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Hot Pics of Robert

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it's been a while (too long a while to be honest!) since I've been around here.. :blink:

but boy, oh boy have you ladies (and gentlemen) made it a pleasure to return! so so many new pictures of our dearest mr. Robert. *dreamy*

and just so you know I mean business - a picturous gift from me (don't think I saw this one around here, sorry if I'm mistaken):


thank you he's so cute here!

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I see his hoop :o..Does anyone know when he got his ear pierced,69, 70?

I think 1970....The 1st pic I can find of him....and actually being able to see his earing is March of 1970 where he is hitching a ride and has the glasses on... B)


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Anyone know who that woman is?


Aww Maureen :D

Answer to the question: IT's the Baroness Von Zeppelin I believe.

And the other picture is one of my favourite pictures. It's so candid but so adorable.

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