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  1. I wouldn't agree the LA shows lack spontaneity, granted the setlist doesn't change besides SIBLY on the 27th but the songs themselves do. The 25th for example has Jones moving back to keyboards halfway though NQ and Spanish Eyes in Dazed, the 27th has Gallows Pole at the end of TU and the "Loving You" segment in Dazed. Indeed I would tend to say those two shows feel like some of the most spontaneous of the year to me with several of the solos also being quiet different(OTHAFA on the 27th for example). Besides technical issues I do tend to think that's really what holds the first half(and maybe somewhat of the early stages of the second half) of the US tour back a bit. It still sounds like a band finding there feet again to me across much of the set after the long layoff. The latter stages of the 2nd leg and EC seem much more inline with Zep from 69-73 to me, perhaps not always technically perfect but a more similar mentality.

    I can kind of see both points of view though, its certainly not "bad" and is probably the slickest of the versions from EC but its also lacking a bit of spark to it. The version from the 18th has more grace to it IMHO and the 23rd has one of JPJ most atmospheric solo's. I do always tend to go back to the 27/3 in LA though, maybe not the most energetic version ever much I think the best constructed with the jam just building and building in intensity, I think it actually helps a bit that Page isn't lighting it up though out as it gives JPJ a bit more space.
  3. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The whole "soundboard revolution" to me has smacked of someone selling of sources one at a time to maximise their earnings, the way the releases have tended to become progressively more sort after to keep interest high. I wouldn't be surprised if EV had to pay a premium for this show given its legendary status and thus are having to string it out to recoop the cost, hence this release. Its perhaps not the best track of the show performance wise but I'd guess EV went with HB because the encores have only previously been around on the inferior audience source not the higher quality one that covers most of the show.
  4. Live 1975-1980

    I would disagree there Duckman, granted the material would probably not be AS interesting to a mainstream audience as the original DVD but I think were clearly seeing that bands are much more happy to try and target hardcore fanbases these days including that other previous paragon of perfectionism Pink Floyd. There could of course be audio only releases of these shows and indeed that would obviously cut down on the cost.
  5. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I'd imagine this will be a 4 disk release so no reason for EV to cut something out unless its not on their source. This does sound very nice I'd agree, needs some EQ as most SB's do but the bass especially is very clear.
  6. Top 10 Rock Bands of Each Decade

    Going for all musical artists rather than "rock" I would say... 60's The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendricks, John Coltrane, The Beach Boys, Miles Davis, The Velvet Underground, Bill Evans Trio, Love, Pink Floyd 70's Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Can, Steely Dan, The Clash, Popul Vuh, David Bowie, Neu/La Dussledorf, Miles Davis, John Cale 80'a The Stone Roses, Spacemen 3, Talk Talk, Guns and Roses, Talking Heads, The Pixies, REM, Joy Division/New Order, Penguin Café Orchestra, The Smiths 90's Primal Scream, Massive Attack, Shack/Michael Head, The Orb, Mercury Rev, Radiohead, Talk Talk/Mark Hollis, The Verve, Spiritualised, Orbital,
  7. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Perhaps somewhat, I don't think the performance is a total revelation to the degree that if you greatly dislike the 75 tour its going to bring you around yet it does I think has a good case as the best show of the tour being both very consistent and having inspired versions of NQ plus DAC with probably more energy to them than any other 75 show. I certainly wouldn't say no to an early 75 SB although really I tend to think there was a reason why they dropped the newer material and I think theres clearly more difference between 73 and 75 than the setlist suggests with NQ especially evolving into something very different.
  8. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Yeah I do as well, it was actually the first Zep boot I picked up and whilst it was something of a baptism of fire in some respects the second disk especially is one of my most listened to, probably the best ever versions of NQ and TU for me although a better quality version of the 21st might change my mind. Personally I actually preffer the sound of the 75 Millard shows(at least the last 2 LA shows) but I think that's partly down to the sound of the band and especially Page's guitar tone.
  9. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I think the 27th is patchy but has some amazing highs, NQ, TU and the opening section of DAC are all amazing and OTHAFA has an interesting solo as well. The 25th I think starts off patchy as well in the opening third but then picks up massively with NQ(maybe not quite as good as the following nights() and stays consistently excellent from that point on with the second best DAC of the tour after the 21st. Really though the Millard recordings of these shows are good enough that I don't think SB's would be that important to have, might well sound worse.. I can see the attraction of the earlier 75 shows(well after the band get back in decent form) and some of those performances like MSG are probably slickier overall than the latter shows yet I just think the band were lacking a bit of inspiration that only really started to emerge again during the second leg of the tour. The 21st to me though has the best of both aspects, consistency AND inspiration.
  10. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I would say the big advantage of the 21st is that energy level stays high though out almost all of the show, generally for the latter 75 shows I think it tends to be the case that the band turns it on for certain tracks but here they do it for almost everything.
  11. Earls Court mental block

    I wouldn't take it THAT far, the EC shows(well the last 4 anyway) clearly are some of the best of the year but again I think that towards the end of the US tour on the west coast the band did tap into something special. Whole shows weren't always as consistent as EC BUT the epic tracks(NQ and DAC) and some of the shorter ones like TU hit heights that I don't think EC quite matches in terms of energy although again I do like the more atmospheric EC versions of NQ.
  12. Earls Court mental block

    21/3/75 is I think clearly the best show of the year, besides that I tend to find that the US shows are a little more uneven BUT the highlights of them like NQ, TU and DAC really do hit there peaks and are the things from 75 that I listen to the most. Really though I wouldn't say there exactly like for like anyway, not only do you have the acoustic set returning for EC but I think you also have some deliberate rearrangement of tracks like NQ that shifts from the more energetic blues/jazz of the US shows more towards atmospheric classical. I think that does kind of make the EC shows a bit special in that we only 5 five of them with set list/arrangement, a bit like the 79 shows. In terms of where the band felt "freer" I'd guess that at certain points the band felt under a bit more pressure to give a slick performance, MSG in 73 most obviously but perhaps EC as well and this cut back on some of the energy.
  13. Companion discs are rubbish

    I think that is quite a good situation to end up in though as the majority of the material the less hardcore fan might want to hear is on the LZ 1 and Coda bonuses disks rather than forcing them to buy all the albums for 2-3 tracks on each. Its hard to know for sure what to think of course before we know Page's long term plans, if this was it for extra Zep then stuff like say an extended NQ from Earls Court really should have been included but if we see an extended release of those concerts then it makes much more sense not to.
  14. Companion discs are rubbish

    Yeah I do tend to agree, I think there not really intended to be "interesting rarities" so much as alternate albums which I think does explain why a lot of stuff was held back for the Coda release which was obviously always intended to be more of the former. I do actually find myself enjoying the Presense bonus disk beyond 10 Ribs/Pod quite a bit dispite it being very similar to the stuff on the original album, the less echoey rougher sound does I think work well with the material.
  15. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    A lot of Zep bashing tends to be sour grapes but in Keith's case I think its understandable given his own tastes. He's always had a strong connection with Blues/RnB/US country and if you value those things above all in rock music I can understand being less of a fan of Zep who whilst they obviously featured influence from these areas weren't nearly so confined to them as the Stones and never really focused that much on creating an "authentic" recreation of them. With Zep you can add in a stronger influences from Rock n Roll, UK folk, Funk and perhaps most importantly(compared to the Stones) I would say classical music, not just in terms of Page quoting a few pieces but in the focus on dramatics. At the end of the day really the Stones weren't a very political band bar Satisfaction, they arguably came to represent a more political era for rock but like Zep they were really a mix of good times rock and creating there own legend/atmosphere. Just take your pick, the mystical world hopping of Zep vs the US time warp of the Stones.