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  1. That was likely what he was disappointed in. To me it sounded like Page had some great ideas for the solo but just could not string the together. Very staccato, many pauses. However he pulled off WLL brilliantly so we have that.
  2. My oh my Steve, now that was not very nice. You hurt my feelings and I am now very sad...snowflake melting, becoming verklempt tear of sorrow. Ok, that last part was not true but what the hell. Of course my mental sta...PANCAKES!!! is just fin....SHITSANDWITCHPOOBALLS!!! were saying...
  3. That may be a true statement but not really a fair one. Jones was always the greater musician. Not only the best musician within Led Zep but one of the top 10 musicians in all of rock music. Jones is classically trained and plays a multitude of instruments at an extremely advanced level. Jones in affect is a white Prince in regard to musical ability. Jimmy was / is a guitarist, self taught, and that is what it is. Jimmy was an excellent guitarists but he was not classically taught and only really played the guitar, mandolin, and harmonica. I am sure Jimmy was aware of this from day one and if it did not bother him in Zeppelin I doubt it would bother him now. I assume the reason why Page / Jones group never happened is because Page was obsessed with a Zep reunion tour and nothing else. One thing which has always vexed me is Them Crooked Vultures. Did Jones ever ask Jimmy to come along when he (Jones) went to talk to Grohl & Homme regarding getting together to form a band? Was an offer extended to Jimmy to participate in TCV but he declined?
  4. In other more random, friendly news: Its raining where I live and I love cold, rainy days. Just something romantic about them which makes them special. The wife and I are planning a family reunion (her family and my mom, since everyone else on my side are extras in Paranormal Activity movies). We wanted to do a beach house around the San Diego area but her sister wants Mexico. I really don't care where as long as there is a beach within three miles. Really looking forward to it this summer, especially since weed is LEGAL in Cali...WOO HOO!!! And...Was just watching the Zep DVD, the Earls Court portion. The band playing IMTOD & TUF are two of my favorite live performances ever captured. Jimmy is going nuts with the slide on IMTOD, some extremely fast and complex parts. Since Jimmy was always consistently excellent with his slide work, regardless of tour, I wonder why he did not write more songs utilizing the slide? Missed opportunity.
  5. Yep, that was me, Mr. IpMan taking 100% of the responsibility for this one. The reason being is quite obvious as the poll was reflecting his approval rating. Trump lies every time he is near a mike, even his own staff admit as much so no one cannot doubt that. In such a case how can anyone support a pathological liar to be President? Forget his policies, I am talking only about being a pathological liar, someone with an obvious mental disorder which disqualifies him from the job of President. Of course other Presidents (all of them) lie, but none have done so pathologically nor every time they spoke. So I stand by my statement not as an attack, but as an observation from someone who can hear and see. In Psychiatry there is something called the Goldwater Rule which states, in a nutshell, you cannot diagnose someone who is not your patient. This was established in 1964 after several psychologists / psychiatrists went public and claimed Barry Goldwater was not psychologically sound to be President. Of course Goldwater's response would not have helped his case in the context of today it was considered ok for the time. Either way he sued and won $1 million. So, in all fairness, I do not think it wrong to ask that Mr. Trump undergo a comprehensive psychological evaluation by three independent psychologists / psychiatrists to determine his fitness for office. In fact, if police recruits have to undergo such screening, it should be mandatory for all high government officials as well as drug testing. If anyone thinks this is a bad idea please let me know and explain your reasoning because if this was mandatory, I highly doubt we would be in the current situation.
  6. Very sad that 39% of polled Americans are simply clueless or hateful. Take your pick.
  7. Supposedly Jimmy used the double neck for TSRTS & RS so as to take advantage of the second neck working in sympathy with the played neck which gave a fuller sound. Personally, I would have done as you suggested (I am a guitar player) and switched off. I played a double neck once and absolutely hated the damn thing. Too heavy and cumbersome. The only song they played live which he actually needed the double neck for was STH. Never liked the Dano and never understood why he used it. Played Dano's before and they are ok. I like that they are light as hell but the tone is a bit thin for my tastes.
  8. If Hendrix made his first appearance at the RAH 40 years ago he did so as a corpse. I believe, short of some Walking Dead shit, that they meant 50 years ago. Sorry, had to point that out. All in all though, sure wish I could be there, sounds like a right fine time.
  9. Weed my man, the old icky sticky, Mary Jane, Wacky Tobacky, herb...The amazing Sweet Leaf. In other words, marijuana.
  10. There is also the painful fact that different members preferred different drugs by the point of the 77' tour. Jimmy was doing heroin & booze, Bonham & Plant liked coke, and Jones liked the chronic. This is also a reason why they could be out of synch sometimes on this tour especially if one or more overindulged before the gig. Then there is the infamous Chicago 9th 1977 gig that was stopped about an hour or so in. Jimmy collapsed on stage and though the band tried to play it off as food poisoning, it was Richard Cole (I believe) who said Jimmy in fact almost died from an OD. The good doctor they retained for the tour was not there just to provide party favors, but Naloxone (Narcan) as well if needed. It really is pure luck Jimmy did not pull a Marc Bolan in 77'.
  11. Easy to buy for old Mr. Seagal's birthday, just get him a ticket for Golden Corral and a bottle of black shoe polish for his hair and face merkin.
  12. Yep, Ross is kinda like Jimmy's Steve Bannon.
  13. ^ TO be fair, Jimmy was almost blown up by a flash pot exploding in front of him and singing his eyebrows at the start of the song right after the arpeggio intro. If that was me I likely would have left the stage and shoved the LP up the ass of the pyro tech.
  14. I knew my post would bring out the best in you Steve. I was thinking your post would be much more vitriolic but you took the higher ground. Good for you. BTW, FWIW I do not agree with any protest which utilizes violence or destruction. The only protests which truly work are peaceful demonstrations and violence just begets violence. Even the debate over the Nazi who was punched, twice, on camera should be no debate at all. Punching a Nazi, or anyone else you do not agree with is wrong, plain and simple. You don't like what someone says, either engage in civil debate or leave. Happy day Steve.
  15. ^ If impeachment proceedings do not begin within 90 days the republicans will never recover, their party will die. Already at town hall meetings across the country, republican reps are being called on the carpet and this is only the beginning. As I said before, you gather enough pissed off snowflakes and you get an avalanche, but this time the republicans are joining in and becoming snowflakes themsleves. That is all but the hard alt-right freaks who will defend this Pennywise led clown show to the bitter end. Fact: Trump knew what happened a good month before Flynn's resignation yet stated, on camera, he knew nothing. There is no coming back from that, his goose is cooked. I figure the FBI has info proving connections to Trumps campaign and the Russians, the only missing link is proving the whole thing was orchestrated, or at the very least approved by Trump. The likelihood of evidence coming forward within 30 days proving that link is almost a foregone conclusion. We are looking at the first likely impeachment & conviction of a sitting President in American history. If the republicans do not lead the charge, they are finished in 2018 and I mean that BIGLY!
  16. Or should we say...jumped the zombie? Sorry, I could not help myself. Lucille...where did my vampire bat go?
  17. The Bron-Yr-Aur & Down by the Seaside double shot are my absolute favorite, hanging out at the beach on Coronado Island as the sun is setting tunes. Just pure, laid back Zep magic with a Pina Colada from the Del in one hand, and some sweet leaf in the other. A beautiful woman by my side and a host of friends. If it gets any better than that then only big baby Jesus knows. For me, that is Nirvana, pure bliss.
  18. I think Steve believes the teachers just give them cans of spray paint and tells them to have at it. Who needs pen and paper when you have Rust-Oleum and a wall...right Steve?
  19. If my grandfather was Jimmy Page I sure as hell would. I would say, "Listen gramps, I am sick of you noodling around the estate and chasing after that tart who is younger than I. Go write and record an album, then tour the shit out of it. Time for you to shake your moneymaker and bring home the bacon ya silly geezer. If you don't, I guess I will have the courts deem you, um, "mentally unfit" and have you put in the old retirement home where you can play cricket with the old hags and talk about mudsharks until you shuffle off your mortal coil." Or something to that affect (sound of Jimmy's boot up my ass as his lawyer removes me from will)
  20. You are likely right Steve however I believe an alternate theory is just as plausible: I think that Page & Jones did in fact want to move forward with a new drummer, at least to finish out their commitments toward the NA tour, but Robert immediately said no way, game over. Jimmy realized the band could not lose two members and continue in any fashion so that was that. I truly believe it was ultimately a Robert decision, and one he made the very second he found out Bonzo had passed away.
  21. If Jimmy is done then he needs to get his wrinkled ass in gear and start releasing quality live recordings. One of the defining characteristics of the Zep fan base is the insatiable desire for quality live official releases. At least throw us that bone Jimmy.
  22. Damn, maybe Mr. Data or Seven of Nine will pull it off in the 24th century. "I come from the land of the delta quadrant..."
  23. What I find hilarious is a show about zombies going on for seven seasons. If that is not irony I don't know what is.
  24. Best to you Aussies, bad enough Trump has you in his sights but now this. However I too have started a few bush fires "down under" in my time if ya know what I mean... YAZOO!!!
  25. I remember an interview with Jimmy Page in February 1975 where he was addressing Robert's vocal issues due to the flu. He said, half jokingly, that the band minus Plant was performing so hot, on such a great level by that point, that they should leave Plant behind for a month to recoup while they play as a power trio. I believe it was either Creem or Circus, not sure which one. Anyway, my point is, has anyone removed Robert's vocals from the 1975 gig's where his voice was bad but the band was hot? Just to have the pure instrumentals to enjoy without poor Planty's shaky rasp to distract?