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Going to the show tomorrow...


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some trip it will be! better start off early.

never checked the setlist ... besides being lazy also like to be surprised.

surely d'yer m'aker won't be played if they do a zep number.

but will be happy enough if ever bring it on home is played lol.


Have fun at the show y'all!!!!

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You have a great time....

It's a beautiful day here in Ontario...not too humid...yet...hopefully it will be a nice evening at the Molson Amp...


PS I'll watch CITY TV tonight at 11 to see if there's anything on the gig!!!!

PSS I'm gonna demand VIA RAIL add the late train again..for us rural folk who'd like to go but need a ride to get there...good for the environment to if they added more trains...

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I called up a few scalpers to see how much they wanted and how resale sales were going. Amazing what seats are being offered for almost 50% off what ticketmaster was selling the tickets for.

Spoke to about 6 different resellers ... all six said they'll be taking a bath on their tickets. Though I highly doubt they pay full face value

I managed to get excellent seats for $45 each!!

Going to be interesting to see what kind of reaction the audience gives tonight. Will report later.

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A lot of driving is required but that will amount to lot of Zeppelin, Raising Sand listening so what the heck!

Pop, I know exactly how you feel. Yesterday I drove 6 and 1/2 hours from Chicago to Cleveland to see them. Worth every second. Hope your experience turns out just as well.

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