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  2. It is still difficult to comprehend that the same band that played that version of Celebration Day followed it immediately with that version of the acoustic set. Great music sometimes walks a fine line between genius and madness. This version of Celebration Day does just that. Talk about Dancing on the Precipice.
  3. Hats off to Led Zeppelin Rarities for this excellent remaster of the new board tape.
  4. Today
  5. Meh, you can have Larry David, give me Julia Louise-Dreyfus. She already nailed it as Veep.
  6. There isn't a cut. His remarks start with "Wait...". Same on the 2 audience sources.
  7. Has anyone else noticed the cut in Plant's remarks prior to Dazed?
  8. If a release of all 5 nights from the SB happened i might sell a kidney.
  9. I thought the same. Stranded with an infinite supply of whiskey seems like a legit vacation. I'd even settle for a wind up victrola record player with Zep III- PG.
  10. Just saw this thread. While I downloaded it I couldn't wait to hear dazed in its entirety and I was not disappointed. What a great performance!! Fast and tight. It's definitely a keeper!
  11. or·di·nar·y /ˈôrdnˌerē/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: ordinary 1. with no special or distinctive features; normal. "he sets out to depict ordinary people" ex·traor·di·nar·y /ikˈstrôrd(ə)nˌerē,ˌekstrəˈôrdnˌerē/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: extraordinary; adjective: extra-ordinary very unusual or remarkable. "the extraordinary plumage of the male"
  12. Agreed! Kind of hard to keep up with all the awesome stuff finally turning up. 1971 is tops!
  13. Great to finally hear how it ended and knowing we now have the ending disaster by the police. This show would have probably been awesome like the Copenhagen one which is so sad.
  14. Another incredible gem. I think most are still enjoying the new Osaka soundboard and haven't absorbed this new tape yet. Killer performance. Vocals are mind blowing.
  15. Walter

    2020 MLB Thread

    And infiltrating football...
  16. Just took ‘er for a test drive and...nice! Thank you for getting it out to us.
  17. Wow i feel like this thread is being ignored, i would think this would be discussed, such an infamous show with audio of this tragic event. I was blown away by the upgrade in sources, performance, and the tape overall.. its a keeper!
  18. Strider

    2020 MLB Thread

    Who cares? Analytics has killed baseball. Just as it is ruining basketball.
  19. Strider

    Stupid people

    Larry David would be an improvement on all of these bozos.
  20. What i meant by ‘look at my signature’, theres a video of laurel pop under whatever i type, unless your using a phone i guess. Yeah great shows, sad theres no audio. But If i ever get the footage again I will share it immediately
  21. Too clean. WWI was a shit show. And the two soldiers sent on the mission were too annoyingly stupid at times. As an Army vet, I kept cringing at some of their boneheaded manoeuvres. The pesky seagull was terrific. Like watching a beautiful silent movie with the black and white cinematography in the old-school ratio. Dafoe and Pattinson trying to drive each other and the audience mad. Intense and claustrophobic. Bonus points for the director finding time to squeeze in two wank sessions...one for each actor. And mermaid sex. Strangely, after the movie I remarked to my friend that I would be perfect for that job. Isolation and being away from people doesn't bother me.
  22. Sounds like some real treasures. I absolutely like the July 1969 shows. All of them are superb. 👍
  23. Yeah like 5 mins, but theres another source that shows the stage
  24. I didn’t get you “look at my signature” comment. Thank you. What is “a lot?” 5 mins or 40 mins? 😋
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