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  1. Yeah, thats a great point. There is a lot of hate in here for this upcoming release. Somewhat understandable, but man, calm down. If you don't want it, don't buy it. (*although I agree entirely with the No Quarter rage - lol...) After this there surely is going to be some new material released. The old is now DONE with. Time for the new. Even if new is Earl's Court or RAH as a stand alone boxed release. - that to me is "new" - as long as it is very expansive in content. cmon Jimmy, deliver!
  2. oh yeah! The La run '77.... Well, that's decided tonights listening for me. Going to be a late one....
  3. rm2551

    Oh CANADA!

    Exactly. As I said, leading the free world. Lol... 100 years from now, Canada will be all smug. "Yeah, we were the first, remember?" - and so they should be.
  4. rm2551

    What Made You Happy today?

    Fire pit started. Beer on ice. Vape charging. Missus baking. Lamb Chops almost under the grill. Weeknights with Alice Cooper about to commence. Mild night with no rain or wind. Week DONE. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Happiness.....
  5. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    aaaah ok. Fair enough.
  6. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    is this for real? (I may be missing a somewhat inside joke?) Were you indeed affected/part of what the law suit was about? Does this sound a bit off to anyone else???? maybe its just me....
  7. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Go Canada! New leader of the free world by default???
  8. rm2551

    Marijuana legalization

    Go Canada. Unfortunately, not even a top 20 topic here. Not on the radar AT ALL. But the good news is: attitudes here. No fucks given by ANYONE. Parents now statistically smoke pot more than the younger generation does. So no one really cares anymore. There is no fallout from "pot abuse" at all. It does not exist on a scale that makes it "newsworthy" - not even to feed the shitty sensationalist tabloid media that we have. Alcohol abuse is often a 'front page' issue, but despite the occasional attempt to lump pot and alcohol together as a problem, there is practically no negative attitude as to the use of Mary Jane (media, pretend media, my circle, my larger circle, social media). As usual, it will take the Government 10 years to catch up to what we already live and breath culturally/socially. so it's not ideal, but it could be a lot worse.
  9. rm2551

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Calm down. There will be no more re-release albums once everything is "Super Deluxe Box Set" released - so everything Zeppelin is available in those nice big boxes with all the extra's. TSRTS should be the last of it. The Led Zeppelin DVD may also get the 'expansion' treatment - which should include MORE RAH, MORE Knebworth, but that's it. (and as annoying as that will make y'all, I'd still look forward to it IF it was additional content) Then it's onto either..... a) A complete Earls Court stand alone "SDBS" release. (EPIC unmatched audio and visual of Led Zep in peak '75 form. - extras include different nights all in multi track?) b) Multi tracked show(s) that are in the archive. (How The East Was Won?? Others????) c) A complete RAH stand alone "SDBS" release. (I'd love that so hard) d) A complete Knebworth "SDBS" release. (potentially a great release - extra's to include the warm up gigs in unrivaled quality???) d) The newly discovered/restored Bath Festival material. (could be great) e) A compilation covering the entire expanse of Led Zeppelin. (could be REALLY great if Jimmy capitulates and accepts some soundboards need to be included so ALL era's/tours are included) It would be Jimmy Page for the win - if, as a final statement/testament and final official release - it was indeed a compilation he puts together that covers all years alongside bonus "best of bootleg" extras in a "Epic Super Deluxe Final Box Set" that includes unheard of soundboard archived material that until now was not thought to exist. oh I'm an optimist.
  10. TSRTS is the next release - on Sept. 7th. I doubt there would be another planned release for another 2-3 months after that. Maybe something in time for Christmas, but if not, thats 6 months or more waiting to be had....
  11. rm2551

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I doubt it. As I understand it there is no entire footage. What we have visually is it. If it turns out there is raw footage covering the entire shows, that in and of itself would be (I don't believe it) the most amazing thing released probably since the band disbanded.
  12. I will also choose this optimistic view. I shall be very moderately excited when picking this up. I will be jumping out of my skin should the next official product be a previously unreleased live show. The worst part is now knowing the wait for a possible new live release is sooooo long......
  13. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The compassion and desire to help others and give everyone a "fair go" as we like to say in Oz (like in the "old days" - post WW2 - and even post Vietnam war to a lesser extent) where mass migration was welcomed are over. And rightfully should be. "welcomed" needs to be replaced with "carefully structured" The grace and tolerance that modern western countries, who were the victors of the conflicts usually causing the movements of so many people, and opened borders to those simply wanting a better life and wanted to adapt to the western lifestyle - to belong, has now been tested to the point where majorities of populations are now against migration. And why the change? Because the Europeans that migrated so long ago (post WW2) wanted a better life and better "system". They were so eager to adapt. To adopt their new found homes as their new homeland. Hold onto their old culture in terms of food, some traditions, etc - but only in the context of wholly adopting the fundamentals of the western countries they went to. And why wouldn't they? Modern Western democratic societies offer more for people than any other systems I can think of by a country mile. But now? The refugees are not only the mistreated in real need of escape, they are also economic refugees. People not persecuted, but just wanting to improve - to have what we have. And now coming from places where the culture is so vastly different the job of integrating these peoples into our systems/values and norms is no longer working. Even the Vietnamese refugees adapted. Their culture was markedly different, but not so much so that they could not integrate, set up homes and businesses, and thrive while adopting their new found homelands norms and value systems. But now vastly different at such a fundamental level as to be impossible to integrate on a mass scale. And vastly different not only in very fundamental ways, but very dangerous ways. At times intolerant and inflexible. I historically have been pro-migration/immigration. No longer. I remain compassionate and try to avoid ugly generalisations/stereotyping (I am for sure not perfect), but flooding very tolerant liberal pluralistic societies with those of a view that is at it's core completely incompatible with our core - it is only going to end badly. Conservative is no longer the dirty word the younger me used to think it was. I remain liberal/progressive in my views, but immigration is a major problem "the left" seem incapable of discussing honestly. There are places on this planet that are so foreign to our ideas, values, beliefs, liberties, etc that they may as well be considered completely alien. I often wonder: how many centuries will pass before the various cultures are similar enough on a very basic level (they can be very unique, but underscored by core fundamentals like dignity/equality/justice that pretty much are aligned) that we start to finally start thinking of the "global villiage" in real terms. How it truly is one family. Humanity the collective. Sadly, I think the pendulum will once again swing the other way dramatically before that happens and once again humans will reveal how terrible we can be.
  14. rm2551

    How the East Was Won - My Japan 1971 Live Album

    Yes, A mighty thanks mate! to you.
  15. rm2551

    Marijuana legalization

    Can't recall to be honest. Got 2 different ones from AMS in Amsterdam. So got quite a few for next summer. They are great for mellowing with music.