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Favorite song off of Zeppelin IV?


Favorite Zeppelin IV song?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Zeppelin IV song?

    • Black Dog
    • Rock and Roll
    • The Battle of Evermore
    • Stairway To Heaven
    • Misty Mountain Hop
    • Four Sticks
    • Going To California
    • When The Levee Breaks

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Misty Mountain Hop is such an underrated song, so I voted for it. But really, there are about 5 standout songs on that album. The aforementioned Misty Mountain Hop, Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog, Going To California, and When The Levee Breaks. The rest of the songs on the album, while good in their own right, pale in comparison, IMHO. Breaking down the 5 standout songs, I'd say that STH is the best overall song, really epic. MMH is my favorite because I like the message and the lyrics. Black Dog is the best riff song, one of the best riffs the band, or any band for that matter, ever did. GTC is another great message/lyrics song like MMH. WTLB is great because of its slide guitar and harmonica licks and John Bonham's thunderous drumming.

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The Battle Of Evermore for me, Page's Mandolin is amazing in it, and Robert and Sandy's vocals are brilliant.

Four Sticks is a close second though.

Same here, LOVE Battle of Evermore, I get chills hearing the vocals...
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To me, it's easily When The Levee Breaks, just one hell of a jam, Bonham is a beast on the drums on this track.

Side note, Sammy Hagar & The Circle(w/ Jason Bonham) are playing this song, I was fortunate enough to see this show, & it was a great version of it.

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Me and our guitarist tried to get our band to play When The Levee Breaks way back in the mid-80s.

We worked it up and it sounded fantastic, with a howling acid blues effects-storm guitar underpinned by a balls-deep bass and drum swamp groove.

The singer and bassplayer, however, absolutely did not get it: 'it's too long, it's not a song, it's just a dirge', etc.

Utter, utter clods. They bleated and cried and sulked in the corner til we dropped it.

The Sisters of Mercy covered it a month later and it wasn't a 10th as good as ours. Grrr...

I loved When The Levee Breaks from the first time I heard it and I love it to this day - great to see so many others do too.

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