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Scientific Evaluation of Light Pollution Around the globe, and why most cannot see The Milky Way in the US and the EU.

Scientists believe one-third of humanity cannot view the Milky Way — this includes 80% of Americans and 60% of Europeans because city lights are creating fogs of light pollution, according to a new study that published Friday in the journal of Science Advances.

Although there are a few patches of pristine dark sky still left in the world, 83% of the world’s population and more than 99% of the U.S. and European populations live under the bright glow of light pollution.




But, if you can get surrounded by mountains of enough height to block out the big city lights, then you can see The Milky Way, overhead, at night.


Case in point, The Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma.

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"..Officials at the sheriff's Aero Bureau said a sheriff's helicopter often checks out potential airborne hazards that are spotted in the sky, but no information about the object was available Sunday. The crew that manned the helicopter on Monday morning was not on duty Sunday.

Local police and sheriff's officials had no information regarding the sightings, and Federal Aviation Spokesman Allen Kenitzer said he also had no information regarding the incident.

The National UFO Reporting Center keeps a database of unusual sighting in the sky, however, reports from Monday were yet to be uploaded to the archive over the weekend."



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On 12/15/2017 at 11:47 AM, luvlz2 said:

Tried to watch the Geminid Meteor shower a little bit last night but no luck, too much light pollution.

I saw it last week. Was brilliant! Kids and I (and missus) up at 3.30am on a weeknight. Saw about 6-8 meteors in 15mins. 2 were particularly bright. Also saw 3 satellites slowly roll pass. This was a really good experience for me with my two young kids. They thought it was great.

The sky was as clear as can be and it was a new moon so the sky was naturally more dark without the moons brightness.

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^^It was beautiful to look at on the western horizon on the way to work the morning of January 2nd. It will be about fully red when I get up for work at 6:25, will pop out right away for a look.

Took this picture today, best I could do with my camera.


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