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Top 5 favorite actresses:

1. Vivien Leigh

2. Ginger Rogers

3. Rita Hayworth

4. Barbara Stanywck

5. Joan Fontaine

Top 5 film composers

1. Nino Rota

2. Miklos Rosza

3. Kenyon Hopkins

4. Franz Waxman

5. Henry Mancini

Top 5 rock musicans

1. Jimmy Page

2. John Lennon

3. Vivian Stanshall

4. Jimi Hendrix

5. Brian Jones

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Top 5 hikes I've undertook;Mt. Washington, up the Huntington Ravine (New Hampshire)Kilauea and Puu O'o Volcanoes, as it was erupting (Big Island, Hawaii)Stairway to Heaven Yep,;) (Oahu, Hawaii)Buffalo Mountain (Silverthorn, Colorado)Mt. St. Helens Volcano (Washington State)

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Most overrated individuals of all time:

5. Bono: Wake me up when you can write a good song

4. Ben Bernanke: This is the asshat hat gets Man of the Year? What a joke.

3. FDR: I admit he was a great president but he didn't do near as much as people really believe he did. He was just president at the right time.

2. Duke of Wellington: Congrats. You beat an exiled ex-Emperor who was dying of stomach cancer and leading a bunch of ex-soldiers who joined in with him at the last second. Wanna cookie?

1. JFK: You didn't do shit your whole presidency. Yeah, we didn't have a nuclear war, but that was more Bobby's doing then you.Yeah we got to the Moon but who cares? We were going to eventually anyways... But it WAS you that escalated Vietnam, nearly started another war with the Bay of Pigs fiesco and banged every woman you could find..and that wasn't even near a full term


You forgot to put yourself in at No1 son. :lol:

The Duke of Wellington only won the Peninsular War single handed, Waterloo was a gamble that paid off, and if Britain had sent him to America in 1814 he would have kicked your arses as well matey. ;)

I don't think he lost a single battle or campaign, but i could be wrong.

And don't forget about Richard Sharpe, he would have shot your eye out before breakfast.:hunter:

Period: 1797 to 1805 Region: India

1799 Seringapatam - victorious

Campaign against Tipoo Sultan

Rank: Colonel, with independent command.

1803-5 Anglo-Maratha war

Assaye- victorious

Agraum- victorious

Period: 1808

Region: Iberian Peninsula

Rolica- victorious

Vimeiro- victorious

Period: 1808 - 1814

Region: Iberian Peninsular

The Peninsular War

Commander-in-Chief of the Britishforces in Portugal and Marshal General of the Portuguese army. Commander of the Spanish army from 1812 to 1814

Talavera de la Reina (1809) - victorious

Busaco (1810) - victorious

Fuentes de Oneros (May 5th 1811) - victorious

Siege of Cuidad Rodrigo (January1812) - victorious

Siege of Badajoz (1812) -victorious

Salamanca (July 22, 1812), - victorious

Siege of San Sebastian (August1812) - victorious

Vitoria (1813), - victorious

Bayonne (1813) - victorious

Orthez (1813) - victorious

Toulouse (1814) - victorious

Period: 1815

Region: Europe

Waterloo -victorious

I think Sir Arthur deserves the whole packet or jar, don't you son? :lol:

Regards, Danny

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Mt. St. Helens Volcano (Washington State)

I took my niece up there back in 2000. It still looks pretty bleak. I'm sure that in another 30 years it'll look a lot better just like Mt. Lassen. Up here I've hiked a couple times out to the Carbon Glacier on Mt. Rainier. But now with the bad storms the trail has just about been obliterated and you'd have to be pretty determined to get there now. But it's awesome to just sit there and watch the glacier quiver and quake and make weird popping sounds. :)

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Kodachrome - Paul Simon

I just sent in probably my last roll of Kodachrome to be processed.

Kodak HAS taken our Kodachrome away. :(

My Top 5 Foreign Films

1) Eyes Without A Face (France)

2) The Bicycle Thief (Italy)

3) Woman In The Dunes (Japan)

4) Seven Samurai (Japan)

5) La Strada (Italy)

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Top 5 Current tv shows:

5. (tie) Million Dollar Listing and Tabitha's Salon Takeover :D

Hi Virginia, i love it! You put Million Dollar Listing on your top five! I have seen a few of Tabitha and they are enjoyable. She's hilarious!

I like sirchris's idea, so

Top five Beatles songs:

The Long and Winding Road

Across the Universe

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Dear Prudence

I'll Be Back

and five more


The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey

Baby You're A Rich Man

I'm Looking Through You

and from Redrum, top five cities i've visited:

Sanibel Island, FL

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

New York City, NY

Singer Island, FL

Walt Disney Land, Anaheim, CA

and five more

Beaver Creek, CO

Stowe, VT

Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

New Orleans, LA

Key Largo, FL

and from pagemccartney95

top five bands (of all time)

The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

Bruce Springsteen


The Rolling Stones

and five more


The Cure

Pink Floyd

Cocteau Twins

Robert Plant

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Top 5 Comedy shows:

5. All in the Family

4. The Office (US)

3. Whose Line is it anyway? (US)

2. The Office (UK)

1. Sanford and Son

Been catching some reruns on tv land; those shows were great! (Good Times too, with JayJay)

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Top 5 Original Star Trek episodes: (1)City on the Edge of Forever (2)Mirror-Mirror (3)The Doomsday Machine (4)Where No Man Has Gone Before (5)The Enterprise Incident

:) We used to play this beer drinking game with Star Trek episodes back in college. Every "Captain!" was a sip; "Captain Kirk!" was 2 sips, and "Captain James T Kirk, Commander of the Starship Enterprise" was an entire beer. Those big Kenya purses in the 80s held a lot of beers for the Star Trek movies... :whistling:

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Hi Virginia, i love it! You put Million Dollar Listing on your top five! I have seen a few of Tabitha and they are enjoyable. She's hilarious!

Oh yeah! :) My husband (Mr. Football!) is totally hooked on Tabitha too! She is a hoot. Wonder if she only does hair salons or if she straightens out other businesses as well?

I haven't seen any new (to me, at least) episodes of Million Dollar listing since around Thanksgiving, but hopefully will soon. That show is hilarious; I've never met anyone like those 3 before. I agree with you about Chad, he's the sharpest of the 3. The other 2 are really immature (especially when all 3 are together) and Chad is all about the business.

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Top 5 Least Favorite Household Chores

1. Yard work

2. Ironing

3. Cleaning windows

4. Vacuuming

5. Cleaning out the refrigerator

Top 5 Favorite Household Chores (hah!)

1. Cooking

2. Organizing/Putting things away

3. Folding clothes

4. Cleaning the floors

5. Dusting

(and #6: Delegating! lol)

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