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2012 NFL Thread

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Oh yeah...forgot to add that my Raiders SUCK as usual.

Play Matt Leinart now! Let's see if he can play...this season is over. Carson Palmer is over.

Hope Leinert shines. Then again? Bills have put the crowd into a lull. you can hear a pin drop. Look at the long looks on the Pats fans faces. Oh no!!!!!!!!

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I don't even know if I can watch the second half. Might just put on the Saints game. <_<

Down goes Brady!! Is Miami losing? Come on? I have to check. Man your Raiders suck Strider.

I cant believe Miami. Or Tennesee. Unreal this sport

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^^ Your Bills are hanging tough. They might just beat our ass on Thursday.

i cant believe I bet on Miami. Fucking douche bags. How can they get whacked by Tennessee like that? The refs are the only thing saving New England. Its unbelievable how biased they are. We are getting called for everything. Do they ever get a holding call? You know they are doing it.

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That's what I meant. Wow that interception Fitzpatrick threw.

The guy plays like Johnny Unitas for 59 minutes and then he sticks a knife through your heart. Buffalo outplayed those fucking fish. The refs called everything for New England. Holding calls always go agaisnt us. I saw alot of New England players holding and they get away with it. But the bottom line is, there is not much difference between the topa and bottom in this league. When the Bills get a franchise QB, look out. They aer loaded. Spiller is an animal and so is Jackson. I do not know how they will proceed. This year its too late. Too many loss's they should have had. But the future can be very bright if they fix the QB problem Why didnt Gailey tell that fucking woodpecker to get the balll to Spiller and let him do the damage? Or to Chandler over the middle. That game killer of a throw was pure shit. Gailey and Fitz both know it.

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The Patriots win! Yay!

Despite the refs giving every break to the Bills....I swear Fitzpatrick was paying the refs. Totally unbelievable, calling the Pats on everything. The Bills could have taken a flamethrower to the Pats and MAYBE the refs would have called unsportsmanlike conduct for five yards. Goodell needs to look into this. I know the Bills need some wins, but come on.....

I will now stand back and watch LedZepFan77 unwind in a wild dervish!!

(just bustin ya Rick, hope you know that)!

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