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  1. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    I'd say it will be pay. Maybe a subscription based model that entitles you to ongoing content. Which is fine with me if it not mostly fluff, "exclusive" interviews where nothing new is really discussed, and live stuff no better than what is already available AND the pricing is not harsh. I am not a man with a lot of disposable income. heavy pricing will be MOST annoying. But I'll remain optimistic and picture something that will be worthwhile and offer new live stuff or stuff that is already out there being vastly improved (average audience recording turns into top notch Soundboard for example) I really hope there is something Page can create and release to represent the '77 North America tour. While I was being a bit cheeky with the LA Forum run idea, the point of that is - it is possible. However unlikely. So be positive people! You just never know....
  2. rm2551

    What are you watching on TV now?

    yeah, I am just not looking forward to whatever it was that f_cked up that woman. I don't know what it is yet, but it ain't going to be good. vHow about those religious nutbag parents too. Unreal....
  3. rm2551


  4. rm2551


    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA - ease up mate!!! gold....
  5. rm2551

    What are you watching on TV now?

    Sinner - season 1. Jeeeeez, I was hoping for something lighter after Ozark. Oh well....
  6. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    "And first up, we have a release of the popular Mike Millard AUD tape layered with the previously unheard Soundboard, professionally mixed and treated at a high end London studio of the LA Forum gig, June 21, 1977"..... Well, at least it's possible. ...but seriously, I hope this possible program delivers the promise that it could well be something really good.
  7. rm2551

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Its also a great sounding soundboard - is that due to the remaster effort? Is there another '77 Sick again that has this A+ SB sound that was also a kick ass version??? Edit: 77-05-30 sounds ok (listening to the start)
  8. rm2551

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    The SIBLY on BBC Sessions is incredible. They really give it a unique vibe that still rocks out hard even though it has a much more quieter, emotive vibe. And yeah, much love to the BBC Sessions as a whole. I still haven't listened to my new extra content. Damn distractions.....
  9. rm2551


    I wonder what Jimmy might be hoarding. That to me is the great last/best hope. Maybe he has a few things no one has considered. Maybe the LA 77 run soundboards are on his shelf or something similar that would constitute a lot of peoples "Holy Grails". Who knows. And yeah, I know, even if he has a swathe of live stuff that is an unknown to the rest of us, there is no indication anything will be released. But to me - that presents the last/best hope. He may well reach a point where he considers it better that some of it be cleaned up and released.
  10. rm2551


    And yet some shows (and some song within other shows), were 'leave the stratosphere' SPECTACULAR. Drugs can and will fuck you up (especially what the guys would have had access to in whatever quantities they wanted), but no denying they certainly took them to interesting/incredible places.
  11. rm2551


    Inexplicable? Even that great song above from 21/05 shows they were almost always right on the edge and high as f_ck. I think this more than accounts for the travesties. Either too off chops, or not enough recovery time after huge off chops runs leaving them playing in a fog.
  12. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Trampled Underfoot. What GREAT lyrics.
  13. rm2551


    That is absolutely BEAST. Jimmy gets lost for a little while at one point, but is as on as the rest for the most and often leads and interacts brilliantly. Bonham carries this BY FAR as well I would have to say.