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New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

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On 9/11/2018 at 7:50 AM, Blaize86 said:

As far as the Plant and Terry Reid stuff. Robert to me is still underrated. The heavy part of the Rain Song in SRTS is the strongest vocal I have ever seen him deliver and to me one of the greatest live vocal performances I have ever heard. 

He never gets credit for his softness and even a baritone at times -" trying to find s woman who's never never never been ...born".

Tery Reid and these other guys couldn't pull that off. Jimmy came in with the tone of the song and Robert would adjust his voice to fit. As a singer myself, very difficult to do.  Live Robert was fantastic at times, rearranging verses , using different keys ( dazed and confused ) , phrasing differently , adding lyrics and blending verses form one song into another while scatting ( Gallows Pole in TUF Earls Court).  Robert had a swagger and swing  that Jimmy needed, that Bonzo needed also. 

Robert can sing Elvis , Fats Domino and push 3 octaves higher like Chris Cornell in his prime in the next verse.  Just listen to Blue Berry Hill in LA 1970. It's frightening. Robert only gets credit for wailing and I think he realizes that criticism and I bet it bugs him a bit. He could be nasal - acoustic 1977 tour - and he could be outstanding- The Ocean SRTS. I've been listening to a lot of 1975 live stuff and Robert had to change his phrasing a lot to adjust for his ...flu?...but I think it made him a better singer overall. It was a lesson for the young lad and he had to dig deep and sing differently. Yes he fckd up and didn't nurture his vocal chords like a good musician, but that was the seventies. Only Paul Rodgers did that...but I heard he was a dick anyway!!

I hope Pagey put Robert voice and tone in a good spot on these reissues. I hated his voice in HTWWW. I actually thought it was mixed high. Jimmy mixed it and made Robert sound like Minny Mouse , with no bottom. I really hardly listen. I mean compare the Ocean in HTWWW to The Ocean in SRTS. No contest that 1973 was a better mix for Robert. 

I love Planty in SRTS. He's raw at times- Heartbreaker- yet has that swagger and Jagger like looseness which to me has been lost in current music for a long time. Long live the Frontman!!! Hard to find these days....sorry off topic at times !!! 




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On 10/9/2018 at 9:05 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

I may be in minority on this, but I like for 70s recordings to sound like they're from the 70s. Even live shows. There's something off-putting to me about both TSRTS and HTWWW and how they modernized the audio. Sure, it blows the old mixes away, but it lacks the "70s" character it's supposed to have. Call me crazy, but I like the dry ass 71 Osaka soundboard better than HTWWW. It just sounds like a true live show captured in time.

I don't entirely agree, but I do partially agree, and I get where you're coming from 100%.

For HTWWW, though, our only choices are the original 2003 mastering and the 2018 remastering. And IMHO the 2018 is more laid-back and natural-sounding, not '70s-sounding, but IMHO closer to it. To my ears the 2003 mastering sounds like it's fighting the sonic character of the source, punching it up to make it sound "modern." The 2018, while constrained to use the 2003 mix (which is very different than a '70s-era mix would have been), sounds like it's letting the source be more what it is. I would guess John Davis' mastering work on the 2018 live reissues was more subtractive than additive.

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I get the hate on the 2007/2018  No Quarter edit (i think its fine, i like both. the shorter version is more intense, the longer is more chill).

But the editing on Dazed And Confused on the 1976 edit drives me mad. It has some some cuts that destroys the flow of the track completely like 3:59 and 05:25 for example.

Then again Moby Dick is better in 1976 althought even that version has some bad cuts. 

What comes to Whole Lotta Love i prefer the newer 2007/2018 version by quite alot. Just because the start of the song sounds so fake on the 1976 version plus the obvious edit right after when the audience noise suddenly disappears and the drums are mixed way differently at 0:17 takes away the flow. This all bothers me way less than the missing beat of the intro of the 2007/2018 intro (i even kinda like it) The ''trying to find the bridge'' part is not that essential so i can live without that part.

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On 9/8/2018 at 12:31 PM, Sticks of Fire said:

I heard in 2023 as part of the 50th Anniversary series all the nights would be released with multitrack audio along with full concert length film documenting three nights. 

Thats why this release is billed as the last of the remastered campaign 

Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. We thought Earl's Court complete may be released as well...nope.

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