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  1. Continue Sir...Encore...Encore!!!
  2. Immigrant Song was always my favorite opening tune, started the show with a bang and the song, for the most part, is an easy one and allows the band (except Robert) to warm up nicely. Once Robert could no longer hit those notes and they changed to R&R, I thought that was a bad decision since that song is also in the higher register and Plant rarely pulled it off from 73'-75', especially since he did not warm up his voice before the show like many singers do. I really like TSRS, its one of my favorite Zeppelin tunes but it is just so damn difficult to play and to perform it right out of the gate was a stretch on most night's of the 77' tour, however when they nailed it, they NAILED it!. So, my 2 cents: Once Plant could not pull of Immigrant Song they should have switched to Wanton Song as the opener. They have a similar structure but Plant would not be straining his voice. Another contender would be Custard Pie, great grove to start the show and also pretty easy for Plant to sing and warm up his voice.
  3. Yes, Bonham always looked much older than his age even from the beginning. By this point he looks closer to his late 30's than a man of 26. Great pictures Sam, thank you for sharing.
  4. You were the one who directly called me out in your post yet you feel my response was outrageous? Here is a suggestion: Don't treat people like an ass and then try to gaslight them when they respond.
  5. Believe it or not a human being can actually have more than one thought and emotion going simultaneously. Further, Plant is not, IMO, lashing out at the whole band but rather Page & Grant exclusively. Of course by your train of thought every album made must be a concept album because, heaven forbid, more than one topic or idea is expressed. The JPJ pass is legitimate for reasons so obvious nothing further needs explanation. Page does not necessarily get a pass if the reason he was incommunicado was due to his indulgence in substance abuse. Page was supposed to be the leader of the band, not Jones, and thus while on the road or in the studio should have been in control and available. The fact that Page (leader) could not be reached is sad. However, again IMO, Grant was the most to blame as he was the damn manager. As much as I don't like Richard Cole at least HE was available and was gracious enough to attend the funeral. For all the dropped balls and screw ups on the 77' tour, Grant should have been fired and new, capable management found. In 77's Grant was a coked up, drug addled behemoth with serious anger management issues. He could not even manage himself much less the band. Robert indeed had quite a bit to be upset about however one also needs to get over it and move on. Looks like he did both.
  6. The lyric "Take of the fruit but guard the seed" can mean several things, however, one thing it does not, cannot mean is a reference to his son Karac. Karac was Robert's son, the "fruit" of his loins and Robert would be the seed, not the other way around. So, unless Robert is the most narcissistic douche on the planet, that lyric cannot reference Karac. Given what comes before and after, the most likely interpretation would be that the fruit would be Robert's gifts as a vocalist and a songwriter. The seed would be Robert himself, his friendship, his trust. Jimmy and Grant not showing up for the funeral of Karac likely wounded Plant deeply as Jimmy & Grant were his mentors. As was pointed out with HOFN, Plant likely felt slighted after the accident on Rhodes though I am not really sure how. However, not showing up for your bandmates son's funeral is a pretty shitty thing and if that were me I would be quite upset unless there was a damn good reason. JPJ gets a pass because before the NO date, there was a break. As a result, Jones took the family and went camping for a week in Northern California if memory serves. 1977 was not 2017 or even 1997, there were no cell phones, no computers. If you were not at home or at a known location with services you were off the grid for all intent and purpose. Jones likely did not even know what happened until after Karak's funeral. Regarding Jimmy, I have no clue what happened to him during the planned band respite between the Oakland gig's and the scheduled NO gig on July 30th. Grant however had no excuse. The lyrical point of Carouselambra seems pretty obvious to me, nothing veiled, it's in your face. Plus with Jimmy being smacked out he likely had no clue the lyrics were referencing him directly. As was pointed out on an earlier post, Page possibly took the meaning of the lyrics as references to esoterica instead of the more likely, and obvious true meanings. After all, esoterica was Jimmy's thing, not Robert's, so unless Robert all of a sudden decided to dive into obscure occult studies, the possibility of such is highly unlikely. Plant is a historian, not an occultist, and from those lyrics a rather pissed off historian at that.
  7. Tell that to the families of the deceased.
  8. So sorry to hear of the passing of your neighbor Green. Look at it this way, maybe Steve will move in and restore the balance.
  9. Thanks Sean, BTW, no worries, at our age time goes by so damn fast that if someone replies to a post within six months it seems like the next day
  10. Oh yes Steve, excellent analogy equating massive ships at sea to the daily commute. I am sure this is exactly what the officer on deck was thinking too...that is if the officer on deck was a 10 year old brought on board due to bring your kid to work day.
  11. How so Steve? What I posted is historical fact, easily researched. Your response makes no sense and is akin to, "Hey....what's that over there..." being shouted during a game of three card monty.
  12. Imagine Robert singing Happy Jack in 67' with The Who. Talk about going over like a lead balloon.
  13. Except if that was the case there is still no excuse why the Destroyer did not evade. The cargo ship is a massive vessel, the Destroyer is much more nimble on the seas (not littoral nimble but comparatively speaking) and could have easily avoided the collision. No excuse, 100% the fault of the Destroyers deck officer.
  14. Unlike modern police Earp never killed a man that was not actively trying to blow his head off with their own gun. Earp shot only one person before the infamous OK Corral incident, and that person shot at him first. Understand the difference? When a officer from the Wild West exercises more restraint than a modern law enforcement officer, I believe my point has been made.
  15. My friend Mike served on the USS Arleigh Burke (the first of this designation) from late 1991 until 1996 as a Fire Control Officer (guy who shoots missiles and stuff). He told me there is only one scenario which explains this: The navigator and or conn officer on deck refused to yield to the larger ship per maritime rules (smaller ships must yield to larger ships, ships to port must yield to ships to starboard). Whoever was in charge, on deck, violated at least two key maritime rules and also a good half-dozen naval rules as well. He informed me this type of thing (expecting everyone else to yield) happened all the time and the US Navy & Russian Navy in particular have very bad reputation(s) across the globe for this type of behavior. Bottom line: many officers on these ships believe might makes right, unfortunately they sometimes find out the hard way that a 300m cargo vessel vs. a 160m destroyer = bad. In fact the cargo ship likely would have yielded if it were possible, but since it takes a good seven miles to stop a large cargo ship of this size and several miles just to turn, there was nothing the cargo ship could have done. This is 100% the fault of the officer on duty of the Destroyer.
  16. Then what is the reason & use of a Taser? Why are officers given Tasers if they are going to disregard it in such situations? I have several cousins who are current police offices and uncles who are retired police officers. The fact is, what you describe is a very recent phenomenon. Prior to the early 2000's, a police officers was trained to use deadly force as a last resort option only. In fact the Taser was developed to deal with non-firearm related threats and the company which makes them has marketing videos & literature which strongly backs this up. When police began buying the units they did so for this express purpose. Only in the past 15 years or so have Tasers job changed from this idea to immobilize a perp with a knife, club, bowling pin, etc. to being used principally as a glorified cattle prod to torture citizens who are either too shaken up to respond to commands quickly or just "because." The problem is police are now trained as a para-military force, us vs. them. Protect and serve died two decades ago, now the police have morphed into a street army where anyone not a cop is a potential threat to be neutralized.
  17. I am surprised Hay's Off to (Roy Harper) was not #1. Either that or Ozone Baby. That is how clueless RS & their lists are.
  18. Rest in peace Flounder, you will be missed...
  19. Yes, I don't get this either. This makes no sense in this day with the available off the shelf tech, much less military grade stuff. Hell, even the Titanic had lookouts. Did not do them much good since the ship was going too fast but at least they had an excuse, as stupid as it was.
  20. To me THIS is what Zeppelin were all about, this right here encapsulates everything the band were all about. Here they take an acoustic tune, strip it down, reconstruct it as an electric version without compromising the intimacy and integrity of the original arrangement and it works brilliantly. What an amazing performance.
  21. I have been listening to the second Oakland show as of late and I really like this show. I think they played well from what I have listened to so gig of the third leg?
  22. 21-11-1968 is correct
  23. Zep cancelled the September 75' - January 76' tour dates after Robert's accident. They cancelled the majority of the third leg of the 77' tour after Robert's son died. They cancelled the NA leg of the 80' tour after Bonham's death. Looks like it is not that hard to cancel a tour if one so desires. I figure there is language in the contracts which allows release should a member die, after all, I don't think anyone would have expected The Who or any other band to continue a tour after a member dies. Regarding The Ox, I guess if he wanted to retire and live it up in his swimming pool he could have saved and invested his money instead of wasting it all on coke & hookers.
  24. ^+2. The Who without Moon was like Cornflakes without the milk. In Zep I believe the impact even greater.