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  1. One piece of trivia which is kinda funky. When Zep were playing there legendary LA Forum show on June 21st 1977, Elvis was playing Rapid City SD and the Kings final show was on June 26th, 1977 in Indianapolis.
  2. The Weird Neighbor Thread

    But just remember Chef, if the shit gets real and the zombies rise, those christian survivalists might decide they need your shit and will justify their deeds in the warm blanket of righteousness. Especially if they saw one of those heathen Druid rituals. So, if Lil Kim launches a nuke, or another Carrington Event occurs, head for the hills my friend before Capt. Spaulding and his crew come for ya. Those survivalist types freak me out. It's one thing to prepare for a disaster, its another thing to want to survive an apocalypse. If the shit gets real I want that nuke, asteroid, wrath of god, whatever to land right on my ass and get it over with. The idea of surviving and living in some hellscape ala The Road is not my idea of surviving, its living death. Peace my friend
  3. What Are You Reading?

    How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman. Excellent read by an engaging writer.
  4. The Weird Neighbor Thread

    If the Lads should one day release a found pristine source for the fantastic Birmingham show in 77' this could be the cover art: Zeppelin & the Crimson Tide...one Ho & a Weed Eater
  5. Jimmy, me & Brian May

    Is Brian May standing in a hole? The man is 6'4". Great pic, love Jimmy's expression. Brian May looks kinda tired.
  6. Ha, this is hilarious...a thread about Jones being snubbed and guess what? Jones is again being snubbed in his own thread. Poor Jonsey
  7. That was beautiful, I believe I may have just pissed myself with that one.
  8. Bonham's Double Bass

    Good point. Bonham could do more with that 5 piece kit than almost any other rock drummer could with one of those insane octopus kits with four bass drums and 20+ other drums. Bonham was the maestro.
  9. Bonham's Double Bass

    I would have preferred he utilized a second ride tom on his kit, not that he needed it but it would have given a bit more here and there. A double bass is just overkill in Bonham's case. It would be like having Bill Black AND Bootsy Collins on bass at the same time.
  10. Vikings

    Good. Vikings were not simple human versions of Klingons, they were a multi-faceted culture who brought much to European and Russian culture. Their influence can be found all along the Volga and down into the Black Sea on the one hand, and as far west as Nova Scotia and North America. They influenced Frankish culture, essentially re-wrote English and Irish culture, and traded with everyone. The Vikings were first and foremost farmers who liked to raid in the off-season so to speak. They were the first of the European cultures to adopt a pseudo-democratic governance and had the most progressive and advance codified law until English Common Law came about and even that was not as progressive. The Vikings viewed women as equals, not subservient to men or their husbands. They get a bad rap because of their raids yet everyone forgets about all the other tribes such as the Vandals and Jutes who were doing the same shit but without the culture part. The ninth to eleventh century were some tough ass times but the Vikings brought high art and literature. And people should not be too quick regarding the pacivity of the modern Dane & Northfolk lest one forget the absolute badassery of the Winter War and how the Finns held their own against a much, much larger and better equipped Soviet invasion force. Simo Hayha...enough said.
  11. Agree Gibson, the production did not work with the material however there was some really good stuff on the album. If Jimmy would have produced the damn thing it would have, or could have been a great album, especially if they included The Window and Whiskey from the Glass. Why they left two of the best cuts off the album is a mystery.
  12. Nick Mason resurrects early Pink Floyd

    Syd-era Floyd I never really liked except for a few songs such as Set the Controls and Astronomie Dominie. The rest were snippets of good ideas but either a complete mess or did not really go anywhere. Then the early Gilmour period until Meddle was possibly the low point of Floyd. Meddle is ok but nothing great and AHM has a lot of great ideas which would be used on DSOTM but did noting on AHM. The only Floyd I listen to regularly is DSOTM - Animals with a wee few of the tunes from The Wall on occasion but I was never a big fan of the Wall. Good concept, mediocre execution IMO. Interested to see what Mason will do with this though
  13. Japanese History & Culture (Showa Period: 1926-1989)

    Thanks Steve, great stuff.
  14. and thank god he was not asked as he was working on his own, BRILLIANT, solo album Zooma at the time. I play Zooma quite often to this day, Clarksdale I pull out when I remember P&P made an album in 98' and I need to remind myself how mediocre it was. If by chance JPJ was asked he probably took one look at the banal material and said, "hmm, um, ok but, um...sorry mates, I think it's time for me to park the car."
  15. Marijuana legalization

    Without doubt you make some excellent points. Weed, just like any other mind altering substance has the possibility of addiction and I have known pot addicts before. I never knew one who would whore herself out for a blunt...a fatty maybe (get it, see what I did there) however anything is possible. Most weed addicts are just bitchy little twats, miserable bastards when not high but weed being a drug will affect people differently. Regarding your last point I wholeheartedly agree, I don't want no damn high ass truck driver, pilot, etc. behind the controls. One of the problems regarding this is weed, unlike pretty much all other drugs, stays trapped in the fatty tissue of a body for up to 30+ days after use depending on frequency of use. A person could smoke a single J on a Monday, then get tested two weeks later with no other weed in-between and possibly test positive. There has been a more accurate test developed which can determine concentration and time in system to determine if the person is currently high vs. imbibed the day or week before yet not under the influence. However this test is rather expensive and as no laws are currently on the books regarding testing, yo ass could be in serious trouble if the (employer, cops) use the older, cheap test instead of the newer, expensive one. I agree though, you wanna get baked, do it at home or in a designated place like a "coffee house" in Amsterdam, don't drive on the stuff or smoke it in a public place as one is dangerous, the other, IMO, is rude unless it's a vape pen or an edible. Even then, know your limits and don't act the fool.
  16. Marijuana legalization

    At this point I am 100% convinced Kip is either a troll just having a bit of fun, or is the most dense individual on the planet. I am hoping it is the former because, though annoying, is at least not as soul crushing as to know such an idiot walks among us proving we are possibly living in the twilight of human-kind.
  17. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Markie Post replaced the original actress who was played by Ellen Foley (Public Defender Billy Young). Foley was also the response on Meat Loaf's Paradise by the Dashboard Light and did backing vocals on the album. Small World
  18. Random Thoughts v.3

    With all due respect, please stop replying to my posts. As I said, I am done with you.
  19. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Noooooooooooooo!!!!!! Ermey was one hell of a good guy, a truly nice guy in life. I loved his portrayals in movies, whatever he played he always brought something special to the role.
  20. Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    With that young bird laying next to him in bed to stimulate his ticker I doubt Jimmy has a problem "rising and shining" so to speak.
  21. Random Thoughts v.3

    I only mentioned the degree because someone claimed I did not know history, after they themselves made erroneous assumptions regarding historical events. But you are right Steve, I should not have mentioned it (see below as I too am an example). Also, the Potsdam Declaration was rather obtuse to English speakers much less the Japanese. The Declaration clearly stated unconditional surrender of all armed forces and the prosecution of all responsible for the war. Any reasonable person would interpret that to mean they wanted the Emperor's head on a platter and that is exactly what Truman and his cabinet wanted as well. The declaration was very clear in that intent. Japan only surrendered after written guarantee was given by the Allied Powers that the Emperor would remain and not be prosecuted or held in any manner whatsoever and would remain as head of state. Human pride is always the precursor to failure or disaster. The US should have accepted the condition to retain the Emperor from the get go. Several American generals and experts believed only the Emperor could facilitate any workable transition from surrender to reconstruction and the fact that the higher ups ignored this advice simply out of pride was a grave mistake. Of course the fact that after the surrender it was the Emperor who was instrumental in a successful American occupation just showed how wrong the higher ups were from the very beginning.
  22. Random Thoughts v.3

    I hold a masters in history, it is you who obviously know little, or enough to think you know something which is even worse. Japan surrendered to the US three times prior to the dropping of the atomics in August 1945. The last time was in July 1945 and the only condition was that they keep their Emperor. The US refused as we DEMANDED and UNCONDITIONAL surrender...Japan refused to allow their Emperor to be humiliated and demanded the terms stay as is. The US then dropped the two devices. Japan again offered the EXACT SAME TERMS as they did in July and REFUSED unconditional surrender. It was at that point that Truman accepted the exact same terms Japan had offered in July. This is historical fact, look it up. We dropped the bombs for two reasons; one, to show the Soviets at the Potsdam Conference we had nukes thinking it would give us a more favorable position in the carving up of Eastern Europe...it did not, Stalin did not care, and Truman was an unprepared idiot. Two, simple revenge. To answer your silly question, yes, America has done quite a bit of good, but also a fair share of bad which makes us human, not exceptional, just human...warts and all. Deal with it.
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    WTF??? Stop, please just stop. There is no way you are this stupid, I refuse to believe you are truly that stupid. I will no longer play your childish games. Goodbye.
  24. Random Thoughts v.3

    You understand my meaning so please don't play the outraged observer, it is beneath you. Further, you cannot condemn one (Syria) for it's actions yet have no problem with dropping nukes on a civilian population AFTER the government surrendered. We got nothing for dropping the bombs as the conditions for surrender remained the same after the bombs were dropped as they were before. If you believe the US should be the worlds police force, join the military and walk the walk.