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Alice in Chains loses another original member RIP Mike Starr

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Very sad. Can't imagine him living in such a crap neighborhood. Only five blocks from that horrible methadone clinic.

That miserable clinic has seen many deaths. I don't believe the state should be allowed to be drug pushers.

The argument that it's better than heroin doesn't fly. Most of the clinics clients do both, sell it for heroin, etc.

I live up the street from that clinic and know people who have been in the grips of addiction.....to Methadone!

Rest In Peace.

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So, so sad. I remember watching Celebrity Rehab with him on there. He just couldn't quit his obsession & now it's too late....My condolences to his family & friends...

Yea was really sad watching him... Even Layne's mother went to support him on the final episode. At least he isn't suffering anymore...

Rest in peace Mike Starr

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