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Why Is Robert Called Percy?


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The official explanation is that it's because of Percy Thrower who did gardening shows in the UK (Plant=plant=garden, etc.), but the real reason is that percy is a slang term for a penis.

Make your own connection there. :whistling:

It relates to a British movie from the '70's called Percy whence the term was popularised.

It's about a bloke who is hit by a falling chandelier and consequently has a penis transplant.


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:hysterical: Must be a comedy....

It was at least partially written by Michael Palin and Terry Jones out of Monty Python. I've never seen it, but there were some pretty dire "farces" being churned out by the British film industry at that time, and even great names like Palin and Jones wrote a lot of stuff just for the extra pocket money, so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a laugh. :unsure:

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