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^ Came here to post about this very discovery/confirmation. Mind blown. I have to reread that to try and wrap my head around this info. Stunning. I read that it took Einstein 11 years to get the  general theory of relativity worked out after he 'saw' it in his mind and just knew it was right. Then in an audio interview, Walter Isaacson who wrote Einstein His Life and Universe talked about the four papers Einstein wrote, and in the last one with its addendum was an idea he was working on which we now know as the special theory of relativity. All four in time have proven to be nothing short of revolutionary.

Isaacson also related how when Einstein first theorized this concept about gravity and its relationship to spacetime, a young German politician by the name of Hitler said that this new idea was not "... the type of Jewish science we need to be teaching our kids." Vindication and validation on several fronts. What an incredible moment in science and history we are witnesses to. 

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This morning, at 4am, looking South, I spotted Mars with Saturn to the left. And looking the other way South, to the West was Jupiter.

My 7X binocs could see a couple of Jupiter's moons, but, sadly, it couldn't see any of Saturn's rings.

I used the AstroViewer website to see my current night sky.





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People who live in cities don't really notice the sky or stars at nights because the light pollution is so bad, but if you live outside of the city you can see every star in the universe at night. This past month while in Boston, Toronto, and New York I really noticed how people who live in cities have sort of lost touch with nature

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My greatest view of the night sky was on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The sunset was spectacular, but it was only the opening act for the nights sky. Mind blowing is the only way to describe it. ...at some point I'd like to go stargazing in White Sands NM.

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