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This is a Led Zeppelin survey I'm doing for school (Introduction to Statistics). I should have had this up a lot earlier as I need at least 30 responses by Wednesday, September 23, but I'm a procrastinator like that... luckily, I can up this to 4 different forums (this one, FBO, Planet Zeppelin, and LB101), so that should culminate in a lot of responses... :D

There's only two kinds of questions (besides the gender one):

-Yes or No

-the answer is a number

The very last question (about your current age) is optional. It was heavily suggested by my teacher, but I'm a bit uncomfortable asking it myself because I know some people don't like to disclose that information...

Anyways, here's the survey (it's a word document, '97 to 2003):


Email me your responses (jimmyRRpage @ gmail . com) and just post here that you took the survey. Have fun with it...

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I took the Led Zeppelin survey and sent it to you in an e-mail as asked. I took the survey because I felt really bad for you taking Introduction to statistics it is just a horrible class. Anyway good luck with it.

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^Maybe... if everyone wants....

I want to thank everyone who's replied so far. I still need 7 responses to make it to 30, but more would be awesome.

I do notice that the vast majority of survey-takers have not seen Zeppelin live. This is absolutely fine, but if you have, please, take the survey...

BTW... and I should have put this on the survey and mentioned it sooner, so if this info changes anything for anyone, let me know TODAY... the question about seeing Jimmy Page solo live DOES also include his stint with the Black Crowes. I apologize for missing that...

This is do tomorrow (Thursday, September 24) at 10:00 am, so hopefully I'll be done by tonight. Thanks again, everyone. You've all been very helpful...

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Nathan, my computer doesn't seem to want to download the survey.

Is there any way you can just email it to me?

I can send you my email in a PM.

Check your PMs... :)

For everyone, Page solo, including The Firm and The Black Crowes also includes Coverdale/Page.

And everything else he did post-Zep. The Page solo question includes everything he did post-Zep... and I say that because I'm too stupid to have remembered that when I should have...

And I call myself a fan... :slapface::unsure::(

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BTW everyone... I meant to post this earlier, but... I just found out (on the 24th), that the due date was extended to October 8. So if more people want to take the survey, go ahead. I think a good due date for the answers will be the 3rd so I can have that time to manipulate the answers.

Also, I really need more people who've seen Led Zeppelin live. Right now, out of 30 surveys answered, I have about 6 people who saw them live (not just from this site, but from Planet Zeppelin and FBO, as well). I need more.


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