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Depends on the guy. Seeing men that don't wear suits in suits is quite...exhilarating. But---also seeing a guy who wears nothing but stuffy suits dressed casually is also quite...exhilarating. :lol:

What about tight jeans or a short skirt? (seeing for men or wearing for women)

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naked--nothing gets all tangled up when you try to roll over

Don't let Old Scratch see that you put that. :lol:

Naked. So when I wake up in the mornings, my wood isn't constricted.

Men, or Women? ;)

Haha, yeah, the old morning wood...get's annoying doesn't it.

Men or Women....I choose women!!! I EMPHASISE WOMEN!!!

Ok, here's a toughy....If you had to watch one....gay porn, or lesbian porn? :lol: I asked that question years ago in school and I got the same response from everyone.

Oh, and I choose leaved...I love the colours in Autumn.

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