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  1. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    Also missing: Misty Mountain Hop, The Ocean, and Heartbreaker
  2. Presence Success

    Hell yeah! I would take 30 seconds of a topless Siouxsie over 60 minutes of Sex Pistols any day. She is my goth-punk rock goddess.
  3. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Kiwi...you get a special treat !!!
  4. Ten Years Gone

    and the band came out swinging at that, GTBT even with the feedback problems was a great version and Jimmy busts out with one of his best solo's of the night. Just blistering.
  5. Presence Success

    ^ This. By 1976 most rock & hard rock had gone somewhat pop (Rock n Roll Hootchie Choo, everything by Kiss, Boston, Eagles, Mac) and along comes this Zeppelin album which bordered on prog rock on a few tunes, deep blues, New Orleans swing and funk patterns, and complicated time signatures and rhythms. It really was in a category all by itself, was a good five years ahead of its time, and a bit dark in places. If Presence came out in 1981 it would have been a massive hit.
  6. Presence Success

    I believe the main reason why sales fell off after the initial release was 76' was a real sea change of a year for music in general. Hard rock was not as popular in 76' due to three very popular trends: Punk (to a small degree in 76), but actually, disco & soft / corporate rock was all the rage. As mentioned above the great Boz Scaggs finally had a top selling album (Silk Degrees) after releasing five amazing albums prior which went nowhere. The Eagles released Greatest Hits in 76' & would release Hotel California in 77' which completely dominated everything along with Frampton Comes Alive for all of 76' and Rumors in 77' which dominated that year. Let's not forget Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life Just think on the biggest bands from 76' and you will understand: Eagles, Boston, Steely Dan, Pablo Cruise, Ambrosia, Captain & Tenille, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright, Donna Summer, Rose Royce, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross, & The Trammps. It was either adult oriented rock or disco for the most part. Even Neil Sedaka had a massive hit with Bad Blood.
  7. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    He played it on the fist leg of the tour. He received the Manson triple neck right before the second leg. I personally preferred the Ovation, it had a better tone IMO.
  8. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    Wow, that was truly great. What a show!!! Thanks buddy
  9. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    On my way... DO you by chance know where it is in the setlist? Time marker?
  10. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    This sounds great and is awesome news if true. I really, REALLY love this person of D&C. What an awesome show and I dig the echo on Plant's voice. Sounds extra gloomy.
  11. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Talk about the turning of the worm. To see the real Zeppelin at the O2 gig was roughly $200 per ticket now 10 years later the cost is $130 to see a tribute band with a much smaller stage setup. Not saying JBLZE are not fantastic, amazing even, but $130 for a tribute band is rather excessive. Shit, I balked at the $90 price for Robert Plant's 2018 show. Then again I am a cheap ass bastard. Goddamned Eagles & Madonna!!! Those two money whores started this whole mess back in the early 90's. Up until then you could see The Stones, The Who, pretty much any top billed act for around $25 then came Madonna with her Vogue Tour and the Eagles with Hell Freezes Over and next thing you know $100 tickets became the norm. And don't even get me started on the $200 starting price for Heart to play their greatest hits. Give me a break.
  12. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Yes, which is exactly what I said. I never claimed the scumbag was 100% innocent, I said there was not enough evidence to prove murder. I also said that per the US Constitution, an illegal alien is granted the exact same legal protections and standards as all American citizens. If people want to convict a man of murder simply because he is an illegal alien and a scumbag, that is against the law and morally wrong. Plus, if we do that, what do you think will happen to American citizens arrested abroad? "Oh, he is an AMERICAN, he must be guilty...50 years in prison for you AMERICAN!!!" Somehow I don't think this whole isolationism during an era of globalism is a good idea. You don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. If a person is charged with murder due to the evidence pointing in that direction, than prosecute accordingly. However, if not, you must prosecute with what the evidence both shows and proves. The fact is the prosecution screwed up. She presented a case based solely on second degree murder, and then at the very end of the trial changed direction and tried to go for first degree murder, whereas the evidence only showed manslaughter. The fault here lay with the prosecutor. If the prosecutor was capable we would not be having this discussion and this idiot criminal would be in jail for 10+ years.
  13. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Unfortunately, your tepid attempt at a line of evidence falls short. You have to prove the defendant stole the weapon, then prove intent. Second, the BLM officer could have stored it with a round in the pipe. The fact is you need solid proof, not speculation and the burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the defense. You know, innocent until PROVEN guilty BEYOND a REASONABLE DOUBT. I understand those are big words and reading comprehension is not your strong suit, but I have faith that one day you will extricate your head from your anus. Good luck buddy.
  14. The Rest in Peace Thread

    I agree Andy, however you cannot convict a person of murder based solely on their immigration status, there has to be evidence. The evidence showed involuntary manslaughter and he should have been tried as such and if he were, he would have been convicted. Due to his prior convictions he would get the max so he likely would have seen 12 -15 years anyway. The prosecutor is the one at fault here, no one else. She should have pushed for involuntary manslaughter. Even though the ADA allowed a verdict of involuntary manslaughter for the jury to consider, she based her case around a 2nd degree murder conviction and never offered a case for involuntary manslaughter. If I were the DA I would fire this arrogant jackass.
  15. You know Steve, I agree with this too, you have to give to get. I am feeling all warm and fuzzy now...
  16. Finland 100 years

    Yes, Finland is a great country with great people, except for 1940 - 1945 when they were allied with the Nazi's. But hey, everyone makes a mistake now and again.
  17. Hell no, he will make the argument as to why he should get the 300 instead of the 200 even though he is only 73. Kinda like these ass-hat congress-people who get social security and veterans benefits (and disability as well in some cases) even though many are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Plant is 100% right, these payments must be subject to means testing. If you are worth over 5 million, you get jack shit from the govt. except for Medicare.
  18. Both of my parents really liked the boogie sections of WLL from TSRTS just like John's comment above. My parents were in their 20's during the 50's and loved that era of music and were pleasantly surprised that a contemporary band like Zeppelin were in to that type of music. Of course when I cranked up Immigrant Song or Dazed & Confused they thought I had lost my mind but...small victories.
  19. Chris Squire Rumours

    Oh ouch, Steve, that really hurt my feelings...well, no but it is nice to see you gettin your lather up over what if's and general nonsense. Merry Christmas Steve-O, you sizzle chest barrel o' fun.
  20. Chris Squire Rumours

    Well, I believe history has spoken for itself in that regard.
  21. Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh yes, because nothing says love and super-couple like rape. Person#1: So, how did you two meet? Laura: Well, Luke raped me and caused serious psychological trauma which likely resulted in my extremely screwed up choice to be with him. Person #1: Awww...how romantic.
  22. Chris Squire Rumours

    So...and your point is???
  23. Chris Squire Rumours

    Chris Squire was the undisputed leader of Yes and he was known to be extremely professional with a no nonsense attitude toward his craft. Squire was not afraid to get into his Yes-mates faces when creative differences arose and take charge. I am not talking a minor personality clash to being upset at someone for showing up after a few pints, I am talking Bonham's overall personality especially when drunk. You really think a consummate professional, know for his temper would be cool with the drummer showing up to a rehearsal belligerent and too drunk to play? The fact is there was no way in hell any type of band with Squire & Bonham would last more than the first time Bonham showed up drunk and acting like a jackass.
  24. Chris Squire Rumours

    ^ This is what I remember as well. There were recorded sessions with Page, Squire, and Alan White I believe and they wanted Plant on vocals of which he declined. Fortune Hunter was one of the songs developed at these sessions of which Page (Firm) would use. Squire (Yes) would record a version of the song Mind Drive for the album 90125. The idea of Squire in Zep is just silly, he would not fit nor would he put up with either Jimmy's or Bonzo's BS (as is evident with the project XYZ going nowhere). Plus Squire was a pretty big and pretty aggressive guy in his own right. He likely would have knocked Bonham on his ass the first time he showed up drunk to a rehearsal. If Zep were ever going to expand the lineup it would have been with a second guitarist / multi-instrumentalist.
  25. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Did you read his rap sheet Steve? All convictions were for either non-violent drug offenses or for being in the country illegally. He was never convicted of a violent offense nor ever charged. The man has a zero history of violence. He may be here illegally, and he may be a scumbag, but the evidence shows he is not a murderer. So unless you feel non-citizens should be convicted of crimes they are not guilty of simply for being in America illegally, I am not sure what your problem or issue is with the verdict?