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John Bonham

Del Nileppez

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I hear snatches of Bonzo in others from time to time. Lotta good drummers out there but it's unfair to compare them with someone with such a unique style. Like all great musician there's a quality there that can be imitated but not duplicated. I just hope he fits in with his new band where ever he's at.

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Ever since his death I`ve never heard any other drummer that sounds remotely like him. The only one that comes close for me would be the drummer that was in White Zombie. Does anybody agree or know of a drummer that sounds like "Bonzo"?

I agree with you there Del Nileppez !! Listening to La Sexorcisto, I have thought the same thing!!


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When I saw this topic title as I listened to Kashmir I thought,

"The Greatest Drummer of All Time"


:) Bonzo's influence is far reaching, but

He was a one in a million.

No one else is like him

The best natural drummer to ever be recorded.

He was also very fortunate to have Jimmy Page as his producer

and of course

Jimmy was lucky as hell to play with Bonzo, (and he knows it)

Thank heavens for Terry Reid's binding contract! :)

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