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  1. Halloween Music

    Just does not get any creepier than this IMO. The best version of this song, so goddamned dark. Now for something a bit more light hearted...
  2. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    Well slap my ass and call me Susan, I really thought this was a goof and that it would be some joker pretending to be old Robert. Good for Percy as it seemed he set definite ground rules beforehand and refused to take any shit. Plant on Stern...maybe a full on Zeppelin reunion is a possibility as I figured the latter would happen long before the former and I had zero hope on the latter.
  3. Montreal 2/6/75 Underrated?

    As I mentioned on the OT, only a complete madman would bring dope into Canada, and especially Montreal back in the 70's. Plus, trying to find dope in Montreal without a rock solid connection was impossible. IMO this show proves not only how great Jimmy was as a live player, but how good he could have been on a consistent basis if he would have just stayed away from the drugs. It was no mistake why Zeppelin did not play Canada in 77' as Jimmy would have had to have been sober or risk possible serious jail time. Just like Richards in Feb 77 Toronto, the RCMP would have taken one look at the skeletal Page and tossed everyone's room and belongings. This is a real cracker of a show and my ex-brother in-law was there as well. He was 17 at the time and said it was the best show he ever saw.
  4. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    I will believe it when I hear it. Stern is a piece of shit, plain and simple. He used to be pretty funny when him, Robin, BaBa Booey, and Fred Norris would rank on the daily news and other topics but his overplayed, boring shtick about naked women in the studio is long past its sell by date. Stern is a shock jock who makes the claims about Zeppelin to shock, nothing else. Who knows what his true personal opinion of the band is but I doubt Robert would open himself up to non-stop questions about Zeppelin, Page, the occult, groupies, drugs, and having children with his wife's sister. Oh and lets not forget, as soon as Plant try's to bring up his recent material Stern will tell him, "Meh, forget about that muzak shit, lets talk about all the blow you snorted off of underage girls tits..." That interview will go Tango Utah right quick.
  5. 2017 NFL Thread

    What's up my friend, hope all is well with you. The only problem with that is it is a false equivalency. The players are not asking the fans to kneel down, the players are not kneeling down in the middle of a play, they are kneeling down during a period of complete inactivity while they are not working. There is no participation from anyone but the players during a period of zero play. Further, the players never even participated in the anthem until very recently and also, the NFL never gave a single shit about the anthem until the US government stated paying the team owners post-9/11 to turn this into uber-patriotic / nationalistic time to boost the recruitment rolls. The fact is the flag never stood for or represented minorities in this country and that was an established fact from the very beginning and holds true to this day. Case in point, some jackass kidnapped and likely murdered some teacher from Flagstaff recently. Before that he assaulted several women, waived a gun around at cops, then fought with them while being arrested cutting one officer in the process. Guess what, he was not shot, not even beat up. Guess what else, he is white. If that guy was black they would have shot him as soon as he came at them. So with all of this inequality, blatant, in our face 24/7, how would you expect these people to react? How would you expect them to feel? And how do you think they should give voice to their concerns and issues? It seems whenever some black guy or Mexican, or woman protests, regardless of their avenue of protest it is always the same line, "That is not an acceptable way to protest...you are all scum!" However, none of these people can ever tell you the right way to protest. Strange huh.
  6. 2017 NFL Thread

    Just curious, but if you essentially force people to stand for the anthem, where does freedom come in? Where does the 1st amendment come in? When our soldiers go off to war what are they fighting for? The shame is the very things America is all about, its very foundation in fact, is now considered unpatriotic. King George is presently laughing in his grave. GO BEARS!
  7. Yes, I heard that as well. Bonzo must have been pissed as hell to say something so stupid, especially since he was playing Mind Transplant non-stop during the 75' tour.
  8. Debut Album Openers

    Oh shit...man I really crapped all over that one. One should not get high and then attempt to post. Well, lesson learned. Anyway, my favorite would be one you listed...Mommy, what's a Funkadelic?
  9. California Fires

    You sure seem to be quite prickly Steve with your recent posts. What's wrong? Did some Japanese street prostitute turn you down again? Don't fret, you can always give Harvey Weinstein a ring and you two can commiserate.
  10. Debut Album Openers

    Souixsie & the Banshees - Peek-a-Boo. This, IMO, was quite the groundbreaking tune. It was a toss up between this and Candyman off of Tinderbox but both excellent.
  11. Hammer Horror, The Musters, The Addams Family

    I remember watching Nosferatu for the first time in HS and absolutely hating it. Thought it was boring and silly...dumb silent movie. I revisited it in my 30's with a few friends who were film buffs and it was like a bolt of lightning. It's funny how the adult mind perceives what the child's mind cannot. Every time since I have watched Nosferatu I come to love it more and more each time, and in general appreciate the impact and gifts the German expressionist movement of the 20's & early 30's gave us. Of course most of those great filmmakers emigrated to America once asshole came to power, and thus was born noir and that whole scene.
  12. Oh hell yes, Heave & Hell and Mob Rules were better than either Technical Ecstasy or Never Say Die albums with Ozzy. IMO of course. Mith is right, Jimmy was on a serious downward spiral and if Bonzo would have lived, Jimmy would have likely died. Either way, without some form of intervention or long hiatus, Zeppelin would have been over by 1981. TBH after everything that happened on the 77' tour and the death of Karac, I am very surprised Robert did not leave the band in 78'.
  13. Hammer Horror, The Musters, The Addams Family

    That's the one, great movie. I just got a copy from Amazon and watched it a few night's back. The expressionistic, graphic sets makes the movie a sort of nightmare come to life. The city scenes in particular are creepy as hell simply for the set design and how they impart a twisted claustrophobia upon the watcher.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day
  15. God damn and slap may ass but shit, those LA shows made NY sound tired by comparison. That Heartbreaker was bloody Brandy & Coke all the way. Everyone is just great. Page & Bonham are locked in so tight to be considered some sort of preternatural psychic link. You would those changes Pages does with Bonham, quite literally, not missing a beat or change, would be impossible. What a show!
  16. Come on man, let it go, its over, the band has gone home. Both JPJ & Jimmy state in numerous interviews that the intro was done by JPJ with actual, real, wooden recorders...not a mellotron, not with Keebler Elves, with four seperate, wooden recorders played by JPJ. There, done, now lets move on.
  17. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Ahem...let's not forget all of Coldplay and Bieber.
  18. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Believe me, I know I am in the super-minority with my assessment of the White Album as most consider it brilliant beginning to end. I know most would either pimp slap me or walk away in disgust with my assessment. BLASPHEMY! The ghost of Lennon & Harrison will shit in my Cheereos forevermore. It's all good, we all like what we like and that is what makes the world great, variety. I hate the Bad Brains yet every Grunge band from the 90's praises them as the 2nd coming and the most influential band.

    I really dig where they were going with the song during the later gig's of the European tour. The intro was mutating and JPJ started to play a section of the original intro which I really liked. Jimmy was almost always "on" with this song however the Berlin version, Jimmy seems to be lagging behind and Bonzo, after a great intro, is rather sluggish on the beat in general. You can hear Bonzo throwing Page off. That Berlin show, man, what an exercise in contrasts. The show is almost 50% crap and 50% brilliant, just too weird. At least they ended their last show on a very high point with that blistering version of WLL, one of the best versions ever. However those Copenhagen versions were stunning and Page's soloing on both night's was off the hook.
  20. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Prince Philip, another smug sonofabitch. I would add Theresa May bit one should never strike a woman...ever. That being said May comes across as wanting to be the next Maggie Thatch, however, unlike the Ice Queen Thatch, May is lacking the giant balls and dick old Thatch had.
  21. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Abbey Road is indeed a masterpiece and a great way to close a career. Thank god too because IMO Let It Be was pretty much a turd as was 50% of the White Album. Shit, whenever anyone says Zeppelin were self-indulgent I always whip out the White Album. At least Zeppelin never became self-indulgent in the studio but the Beatles and their experimental studio babble were just too much at times. Why Don't We Do It in the Road...um, no thanks. So I have to agree, Abbey Road is possibly the best last album ever. I still love me ITTOD super long time though.

    AWESOME...thank you very much. This is really great.
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    Tell that to the victims and their families. In fact, do it in person then get back to me with the results.
  24. Don't know about that. I bet old Robert would have been quite keen chasing around half naked honeys' on a beach while belting out Shake My Tree or Fire in 1982. Then again, thank god it ended when it did. Just imagine Robert jumping the shark with a Billy Squire Rock Me Tonight video moment.
  25. Coverdale/Page

    Without a doubt, Plant's style on WLL has Steve Marriott written all over it. No one EVER contested that and the fact the used most of the original lyric. However, just because they stole they lyric portion of WLL does not mean they stole every song they produced. To my knowledge the songs they nicked were WLL and the Lemon Song, that's really it. They were sued for D&C but, IMO, that was bullshit. The Zep version of D&C shares only one line "I've been dazed and confused..." and that is it. No other lyrics are referenced and the whole structure and melody are completely different. Bring it on Home only has the acoustic intro, a standard blues progression plus the lyrics but the rest is 100% original. IMO, it was stupid for them to use the acoustic opening on BIOH with the lyrics as it would have been just as effective without any lyrics, just the progression. Other than that, nothing. They credited what they used on Zep I to the original artists except for, again, lyrical snippets from Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You and they had to pay up and credit for that. So, they nicked a few lyrical phrases and wound up paying for it in the end. Of course it was not right but you don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.