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I want to see your music room!


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Everything I have is in our living room (it's about 20 feet by13 feet) it takes up one complete wall. plus the speakers are situated on adjacent walls. I have a seperates system two turntables the one I use is a direct drive Technics that I purchased in 1979 with an Ortofon OMPro cartridge and stylus, I use a Kenwood receiver which puts out 125 watts RMS per channel, I have a Kenwood tape to tape cassette deck, I use a Technics CD player most of the time but I also have a Sony CD player hooked up as well, I have a Kenwood graphic equaliser.I also have a Kenwood turntable I have never used yet.My pride and joy are my speakers they are a pair of Sansui SP-Z9 II, which have six speakers in each cabinet including a seventeen and a half inch bass, and they weigh 39 Kgs each !! and take 250 watts each My vinyl albums are in alphabetical order (I know sad bastard) my casstes, about 200 and my CDs about 3000 My family hate it and think it is an eyesore. In the same room I also have my seven guitars, unfortunately I do not play them very well. I don't think it is cluttered but my wife does. We also have a 42kg labrador, and there is still loads of floor space.

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I don't have much of a dedicated music room, but I (will) have two stereos set up in two different rooms.

This one is in the "office"

Turntable: Pioneer PL-518 w/ AT-440MLA Cart/Stylus, Behringer Phono Preamp

Speakers: Creative 5.1 Speaker System (currently only 2 channel, sounds great)

Around 370 records, alphabetized, and 20 reel to reel tapes, all stored in that cabinet.


Reel To Reel: Teac A-4070G


This system I picked up on Friday, it will be going in my room once I rearrange my furniture. I'll add pics when it's done ;)

Realistic (Radio Shack 1986) Stereo System. Contains an amp, tuner, cassette player, and turntable


2 Realistic Optimus 600 Speakers (need to be re-foamed). These sound amazingly good.


This is one of my two pride and joy speakers. They are custom built, weigh about 70-100 lbs and contain Altec H-811b Horns and Trusonic 15" Woofers. These things shake the neighbors windows. Currently inactive as I didn't have a unit to power them.


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Here are some pictures of my music room before I added some new Joan Baez and John Lennon posters (and put my shelf of Zeppelin books in):





I don't know if you can see, but that is my Zeppelin backpack there on the chair.


Part of my Zep shrine (with Jimmy figurine hanging)


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I just finished getting my new furniture set up in my bedroom so I thought I'd take a few pictures. I don't have a stereo in this room as of yet, but I will.





Closeup of my new reel to reel


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