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  1. Thanks ZepHead315 and Bonzo_fan. I'll tackle one of them suggestions. 27/3/75 sounds the go. OTHAFA is my current favourite live track (changes almost weekly though) and IMTOD and Kashmir are right up there. 28/4 might get a run, Boomy and massive sounds brilliant. I'll decide later tonight once I'm flying... Timezone here puts it at 4:20pm.
  2. I may have a space to listen to a boot tonight. I listened to Bonzo Bangs His Balls Out last night and it really blew me away. It was like I was there somewhere too far back from the stage to be really ecstatic, but happy I was there non the less. I had my buzz on and I really was transported. The show was great. The experience was incredible. Any suggestions for tonight? I'm thinking something with a really good quality SB - maybe from '75 so I have Kashmir and PG stuff in the mix. Maybe LA '77, but I have been running Kashmir from a few of those shows a LOT lately, so maybe something different... Something that is suited to being really in the zone as it were (and the perfect state of mind for music). Any suggestions?
  3. Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh, I don't know about that slave, we are not too far away from new official Zep product, possibly a Japan SB bootleg release, and there are ongoing interesting threads about various live shows. Last night I listened to Bonzo Bangs His Ball Out up to Dazed. As I was in the right state of mind the experience was incredible. Like I was there - even with the not "great" recording. I'll be trying for a different show tonight!
  4. Earls Court - an eye-witness account

    Great post. A well told story. Cheers!
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    I wonder if Pub Rock will ever make a substantive come-back. I used to think it was all a matter of time. Now, not so sure. At the end of the day, I guess I still think it will sooner or later. Imagine the next generation of kids who only have very occasional contact with classic rock, growing up with modern shiite (by and large, not wholly and solely) and disillusioned with (what the fuck do they call the mainstream R&B disposable crap these days?) the popular musical variety on offer/pushed by promoters/media. But then a trend emerges. An unexpected trend that catches the musical industry and heads by surprise. Kids hear about this new trend of pub bands that is "so cool" - go to see a cracking good rock band, resulting in somewhat of a snowball effect. And thereafter a new generation "discover" the richest of musical veins. ....just a random thought.

    If there are 2, 3 or more live releases that will eventually drop, and Jimmy relents and decides Soundboard releases can be polished to a level worthy of release, I hope - more than almost anything else - a representation of the LA Forum '77 run is released (assuming Jimmy has original SB tapes for all nights). Suitable frankensteined by Page, all the Forum nights crafted into the one monster release using SB mixed with Millard with leading edge technology that gives us the best of that run in a quality that we can hardly believe. If so, would that not be THE greatest ever live rock album from any/all artists? And Jimmy, if you read this, FFS, leave some Plantations in!
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    Not much rock here either. Classic 70's compilation rock (mostly mainstream Aussie bands like Skyhooks, Dragon, Sherbert, Men at Work), Country and Western, and stuff like Roberta Flack, Wings, Boz Scaggs, the very occasional Queen LP, is as close as you get.
  8. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    It all starts in Sept. I think, so probably a loooooooong wait...

    I reckon 2 live showpieces first, then a compilation, then they start scraping the bottom of the barrel. And the bottom of the barrel, seeing as it is the Led Zeppelin barrel, will still be outstanding.
  10. What Made You Happy today?

    John Oliver is back baby!!!! And soon The Walking Dead.

    Could it be the first - or near first - get together????
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    aaaah bugger.... didn't see that. ok, I'm out.
  13. Random Thoughts v.3

    "They don't want gun control, they want confiscation and people control." - jeeeez that's paranoid. For what end do the Government want "people control"? Nevermind, I don't want to know as I completely reject the premise. There is simply no way EVER the US Government will be able to "take away your guns" wholesale. Unless and until an overwhelming majority within the United States actually demand it, and protest and start movements to force that change (and that is NOT going to happen anytime in my lifetime) it simply is not a reality that can be realised even just in a political context. Try it, and it would almost certainly devolve into something like a civil war. So to take the line that even the tiniest reform is dangerous for the zero sum game argument makes no sense. The very deep red states would probably band together and secede FFS... It's pure paranoia. Not a possible reality unless - like I state - the vast majority wanted it - and even then - we are talking about the US political system. Might take 50 years of rage before shit is done even then! Surely not letting the dangerously mentally ill have access to unlimited firearms and ammo is not a good idea??? Surely not letting people the FBI or other authorities are really worried about have access to unlimited firearms is not a good idea??? I believe at gun shows you can buy weapons and ammo no questions asked - no background checks as they are exempt, right? So SURELY the above two tweaks to the law are REASONABLE???? And yeah, I get the position inalienable right as some kind of immovable and dogmatic point that can never be visited, I just don't see how some simple reforms based on data/facts/reason/logic/public safety should never be considered because of that idea.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yeah, like I said, it's a gun nation, and fair enough. The regulation part of my blurb I believe falls under that amendment. "Well regulated militia" - doesn't sound like the "free for all" it currently is.