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    GO RED! Kick Man U's arse!
  4. I am not ashamed to admit this, as bettering one's mental health is critical. I have officially begun "email therapy" and I have never felt this liberated in years! I searched high and low for months by looking at ratings assigned by other people who are availing of this service, studying confidentiality agreements, etc. So many undercurrents and sensitive issues from the past that I was so scared to talk about for fear of being judged and ridiculed are now being addressed in an unbiased way! I usually devote at least 1 to 2 hours a week to this.
  5. Thank you for the comments. I'm not the photographer. Douglas Corrance is. The photo looks very similar to one in Page's book when he arrived clean shaven in Australia which is dated 1972. It is great to see a photo of Barrington Coleby whose art work has to have been viewed by millions of people yet he remains quite anonymous. Thanks Eamonn
  6. The Jerk: 'Damn these glasses, son.' Analyze This: 'Thank God for Prozac.
  7. My picks. Rams Bills Bengals Vikes Packers Colts Cards 49ers Titans Saints Ravens Cowboys Pats
  8. Lambs...Goff not so hot without a running game. Buffalo...Bills finally a serious playoff contender? Jacksonville...the goddamn Bungles kill me every time I pick 'em. Minnesota...how will the refs screw Detroit this week? I swear the Ford Family must have done something to piss off the football gods. They are truly cursed with the worst luck and the worst calls. Green Bay Indianapolis Arizona San Francisco Tennessee New Orleans Seattle...Earl Thomas returns to Seattle for revenge. Philadelphia...another week where Jerry's boy Garrett gets outcoached? New England...now, if Darnold beats the Patriots I might pay attention.
  9. There goes our chance for a "Damn Yankees" storyline. Oh well, congratulations to Houston for knocking off the Yankees. Now that it's Houston vs. Washington in the WS, I gotta go with the National League team. Go Nats!
  10. Looks like 72 to me, but that’s an amazing pic all the same !
  11. It's Time Machine from 1960, directed by George Pal, starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux. It's so colourful and well done and it's got some very pristine friendship, enlightening romance and beautiful idealism and many other positive ideas and philosophical ideas against war and lowest forms of human existence. I always liked such movies for their message and how hard life can be to understand and cope with and escaping your own time and trying to just help create a better world has always been an idea close to me, although it can bring hard times.
  12. Respectfully, jimmy leaving the black crowes tour for a back injury and never touring again....makes sense. Hey, jimmy page did not announce his retirement, he just went out live, with robert plant in 98 and the black crowes in 99, 00.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I just bought the entire franchise minus the Rob Zombie remakes, I also bought the 2018 reboot, Halloween is my favorite slasher flick. It’s the time of the season! 🎃
  15. I'm merely taking the original poster's word at face value that it has something to do with the pylon scheme, which was 1978-79.
  16. Very cool picture, agreed. It's definitely not '71, but Page looks far too healthy for '79, I would have guessed '74.
  17. Ok, if that's the January 2013 issue I don't have it yet BUT according to notes it contains an interview with Alan Moulder (who discusses the 02 Arena recordings) not Jimmy Page.
  18. ^^^You're the photographer? Regardless, a standing ovation for you for sharing it here. What a phenomenal shot! Malcolm Dent was Jimmy's caretaker at Boleskine for many years. Note the correct date is circa April 1979. Hopefully we can nail down the exact date. https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/mey/phillipsharbour/index.html
  19. Thanks, it means a lot to me that you responded, nice hearing from a true fan, I think I perhaps deserve that after listening to all the albums in such detail in the last few years and especially to the rhytm in the last two years and I certainly listen to atleast three bootlegs from each year a lot, just don't catch me on some specific bass line moment on Seattle 21/3 1975, it's my favourite bootleg and it would sort of hurt.
  20. I'd love to hear this remaster! The 14th is one of my favorite shows.
  21. Archived photo by Dougie Corrance : Archiving 57 years of my photographs... Inverness 1971, leaving the Town Hall is Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and to his right, Malcolm Dent (campaigner) and to his left, artist Barry Colby, who created the image of the Hermit on Led Zeppelin 4 album. This was taken during the court case Jimmy brought against the Electricity Board, and succeeded in preventing pylons spoiling the landscape around Loch Ness.
  22. Can someone please send me a link to the niteowl version too? Thank you very much!
  23. Amen brother, long live Chrissy Snow!!!
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