange he had nothing to gain from that 1 barrel bomb and Mattis testified (last week?) to congress there is still no proof Assad used a chemical weapon. They (Assad forces) were closing out the city, rebels were fucked. why risk it? Why give the west a window to intervene? I am not saying it is fake, I don't know, but I don't think the US Administration knows either. In that respect Russia talking about how dangerous strikes are without proof should be considered. It may be soon Russia uses a similar bullshit scenario - which they manufacture, and leverage it in Ukraine, Georgia, elsewhere. "We are acting exactly as the US did". Military actions resulting from events that may not be as reported - hmmmm aren't they also known as false flags? The whole mess highlights the many hypocritical realities in this world. The geo-political shitshow that no one is outside of or above. We all created this shit (we = 19th, 20th and 21st century world powers and empires who were all self serving and barely had a concept of a "greater good") And by no means do I mean to take the piss out of the US. I think the world does need the US at the top. I don't think enough people appreciate that enough, and IF it changes, oh, how people will remember better days so longingly.... And I fear it is changing. Liberty and personal individual freedom within a free market capitalist based society with controls where needed and a social net that gives everyone a chance to go further/be better is the best this species has done. It's not perfect, but give me that over more authoritarian systems ANY day. But to be the beacon to the world, the US has to be better than it is. Not talking about Trump, its more than that, more the way it is fracturing and everything is devolving into tribal shit. There is no foundation of truth as a starting point in media. No central ground. No reasonable debate (well, not much). All out on the fringes. The two tribes. And who benefits from this "divide and conquer"? Maybe the wealth gap can explain that but I'm rambling too much....
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    One day I do believe when there are enough really good leaders in power (kinda like the opposite of modern times) there will be a commitment to a baseline of acceptable behavior from Governments. Nothing overstepping any sovereign marks, just really, really basic stuff. Countries who fall short will not be welcomed into the international community. No trade, no travel, no nothing. If you cannot meet the most BASIC of human decency/standards/norms, fuck you. It should be like that now. I kinda liked the F1-11's myself until they retired them some years ago now. I was lucky enough to have a project out at the Airforce base here, one of the older mechanics told us some incredible stories about the aircraft.
  9. Marijuana legalization

    If I get high on cannabis and listen to some Led Zeppelin (boots or official stuff), it is a truly incredible experience for me. It really is. I don't necessarily recommend it to people who don't smoke. Each to their own. But why should I not be able to enjoy it? Why? It's dangerous? No, not to me. Not like Alcohol is dangerous to me. And I don't want alcohol banned. So why can't I enjoy a smoke/edible? If you have an addictive type of personality, ANY drug may not be good for you. Work and productive hobbies may be better for you. Again, each to their own. Everyone can make choices that suit them. Sometimes we make bad choices. And guess what? We are FREE to do that! So respectfully, get stuffed! to you who says I cannot smoke. Why the fuck do you take such an interest in how I relax - or care??? It is nobody's business but mine. Same if I get drunk. As long as I am not driving, or hassling anyone, who cares? Who fucking cares.
  10. What's the weather like where you are?

    Cold!!! Well, not quite, but I can at least feel that crisp cold air on the morning ride to work. But midday is still a ride without the jacket to get lunch. So sunny and warm through most of the daylight hours, but first and last thing is that reminder of what is at the door. And that god-damn sun at 4.30 when riding home - BRUTAL. (Blinded by the light....) Winter is almost upon us!!!
  11. New Plant interview

    I remember that being as awkward then as it is still now. I can't wait for the new interview. Should be really good.
  12. I have an aud of it (Title: A Bloody act) dadgad. I'll put it up and send a link as soon as I can...
  13. New Plant interview

    Yeah, Denton is a great interviewer. I'll second that Slave. Will well be worth a watch. He will touch on the past lifestyle, there is no doubt, but not in a sensationalist way. Should yield some very interesting results.
  14. 19/03/75. Just a few choice tracks while missus is out. Trampled is better than I remember. Great work by all 4. NQ and OTHAFA are outstanding as expected...
  15. There is some stuff from 77, 79, 80 that is different enough it could stand up to the fair comment that it is already available from current live releases. The problem is, like others continue to point out, the lack of late tour multi-tracks. For a really representative "latter years" or more general compilation (beginning to end, all years represented somewhat) live release, Jimmy most certainly would have to polish boards and release them. This would not be a bad thing and I really hope Jimmy does test the waters of releasing something from a soundboard. There are some really good boards that could be worked to really good sounding releases with original source put through professional sound studios. In some cases there are good SB's as well as good live audience tapes which potentially could also enhance some stuff??? I really wish even a single track was officially released from a SB - I swear that would indicate nothing is off the table.